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Monster Tamer

A new series released by J-Novel Club digitally.

I quite enjoyed this novel. Finished it in one read through.

An entire Japanese High School gets transported to another world. Teachers, staff, and students.

After many causalities from monster attacks, it is discovered some have exceptional special abilities, some have mediocre special abilities, and most others no apparent abilities.

But not too long after, all semblance of modern civilized behavior disappears in a night of chaos, power grab, murder, rape, and terror. Which is where we meet our dying protagonist.

Which is where he learns, that he too has an ability, hence the title.

One of the strengths of this first novel in the series, is that it doesn't delve too much into the entire student body. Maybe in the future, there will be more interactions with the more powerful members of the transported students, but even right now we know nothing much of the teachers and staff, or even if they are alive or were killed off in the purge. There are monsters and powerful monsters, but the student body appears to be the most dangerous threat, because of their numbers, but also the doubt about there intentions.

There is no law, there are no institutions. Once things fell apart people's worst intentions come to the fore. For me this is the most realistic portrayal of what happens when things go to hell. Even those who wouldn't be considered evil before, many still let there baser impulses rule them. Rape is a feature in this, in that it is shown happening, but without the descriptors that are usually present. And the implication that while this has happened with this small group, it is happening across the greater group of the student body. It is the end of modern civilized behavior among the students.

This is what the main protagonist is fleeing. And his new power allows him to survive monster attacks and human attacks to some degree.

While some may say this is more of the same Isekai stuff, just dressed differently, and they probably wouldn't be wrong, I found this novel engaging, and I can't wait for more.

Supposedly there are local humans in the area, but they haven't been found yet.

In Overlord, one player is transported, in Arifureta a whole class is transported, and now we have a whole school student body transported. What's next, Tokyo?
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