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REVIEW: Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection [Hardcover] GNs 1-2

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As the (apparently) first commenter here, what I'm wondering is, considering all these laws, how the hell did Seven Seas, who rightfully rejected Kodomo no Jikan, manage to license and include that statue scene here in America? Wouldn't it be seen as obscene by some people? I'm pretty sure had it been released back then police would have seized lots of copies (then again there's a ton of scenes that look like pin ups in the "a Go Go" series, and Honey's supposedly 16 in both series?). Not trying to sound crazy or like a prude, just wondering. Confused

There was a similar scene in episode 8 of "New Cutey Honey" (Honey disguises herself as a Golden Buddha statue and ends up getting one of her boobies squeezed by one of the villains), but at least said villain was an adult woman, and not a 10 year old boy...

And yeah, it does sound homophobic and a tad off, but that was before characters like Haruka Tennou and Michiru Kaiou, or better known as Sailors Uranus and Neptune, graced the manga/anime world...

Honey still counts as a magical girl for me, considering she has all those magical powers and can change into different forms.
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