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BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense. (TV)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:50 am Reply with quote

Sally's played so many games that she's not only good as a player, she's also an experienced strategist. She works herself to exhaustion not just to get orbs while the going is good, but to get the valuable intelligence required for Maple to efficiently go on the offence. They weren't going to turtle in forever, it was just a question of when and how to unleash Maple at the most opportune moment.

To be fair, Sally really was a goner until Maple intervened. Maple was focusing on expedited extraction, so it's a shame she didn't go all out with her AOE attack skills. Still enough to wipe out the Holy Sword recon squad with Frederica lucky to survive.

The twins are the Maple Tree's first casualties, but they bought enough time for Maple and Sally to return. To be fair to them, getting killed by one of the top 10 players of the first event is no shame, not to mention these two are Maple's mirror so even if 20% less ATK they still pack enough of a punch to serve adequately as her bodyguards.

The cliffhanger preludes one of the big showdowns I've been looking forward to, namely #3 vs. #2 of the first event. The twins would probably lose to Mii's friends, but Maple alone would probably best Mii 1 to 1. It's a 3 on 3 fight and Maple's team has a slight handicap with two players on 1 death, on the other hand the trapper has no more cards under his sleeve and his combat ability isn't as potent as his main occupation.

The animators didn't reveal what "Dead or Alive" was, now we know. Crom is no slouch with his unique gear. Together with bomb making on the go, the pair of them are formidable. Kasumi is still lethal in a one on one duel, while Kanade is the unpredictable wild card whose strength lies in his preparation of spells.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 2:45 pm Reply with quote
Harleyquin wrote:
The twins are the Maple Tree's first casualties, but they bought enough time for Maple and Sally to return. To be fair to them, getting killed by one of the top 10 players of the first event is no shame,
Dread was #2 in the first event so giving him a death penalty by taking him out was worth it. Slowing him down by 5% should help a lot when he tries to have a rematch.
Harleyquin wrote:
The cliffhanger preludes one of the big showdowns I've been looking forward to, namely #3 vs. #2 of the first event.
Mii was #4.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:00 am Reply with quote

Penultimate episode. I called it wrong, Mii's firepower was a lot stronger than I gave it credit for and her two buddies had plenty more up their sleeve. Despite their best efforts, all they did was knock Maple back until she got fed up and decided to counter with firepower of her own. The Flame Emperors are so used to seeing Mii taking everything out from long range, so to be on the receiving end is a bit of poetic justice. Seriously, how high is Maple's HP that she can withstand a suicide attack from a top #10 player?

One of Maple's trump cards is used up, but she still has time to play around with her Angel AOE. The descent sneak attack is definitely something no one would ever plan for, but it seems the pace has exceeded even Sally's expectations and there are fewer easy orbs to claim.

For once, Sally has been outfoxed. The Holy Sword's top four up against the Maple Tree's Eight. Payne's reputation as the strongest player is not for show, he's a typical power-gamer who has levelled up more than everyone else and has the top-level skills to boot. However, he and his guild are typical power-levellers and have never explored this game universe the way Maple has. There is one more trump card that Maple has yet to reveal to the guilds, and Payne's seemingly lethal attack should be enough to convince Maple to bring it out to play. The Maple Tree's counter-attack in the final episode begins now. I don't think they have enough time to defeat all of the other guilds and gain first place, but there's a fighting chance they will stay top 10 at the end of the event and be the last of the small guilds still standing (every other guild is classified as large by the looks of things).
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:10 am Reply with quote

No surprises. Maple stays standing because of her innate Great Shielder skill (which Payne surprisingly has) and the monster trump card is finally unleashed to turn the tables. At the end of it, it appears the only players in the entire event who didn't die were Maple, Sally, Krom and Kasumi. Sally's final strategy of scorched earth did the job since a guild which is annihilated can't rise any further in the rankings. Maple Tree placing third probably had to do with them, Holy Swords and Flame Emperors wiping everyone else out, sitting pretty in their strongholds to accumulate points one last time and then shaking hands to call it a day. Maple Tree actually finishes first of all the small guilds, which is ridiculous even when taking Maple into account.

The developers finally gave up on trying to control Maple. After all, she's a marketing dream the way they've described her effect on the player base. No matter what they think she'll do, she proves them wrong every time. The video answer to what they thought she was doing a case in point for the entire season.

