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Real and super robots as character classes

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You know how, in Super Robot Wars, super robots can dish out and absorb tons of punishment, while real robots have to rely on their mobility and guns to make up for their inability to defy real-world physics like super robots?

Just imagine what a mech-based MMORPG, MOBA, or team-objective shooter would be like, if super robots and real robots were distinct character classes that players could pick between. The reason is because every time I look at super and real robots, they make me think of warriors, rogues, and mages, respectively. Supers can dish out and absorb punishment like warriors, while reals have to use either their mobility or their ranged firepower to make-up for how delicate they are, like rogues and mages, respectively.

So why haven't there been any mech games -- aside from just Super Robot Wars -- that took advantage of the super/real dichotomy to make unique character classes out of them? I mean, I know that there are light, medium, and heavy mechs, as well as melee, mid-range, and long-range mechs. It's just that the super/real dichotomy would have simplified it, a bit.
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