KyoMAF: Exhibitor Booths

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Exhibitor Booths

The main draw of the event are the two exhibition halls featuring booths for companies to advertise their properties and sell goods. Booths for anime companies, manga publishers, television channels, radio stations, colleges, technical schools, and more line the two halls on separate floors. Here's a glance at some of the more notable booths at the event, but a larger gallery at the end of the main event report article has a more comprehensive look.

Fate/Grand Order

The Fate/Grand Order booth was by far the busiest. Fans could pose with two swords from the game, take pictures of a slew of cardboard stands of characters, and look at lots of figures.


ytv's booth highlighted Detective Conan, Ace Attorney, and My Hero Academia. The theme of the My Hero Academia section was "summer festival," and the booth even had moving parts.

A separate area had a unique lantern display of All Might and Deku.


Kadokawa's big draw was for Angels of Death. Attendees could actually get in the chair or on the bed, be shackled in, and have pictures taken.

Shonen Jump

There's a new generation of Shonen Jump anime either airing now or airing soon, and the booth was keen to advertise the new properties. The Promised Neverland poster even had a full-size Demon mask hanging on it.

Hatsune Miku

The booth had a life-size statue of the Vocaloid singer on display as well as a figure size version.

Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko

The exhibition hall had an itasha on display.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly


Frame Arms Girl

The Frame Arms Girl booth had a detailed diorama featuring different figure types.

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