A Closer Look at the Small Worlds Tokyo Theme Park's Sailor Moon, Evangelion Areas

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Theme park of scale miniature figures opens on June 11

The SMALL WORLDS TOKYO theme park unveiled preview images and video of its entire park on Monday. Of particular interest to anime fans are the Sailor Moon and Evangelion areas, previewed below.

From Sailor Moon:

©Naoko Takeuchi. Images provided by SMALL WORLDS.

ANN was also permitted inside the park to photogrograph the "Crystal Tokyo" area:

©Naoko Takeuchi.

From Evangelion:

©khara. Images provided by SMALL WORLDS.

The park previously previewed a selection of images from its Sailor Moon area in May.

SMALL WORLDS is the world's largest indoor theme park of scale miniatures with anime creator Shoji Kawamori as its chief creative officer. In addition to real-world locales such as London and Hong Kong, the theme park will feature scale replicas of anime locales such as Sailor Moon's Crystal Tokyo and Evangelion's Tokyo-3. It will employ practical special effects such as underground motors with magnets, projection mapping, and smoke machines to put the miniatures in motion.

The theme park was scheduled to officially open on April 25, but its opening was delayed due to COVID-19. It will now open on June 11. ANN participated in a press preview of the park in January.

Source: Press release, tour

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