Mitsubishi Unveils Device for Projecting Mid-Air Displays

posted on 2016-02-20 23:45 EST by Eric Stimson

Science-fiction fans who long for the days of seeing actual holograms advertising soda or making public service announcements are now one step closer to seeing that future realized. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a device that projects an image in mid-air which people can pass through.

The projection's beam is split into reflected light and transmitted light by a "beam splitter", which is placed in front of a sheet that in turn reflects the light over 1 meter (3'3'') away from the beam splitter, where the light is assembled into an image display. The image is about 88.6 × 112 cm (or 35 × 44 inches). To help guide the viewer's eyesight, the device also projects guiding images onto two walls on either side of the mid-air display. The combined projection is 199.2 × 112 cm (or 78 × 44 inches) and the three images blend seamlessly together.

Mitsubishi hopes that the technology will be used both as mid-air signage and for entertainment purposes. It aims to have it ready to use by 2020.

[Via RBB Today and ITmedia LifeStyle]

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