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Interview: Berryz Kobo

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:52 pm Reply with quote
What a show that must have been, it leaves me with the feeling of mssing a great chance to see them at last. But I cannot travel currently and it would be to me like a 3,000 mile trip, which would be why not go to Japan and see them there at a performance anyway Laughing . Must start looking at future conventions across America from now on in advance.

I bought Cafe Buono! Cd with DvD video and Berryz 5th Album from PlayAsia part of the way into the Shugo Chara season because I liked how the Cafe Buono! group performed and that I saw they were in Berryz Kobo as well I took a chance that it would be good and just ordered it as well. It really is a unique method of group singing and I guess theres still plenty of Music CD's of them and the various groups each participate in to buy still. Thanks for the Interview Carlos.
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:00 am Reply with quote
Murder She wrote:

Perhaps his most daring experiment was the Hello! Project Kids, fifteen grade-school girls selected in 2002 in hopes that they could be trained over the years.

Yet now people complain that kids are not being "let be kids" at younger and younger ages. Kinda like how they criticize Michael Jackson's dad for making him miss childhood and how that messed him up in adulthood. Laughing

Murder She wrote:

"When we started," says Natsuyaki, "we had no training in singing or dancing—we really didn't know anything.

In other words, they were just picked for their looks. Kinda like how Morning Musume recently auditioned their latest batch of 8-12 year olds (yes, 8) to soon prance around in short skirts in a few months. Laughing

Murder She wrote:

Aside from that, Berryz Kobo's longevity and stability is remarkable in a music scene where idol groups sometimes form and disband within months. The secret, says Shimizu, is that "we always talk things out with each other. We ask about each others' feelings."

Not really. In Japan, the talent agency controls the group, not them. They can talk to each other all they want, but every time there's a manager's meeting, they'll still be nervous because any one of them can be kicked out by the talent agency.

Murder She wrote:

Yurina Kumai's height defies the "petite and cute" idol mold, and perhaps for that reason, she looks across national borders to find inspiration as a performer, citing Korean group Girls' Generation as her role model. "When I saw their music videos, I was so impressed by their dancing, and by how attractive and talented they are—I want to mimic the way they move." What also impresses Kumai is that, compared to Japan's music scene, their Korean counterparts "don't have the traditional idol attitude, but more the charm of grown-up women."

That must've been like a culture shock to otaku! Laughing
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