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Universal Studios Japan Unveils 1st Anime Video For 'Attack on Titan the Real' Summer Attraction

posted on by Kim Morrissy
This year's 'Cool Japan' summer attractions are Attack on Titan, Godzilla, Evangelion, Sailor Moon

Universal Studios Japan unveiled its first animated video on Sunday for its "Attack on Titan the Real" summer attraction, which will be available from May 31 to August 25 this year.

The video shows Eren and his fellow corps members venturing through a forest toward Wall Maria. On the way, Eren exclaims, "Oh, that's USJ!" Armin is surprised to find out that the Wall Maria is inside USJ. The corps resolve to protect the civilians in USJ who may have been caught up in the trouble. Amusingly, the video shows the horses with tickets to the theme park.

"Attack on Titan the Real" will depict a battle with original animation. The characters will attempt to reclaim Wall Maria amid a Titan onslaught. The Survey Corps members will fly around the venue during the show. The exhibition area will display "cronoids," or highly realistic statues, of Erwin and Levi as they looked the night before the attack is launched. Tickets went on sale on April 11.

The theme park provided more details about the Attack on Titan, Godzilla, Evangelion, and Sailor Moon attractions earlier this month. The One Piece website also announced on Saturday that the One Piece premiere summer show will be held again this year from June 26 to September 29, along with a One Piece-themed restaurant, and water battle event.

Universal Studios Japan is offering the largest number of Cool Japan rides this year. The theme park is hosting Detective Conan and Lupin the 3rd currently.

Sources: Universal Studios Japan's website (link 2), One Piece franchise's website

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