Good Smile Employees Show Off Skills, Creativity in Figure Contest

posted on by Eric Stimson
Top Gear, Mad Max, an Egyptian god, and plenty of idols

Good Smile Company, the craftsmen behind the popular figma and Nendoroid lines, is holding its fourth annual "Good Smile Cup," or employee figure contest. It's a chance for the GSC artisans to let loose and show off their skills, creativity, and quirkiness. Although none of the competing figures will be available for sale, it's a fun look at what they can come up with.

This year's contest was divided into five sections. This is Section 1, the Kit Section, which is entirely based on preexisting model kits.

Recent interest in Mad Max: Fury Road produced this version of a War Boys vehicle.

A previous entry was reworked into YURiKA of Aikatsu!.

Inuyama Castle in the Nagoya area

A 1/20 Wave S.A.F.S. (Super Armored Fighting Suit) was modified to include Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC series Top Gear.

Section 2 includes figures built from scratch.

Isobeyan from the science-fiction manga Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction

Cure Marine from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Yasumoto and Hayato from Yowamushi Pedal

Danganronpa's Kyōko

Section 3, Other, serves as the miscellaneous entries section.

Two different entrants offered Girls und Panzer characters (Saori and Mako).

Medjed, an obscure Egyptian deity with very simple features, was represented, albeit with runny eyes.

Mio of [email protected]: Cinderella Girls is saying "That's completely wrong!"

Section 4, Kahotan's Tasty NomNom, is a photo contest.

This collage of a 3,000-kilometer (1,850-mile) bicycle trip to Australia uses a figure of Reni Takagi, member of J-pop group Momoiro Clover Z.

Card Captor Sakura's Tomoyo fantasizes about her ideal Avengers team.

Strawberry White Snow Miku, normally seen in a kimono, tries on Western clothes.

Finally, Section 5, Wooser's Not Tasty MonMon, focused solely on Wooser from Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life and asked entrants to modify him.

The original Wooser

None of the sections have yet been judged. For a look at last year's contest, see this article.

[Via Kahotan's Blog]

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