Maple's appeal as the ideal casual player again shows through when she invited the two major guilds to her own party. Competitive gaming usually leads to permanently antagonistic and anti-social behaviour, but Maple has never forgotten that the game is meant to be enjoyed not just by herself but for everyone else. That's something every viewer should remember, no matter what happens to this series.

I'm glad I watched this season coming in with zero expectations. I've had plenty a laugh, and it's fun watching a series about virtual reality gaming that isn't intense like the Sword Art Online series and its spinoffs and variants. Times being what they are now, series like these really help people forget what the real world is like and the solace a virtual one provides from myriad troubles. I don't know if it's done enough to warrant further adaptations, but I for one cannot wait to see what kind of additional surprises an unorthodox playing style and a yen for curiosity combined with unbelievable gamer's luck can deliver for the future.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:43 pm Reply with quote

That was a fun ride. Was waiting for Maple to show her demon form, at most seeming to summon the mini guys as part of an entourage, but then she uses it as part of an ace up her sleeve to beat back the top guild, and then they continued the rampage by exterminating the other guilds. I really enjoyed the reactions they all had to the monstrous Maple, made more terrifying when Sally created clones. The admins eventually coming to a conclusion that all the top guilds had ahead of time made work of the others by leaving to six. They said all they needed to do was create a highlights video, and half of them had Maple in them.

Maple sure was not balanced, but true that she is a killer center to their community, things the mods could never have planned but the players creating their own thing. Which I imagine all game creators want to actually foster as to keep interest in their game. It is kind of funny how many shows one might complain about an overpowered main character, but in a show like this it is so fun and well done funny moments, having this sort of naïve by friendly teenage girl just do what she enjoys. Bringing the audience with surprises and the sort of feeling one can get out a game in playing it their way, something that feel familiar to playing RPGs where I created a killer combo, and having it feel like it reflects the way I want to play. As the recent seasons of SAO feel like have forgotten, the draw of a game based anime is often to make it hella fun. I would also say that BOFURI has greatly outdone the more serious Infinite Dendrogram, another VR anime of the season, that one feeling like it went too much into being melodramatic, rules that did not always feel clear, and what felt like relatable moments of this just a game.

Good news that another season has been announced, I imagine my expectations may be higher next time, but also that I just want good fun of this fictional game. Some of my favourite moments of the show were things like when Maple totally broke the quest that lead to getting the angel powers, which felt relatable in playing some games, broken AI speeches especially. I rate this first season as Excellent (9/10), certainly one of the shows looked forward to each week, always a fun surprise, and even some technical merits that I would give praise to. Action not entirely the point, but especially boss fights generally felt really well done technically.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:48 am Reply with quote
Episode 12- not as good as it wanted to be.

I keep trying to express my disappointment with the finale and the series in general but the more I think about it, I just find more places that were lacking.

We all knew [Atrocity] was coming and we got that.
What I was EXPECTING was a combination of [Atrocity] and [machine God] resulting in something like the Cyberdemon from Doom or MechaGodzilla depending on the situation.

We all knew Maple Tree would make the top ten.
What we got... they were only ever trying to be in the top ten. They knew their place, they weren't trying to beat out the top guilds The top two guilds, the top two named guilds with characters/"friends". Maple Tree took out the rest of the large guilds but it's not like they tried that from the start.

The character Maple runs on "because the story says so" so its so odd to see her opt to settle right from the start because that's what Sally's plan was rather than be Maple and do the implausible because "it seemed like a good idea at the time". Choosing to hold back right from the start is just out of character.

Ask yourself: If given a chance, would Maple have eaten all the orbs and what would that have done?

Maple's vitality is now 5 digits? Which is to say...
"It's over ten thousand!!" What a coincidence.

I loved the series whenever it was Maple or Maplecentric but whenever the plot turned towards Sally and what Sally thought necessary or possible then it just became pedestrian. She was not a good influence on the plot. At its best, the series was a journey of discovery/power trip. We traveled with Maple to find out what she could do next because she journeyed in the game to see what she could do next, her only rule is that she doesn't want to get hurt so she'll max out her defense.

At its worst, Maple was chained to what Sally told her to do, the things we already knew. No awe, no thrill, just "Yeah, I figured it would go that way."
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