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Record of Wortenia War

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2021 12:09 pm Reply with quote
This one has been ongoing for awhile.

Basic summary.

Other world has been summoning Earthlings for some time now. Pretty nasty stuff. Once summoned you are immediately turned into a slave via magic. Some have enjoyed the power boost from being Isekai'd, and are willing to work with their enslavers, but for the most part, the majority, it is a hellish life. God save you if you are a woman.

spoiler[A couple was once summoned together, and the man was made to watch over the weeks, as the summoners and their minions beat and raped his girlfriend continually over weeks, until the light of intelligence left her eyes for good.]

They are not being summoned to defeat demon lords or monsters, but rather to use the Earthlings for their own natiional or imperial interests, like war. Naturally, enslavement and harsh treatment breeds hatred and madness. So those survivors and escapees over the decades have formed the Organization to destroy this other world, for vengence and revenge. On a personal note, I can't really blame them. I wonder if I could even keep my sanity or stop madness from creeping in.

Problem is the main character, Ryoma, was able to escape his summoners before they were able to magically enslave him. He did this by killing them all and other things. But he killed some important people amongst the Imperial summoners and caused problems for the Organization. So he is now hunted by the Empire and by his fellow Earthlings in the Organization.

There is a lot of backstory to what I mentioned.

But I have read volumes 1 through 11. Just finished volume 11. At this point Ryoma has his own Barony as a gift for his help during civil war. But he and it is under threat by the very people that gifted it to him. Despite all the support he continued to give the Kingdom.

Volume 11 is more of a transitional novel and I think it suffers for it if consider by itself. Nothing major happens in the novel, it is all just set up and loose ends, with cliff hangers galore. So if you have been reading the series, don't expect too much from Volume 11, the action is going to be in Volume 12. If you haven't been reading the series, then get started on Volume 1. While this is not dark fantasy in the vein of Glen Cook's The Black Company, it is a dark and violent fantasy series. So while volume 11 was a bit of a let down for the obvious reasons, the series as a whole has been interesting and entertaining. With a ton of political intrigue and battles.
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