First Volume of Masterclass Oneshot: Showcase Manga Magazine Goes Live

A first time exclusive, COAMIX, the Japanese manga publisher of Monthly Comic Zenon, Comic Zenion, the popular manga app Manga HOT and organizer of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® has just launched a FREE, online magazine called MASTERCLASS ONESHOT: SHOWCASE VOL 1! This pioneering new magazine is debuting the “oneshots” of international manga creators from every corner of the world, FOR THE FIRST TIME!

These high achievers of SILENT MANGA AUDITION® competition are invited to join the “MASTERCLASS”, COAMIX's league of young manga creators where they will receive creative support from manga industry veterans, with the most popular tipped for a potential series in the pages of Comic Zenon!

Call to Action!

But we need readers to make this manga extravaganza happen! With prize incentives for invaluable feedback, we hope to build on the success of this first Volume and create a wonderful, continuing anthology filled with the work of gifted, international manga creators. Not only do we aim to entertain the world with our online magazine, we also hope to kickstart the careers of manga creators! So please, enjoy the works found in Volume 1 and let your readers know about this pioneering manga event.

MASTERCLASS ONESHOT: SHOWCASE VOL 1 includes the following work:

Scaffold by Ichirou (Brazil)

An excited crowd, hungry for destruction, jeers as a lone robot climbs the steps to its reckoning. Guilty of crimes against humanity, can a machine ever find redemption? What does HUMANITY mean in a world where robots exist!?

HOUSEKISAMA by Roberto F. (Brazil)

Young Hiru has lost everything, his village, his family and his friends to the despotic Blue Ribbon Army. In a quest for revenge, the renegade Hiru encounters another victim of the Blue Ribbons, a young girl called Osca who comes into possession of a great power. With the magic stone, “HOUSEKISAMA” promising unlimited power to those they bond with, an epic adventure ensues, with the Blue Ribbon Army stopping at nothing to harness that power.

HUJAN by Alex Irzaqi (Indonesia)

Hujan defeats all who dare jeopardise his future of happiness with the one he loves, until a mysterious warrior steps in at the end. With his love and honor hanging by a thread, what future awaits this ultimate fighter?


Maudy, an ordinary girl awakens to an extraordinary nightmare. Her father, a recent victim of a devastating zombie virus, prowls the family home in search of sustenance when he meets more than he can chew! A naive girl and an experienced zombie hunter take survival to the limit in a world gone wrong!

A Tiny Bond by Vanilla (Indonesia)

Returning from a tiring day of work, Ken is surprised by a tiny visitor on his doorstep. An adorable little child, small enough to fit into the palm of his hand, holds many secrets, but can Ken open his heart to learn them? A heartwarming tale of friendship, trust and “Kawaii-ness”!

ATENA by Salvatore Nives (Italy)

A girl with a chivalrous ambition! Atena, a strong willed girl dreams of wielding one of her father's finely crafted swords as a brave knight. One fateful day, during a visit to her father's empty forge, she meets a mysterious knight who dares to make her dreams a reality. An inspiring story of honor, courage and soup pans!

About SMA

The SILENT MANGA AUDITION®, is an international manga competition that aims to discover, support and ultimately publish the work of manga creators around the world. With a judging panel consisting of manga legends Tetsuo Hara (First of the North Star), Tsukasa Hojo (City Hunter), Ryuji Tsugihara (Yoroshiku Mecha-Doc) and Chief Editor Nobuhiko Horie, SILENT MANGA AUDITION®

the competition has fast become the largest event of its kind.

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