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REVIEW: How Do We Relationship? Volume 2

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:09 pm Reply with quote
This looks like a series I definitely want to check out. For one thing I am enjoying the rise in yuri titles that feature couples who are not simply high school students. Many of those are still fine stories, but it's nice to have slightly older MC's. Yes, they're still "in school" being in college, but it's still different in my eyes. They're adults in college, not just high school girls.

I am also very grateful that the story apparently actually tackles the concept of sex seeing as how most yuri titles, and most romance manga as a whole I come across, tend to gloss over that subject. I don't need pages and pages of graphic sex, there's Fakku for that. It's just refreshing to see the topic actually broached as it is a normal aspect of relationships.

It's a shame that this titles seems to treat the jealousy plot angle much the same as other titles. They could've kept the momentum going and handle that in a more fresh approach as well. Still, the title seems to have a lot going for it and I'll definitely give it a looksie.
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