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Big O re-runs scheduled to Toonami by CN!

Toonami/CN has decided to air all the 13 episodes of
the new anime Big O.Big O has been scheduled for
re-runs. The re-run will start on Tuesday, April 24 @
5:30 pm. Since there are uneven number of episodes
(13), Toonami may have something up their sleeve.

Starting on April 2nd. Big O will air 2 times on
Toonami at 5:30 PM and 7 hours later the next new
episode of Big O will be broadcasted at 12:30 AM
EST/PST. That means the new episodes will be aired at
night 12:30 AM first, then the same episode will be
aired at 5:30 PM.

The re-runs will also air during the mid-night run at
12:30 AM, replacing Tenchi in Tokyo. But due to
Toonami Movies broadcasting every Friday, the night
re-runs will start a few days earlier. To be exact the
mid-night re-runs for Big O will start Thursday, April
19. Still no word if Big O will air uncut during the
mid-night run.

Source: DBZ

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