Tsuki ga Kirei Character Designer loundraw's Graduation Anime Stars Hiro Shimono, Sora Amamiya

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The 22-year-old artist loundraw came into the spotlight this year after providing the original character designs for the Tsuki ga Kirei television anime (seen below). That work apparently helped loundraw earn some big help on a special project.

It appears that loundraw graduated from college this year. The artist revealed their graduation project on Twitter on Thursday. For the first time, loundraw created an anime. The work is a trailer for a fictional anime film titled, Yume ga Sameru made (Before you wake up).

In the video, a girl named Yuki has the power to control the fate of the planet, and a college student named Sōta is preparing for job hunting as he is about to graduate from college. The video begins with Sōta saying, "World peace is simple. Only one person. With the sacrifice of just one precious person's life, we can live." It seems that Sōta had previously saved Yuki's life. When she runs across him one day, she says, "Hey! You don't remember?" Sōta tells her she has the wrong person, but she continues, "You saved me. Um, will you believe what I'm about to say?" The video ends with the text, "Well, let's begin. An unforgettable story."

Singer and voice actor Hiro Shimono (Sakura Quest's Yamada, Tokyo Ghoul √A's Naki) voices Sōta in the short, and Sora Amamiya (The irregular at magic high school's Honoka Mitsui, Tokyo Ghoul's Tōka Kirishima) plays Yuki. The video also features the Japanese band BUMP OF CHICKEN's songs "66-gō-sen" (Route 66) and "angel fall."

loundraw wrote the script and animated the short. The video's YouTube page lists isn as an assistant and gives special thanks to Aniplex, imenterprise, Music Ray'n, Straight Edge, and THINKR.

The video will be available streaming for a limited time. The fictional anime film's impossible release date is listed as September 31, 2017.

Many online commenters were amazed that the anime short is a graduation project. One person commented that the future of Japanese anime is bright, and another said they believe the fictional film will be real someday. While many people also noticed the short's similarities to Makoto Shinkai's your name. film, they still said the work was impressive for a college student.

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