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Bride's Story Cosplayer Heads to Mongolia for Extra-Realistic Photo Shoots

posted on by Eric Stimson
Previously visited Uzbekistan

Cosplayers are known for their dedication, but it's unlikely you know one as dedicated as Matsuri. An avid fan of manga artist Kaoru Mori, and in particular her work A Bride's Story, she spent years recreating Amir's elaborate dress and embroidered it by hand.

Matsuri also made Amir's headdress, boots, and accessories.

She's finally finished the costume, but where to take the photo shoot? Japan's drab urban landscapes, forested terrain, and ubiquitous ocean just wouldn't do. Nope, she had to go to Mongolia for extra authenticity.

In 2015, Matsuri visited Uzbekistan for a photo shoot in a studio in Tashkent. Although a 19th-century house like one from A Bride's Story had been recreated there, she still wanted to go to Mongolia to capture the nomadic lifestyle still prevalent there. She reports that a woman and girl in Uzbekistan and a young boy in Mongolia all became engrossed in the Bride's Story manga she brought.

Fellow cosplayer @syotyolove portrays Amir's husband, Karluk.

She also recreated the costume of Prince Yurul from the Mongol-set manga Shut Hell.

Matsuri says she likes A Bride's Story for its cute character designs, its Central Asian setting, Mori's deep research into nomadic culture, its detailed artwork and its cinematic panel layout. She plans to collect her photos into a book for sale at this winter's Comic Market (Comiket). Consumed as she has been with location and studio shooting, she has no plans for attending events in cosplay, although she likes meeting fellow Bride's Story fans, so she's open to the idea — as long as it's not in the summer. (That dress gets hot.)

For more of Matsuri's lavish photography, check out her Twitter feed. Other cosplayers have managed to depict Amira and Karluk at a farm in Taiwan.

Source: Kai-You and Matsuri Twitter

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