Kumamon As Kenshin Is A Fleeting Beauty To Behold

posted on by Bamboo Dong

As some readers might agree, there's a certain thrill to walking past an attractive person. Maybe it's the doki-doki when they glance at you, or the surge of adrenaline you get when you think about striking up a conversation.

That's the fleeting moment that Surevi tries to capture with their "Surechigai Bijo" ("Passed by a beautiful woman") video series, a slightly bizarrely daily showcase of an anonymous cameraman walking by a beautiful woman.

But of course, none can quite hold a candle to the most beautiful of them all (skip to 0:21 for instant gratification):

This special video was posted on Japanese video portal GyaO! as part of a tie-in with the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movies and their subsequent collaboration with Kumamon, the bear mascot from Kumamoto prefecture, something that started as an April Fool's joke.

[Via Kai-You]

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