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Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi Launch Podcast About Vic Mignogna Defamation Case

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Voice actresses Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi released the first episode of the "In Touch" podcast focusing on the 2019 defamation case filed by fellow voice actor Vic Mignogna. The podcast, which aims to be updated monthly, retells the events from March and Rial's perspective. The first episode lays out the timeline of events, from Funimation contacting Mignogna about its investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and terminating the company's work relationship with him to Rial and Marchi's first public statements on Twitter.

The podcast website's tongue-in-cheek description reads:

Listen to our adventures in talking publicly about being sexually harassed, getting harassed online for talking publicly about being sexually harassed, getting sued for talking publicly about being sexually harassed, having that case against us get thrown out because we're allowed to talk publicly about being sexually harassed, and the further harassment we receive for having a case against us for defamation because we talked publicly about being sexually harassed get thrown out because we're allowed to talk about being sexually harassed.

Mignogna's lawsuit against Rial, Marchi, Rial's fiancé Ron Toye, and Funimation was dismissed with prejudice in November 2019. The judge ruled that Mignogna must pay US$223,042.42 in attorneys' fees to the defendants. The judgment also ordered him to pay US$15,000 in sanctions, for a total of US$238,042.42. Additionally, the judgment listed US$287,500 in contingent fees that Mignogna may have to pay if he chose to appeal. Mignogna did file an appeal and the defendants filed a motion to dismiss the appeal in October 2019, however due to the pandemic, no further legal proceedings have since taken place.

The court found that all causes of action against all defendants asserted by Mignogna were based on, related to, or were in response to the defendants' right to free speech, the right to petition, or the right to association under the TCPA, the state's measure to protect against SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) lawsuits.

Over the course of the lawsuit, multiple witnesses and alleged victims of Mignogna's sexual advances came forward including voice actress Kara Edwards, underage con attendees, convention staff, and industry professionals.

Mignogna has maintained that he is innocent of the allegations against him.

Source: In Touch Podcast

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