M&C! Licenses Ran the Beautiful Flower, 1/3 Manga

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Miko Senri's Sano, You are Meanie! book also licensed

Indonesian publisher M&C! announced on Thursday that it has licensed Ammitsu's Ran the Beautiful Flower (Takane no Ran-san) manga, and will ship the first volume on December 12. The company is also listing Miko Senri's Sano, You are Meanie! (Sano-kun wa Ijiwaru) and the first volume of Kozue Chiba's 1/3 manga for a December 19 release.

M&C! describes Ran the Beautiful Flower:

Ran is the school's entrancing but aloof beauty, but she is actually just an ordinary girl. Her shy attitude comes off as cold, so no one dares to approach her. Except for one guy, Saeki, a florist from the flower shop Soleil.

Ammitsu launched the manga in Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend magazine in July 2017, and it is ongoing. Kodansha published the manga's fourth compiled book volume on November 13.

M&C! describes Sano, You are Meanie!:

Sano, the handsome and popular guy who sits next to me in class, has made it his hobby to tease me. He always acts like a prince in front of his other friends, so why am I the only one he treats this way? Somehow, though, despite his nosiness, he still always pays attention to me. It's the kind of nosiness that could make a girl's heart skip a beat!

The book compiles four one-shot manga that Senri published in Bessatsu Friend in July, October, and November 2016, and in March 2017. The book also adds a bonus exclusive one-shot sequel to the title story. The one-shots include the title story, "Hōkago no Tokkun wa 2-kiri" (After School Training for Two), "Mafuyu no Date wa Amakunai" (A Date in the Dead of Winter Isn't so Sweet), and "Hanarebanare wa Totsuzen ni" (A Sudden Separation).

Kodansha published the book in May 2017.

1/3 centers on Shiyuka, a girl who lives in the Shōnan-Enoshima area. She has wanted to be in a relationship with a handsome guy forever, and is always prepared for the eventuality, but has never actually had any relationship experience... until two handsome guys transfer into her school. Shin is kind, mature, and intelligent, while Yū is a foul-mouthed magazine model. Shin and Yū are cousins, but are not alike at all. Slowly, the town that Shiyuka has tired of is becoming more exciting.

Chiba launched the manga in Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine in January 2017, and it is ongoing. Shogakukan published the manga's third volume on November 26.

M&C! previously released both volumes of Chiba's Good Morning, Good Night, I Love You (Kyō kara Mongen 7:00 Desu) manga.

Sources: M&C!'s Facebook page and website

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