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Mangapolo Reveals Finalists for 3rd Manga Translation Battle

posted on by Karen Ressler
Nichijō, The Crown of Thorns, Museum, Kamakura Monogatari translated for contest

Japanese motion comic publisher Mangapolo announced 12 finalists for the 3rd annual Manga Translation Battle on Tuesday. The finalists were chosen by professional translators from over 160 contestants.

The contest's website posted each translator's entry, asking readers to vote on their favorites. The translation with the most votes by January 25 JST will receive the Audience Award.

The translator's were asked to pick one of four manga to translate as an entry. The manga and finalists are:

Ryohei Saigan's Kamakura Monogatari
Contestants: Brandon Moore, David Rosenfeld, Alethea Nibley & Athena Nibley

Ryōsuke Tomoe's Museum
Contestants: Hayley Tournier, Amanda Haley, Yusuke Tsujita

Keiichi Arawi's Nichijō
Contestants: Jennifer McKeon, Stephanie Chan, Daniel Fawson

Yoko Kamio's The Crown of Thorns
Contestants: pinkie-chan, Hana Ihaya, Casey Loe

In addition to a fan vote, a committee of four judges assisted in the voting process by judging finalists on their Japanese-English translating abilities. The judging committee this year consists of MangaComicsManga.com's Deb Aoki, manga translator William Flanagan, author and co-founder of AltJapan Co., Ltd. Matt Alt, and Associate Professor at Kyoto Seika University Matt Thorn.

Last year's Manga Translation Battle asked contestants to pick from Masaaki Nakayama's Fuan no Tane Plus, Ishiki's Acchi Kocchi, Machiya Hatoko's and Eda Yuuri's Koi to wa Yobenai, and Fumiko Tanikawa's Saya Saya to.

Contest manager Mangapolo is affiliated with online retailer Tokyo Otaku Mode. Mangapolo collaborates with publishers to bring legally produced motion comics to its YouTube channel in Japanese and English. Series for which Mangapolo has produced motion comics for include Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, and Vinland Saga.

[Via Deb Aoki]

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