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NEWS: Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Game's 1st Trailer Previews Gameplay, Customization

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2021 12:54 am Reply with quote
Well that's exciting. As negative as the reaction to Dynasty Warriors 9 was, after all of the updates it's gotten, it really shows a lot of potential. It's certainly worth playing if you like the series and wanna roleplay a particular hero (but there's a good reason I recommend DW7:XL as the series' best cinematic experience and DW7:E as some of its best gameplay). However, much like the other mainline titles before it, combat in DW9 ultimately boils down to "rush to the objective ASAP and skip everything else".

Empires titles in the past would usually remedy this by making every base on the map count & have value in capturing them prior to rushing to your main objective. Since DW9 was an open world-style game, the lack of anything keeping you from simply just rushing from point A to B was magnified since there was now a ton of open space you could use to break the Ai and sneak behind everyone.

It's a bit unfortunate the grappling hook is back, I hope they've either put it on a toggle or tidied it up a bit, but if DW9:E contains all of the Empires features that DW7:E contained and gives DW9 the standard combat clean-up most Empires titles are known for, this is definitely gonna be a must-buy for me.
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