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To celebrate the 5th year since Azusa Tadokoro launched her career as a singing voice actress, she performed her very first arena concert - now out on Blu-ray! Held on her birthday, she revealed a huge number of new songs!
There will also be a special gift for customers who order, so please take advantage of this opportunity!
【Performance Outline】
■Title: AZUSA TADOKORO LIVE 2021~Waver~
■Performance Date: Saturday April 3, 2021 Gates Open: 16: 30 Opening: 17: 30 Closing 19: 00 (Tentative)
■Place: Zepp Tokyo
■Performers: Azusa Tadokoro, Azusa 2 Gou(Band Members: Gt & Band Master: John Kanda, Gt: Tomohiro Nagasawa. Bass: Shinichiro Iwakiri, Dr: MIZUKI、Key: Yosuke Shibazaki, Mp: Kyoichi Shinozaki)
■Performance Link:
YouTube: https: //

AZUSA TADOKORO LIVE 2021~Waver~ Online CD Sales and Bonus Item Information】
▶Bonus Item Info
AZUSA TADOKORO LIVE 2021~Waver~ Live Logo Button Badge(Size: Approx. 56mm)

■Eligible Products
Waver LACA-15837/¥3,000
Yasashii Sekai【Artist Version】 LACM-24048/¥1,300
Yasashii Sekai【Anime Version】 LACM-24049/¥1,200
Equal LACM-14920/¥1,300
RIVALS【Anime Version】 LACM-14944/¥1,200
RIVALS【Artist Version】 LACM-14943/¥1,300
Little Soldier【Artist Version】 LACM-14821/¥1,300
Little Soldier【Anime Version】 LACM-14822/¥1,200
RESOLVE【Artist Version】 LACM-14776/¥1,300
RESOLVE【Anime Version】 LACM-14777/¥1,200
So What?【First Run Limited Edition】 LACA-35659/¥4,800
So What? 【Regular Edition】 LACA-15659/¥3,000
DEAREST DROP【Anime Jacket Version】 LACM-14589/¥1,200
Unmei Dilemma【Artist Jacket Version】 LACM-14567/¥1,300
Unmei Dilemma【Anime Jacket Version】 LACM-14568/¥1,200
1HOPE SNIPER【Artist Jacket Version】 LACM-14536/¥1,300
1HOPE SNIPER【Anime Jacket Version】 LACM-14537/¥1,200
It's my CUE. 【Regular Edition】 LACA-15562/¥3,000
Junshin Always 【Artist Version】 LACM-14441/¥1,300
Junshin Always 【Anime Version】 LACM-14442/¥1,200
Kimi to no yakusoku o kazoeyou【Type.A】 LACM-14383/¥1,300
Kimi to no yakusoku o kazoeyou【Type.B】 LACM-14384/¥1,300
DREAM LINE【Visual Version】 LACM-14336/¥1,300
DREAM LINE【Illustration Version LACM-14337/¥1,300
Beyond Myself ! LACA-15424/¥3,000

■Pre-Order Period
From Saturday April 3rd 10: 00 to Saturday April 17th 23: 59

■Order Page(animate International)
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