Reverse Harem Manga Netsuiai Prince Gets 2nd Voiced Promotional PV

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Manga creator Madoka Seizuki's Netsuai Prince: Onii-chan wa Kimi ga Suki reverse harem manga combines a brother complex, idols, and triplets for shōjo romance filled with heart-throbbing drama. The story stars Matsuri Amamiya who finds herself the new step-sister of triplet idols after her mom remarries. Of course, three potential love interests isn't enough, as the manga also introduces rival idol groups, too.

The series inspired a voiced promotional video for its seventh volume last year. That video starred Yuichiro Umehara (DARLING in the FRANXX's Goro) as step-brother Azusa. The manga series celebrating another landmark with its second voiced promotional video. Netsuai Prince's ninth volume is slated for release on May 1 and the series has over 630,000 copies sold in print or digital formats.

The new promotional video adds voice actor Takuya Eguchi (KONOSUBA'S Kyōya Mitsurugi) as PRISM idol Subaru, Matsuri's childhood friend and the "prince" of the idol world.

Netsuai Prince is serialized on Ohzora Publishing's Next F web magazine.

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