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Anime Spotlight - Hakumei & Mikochi: Tiny Little Life in the Woods

by ANN Staff,

Premiere Date: January 12, 2018

Key Staff

Director: Masaomi Andō
(Scum's Wish, School-Live!)
Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
(Bakuman., D.Gray-man, Girls und Panzer, K-ON!)
Art Director: Daiki Kuribayashi


Hakumei and Mikochi are two little girls who live in a beautiful green forest. They build houses in trunks of trees, make umbrellas out of leaves, and ride on the backs of insects and birds...

When you're nine centimeters tall, all of that and more isn't so hard to do.

Won't you take a peek into their adorable, cheerful, and peaceful lives?

Character Names & Descriptions & Seiyuu


(VA: Risae Matsuda)

An energetic girl with frizzy hair with a love for the outdoors. She works as a repair woman, and her skills in her field are top notch.


(VA: Shino Shimoji)

A girl with straight black hair who loves being indoors. She tends to be theoretical. She makes preserved foods crafts daily necessities and sells them to stores for a living.


(VA: Aoi Yūki)

A girl with wavy hair in pigtails who works as a minstrel. She sings while playing the harp attached to her chest at stores or in the streets.


(VA: Chika Anzai)

A girl working as a researcher who lives in the swamp to the east of Makinanu. She has cat ears, and ties her hair in a ponytail. She is researching the concept of “life.” She lives inside the bones of George as a result of her research. The only big flaw she has is her obsession with bones.


Risae Matsuda
Shino Shimoji
Aoi Yūki
Chika Anzai
Masaya Matsukaze


Original creator
Takuto Kashiki
Masaomi Andō
Series Composition
Reiko Yoshida
Evan Call
Character Design, Prop Design
Tomoko Iwasa
Chief Animation Director
Tomoko Iwasa, Mayuka Itou
Background Art
Art Director
Daiki Kuribayashi
Art Supervision
Nobuhito Sue
Art Setting
Eiko Tsunadō, Nobuhito Sue
Color Design
Yumi Nagi
Director of Photography
Sena Nakagawa
Yukie Oikawa (Morita Editing Room)
Sound Director
Satoki Iida
Evan Call
Music Production
Animation Producer
Yūji Higa
Animation Production
Produced by
Hakumei to Mikochi Production Partners

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