Prepare for Fall With Attractive Scarecrow Boys

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Plagued by pesky birds eating your crops? Don't want an ugly and creepy sack of straw looming over your field? The Kakashi Zeyo! project may have just the solution for you.

The project joined the anthropomorphization craze to reimagine scarecrows as attractive young men. The characters are meant to be the new face of the city of Shimanto, Kōchi and help promote the local rice crop. The five scarecrow characters are named after and inspired by real people in the local community. The project launched in August.

Morikawa Scarecrow is the main character of the group, although he says he doesn't want to admit it.

Baba-chan is a scarecrow who likes cute things.

Miura Scarecrow is naughty and has the temperament of a prince.

Sen Scarecrow apparently has the highest IQ among scarecrows.

Imai Scarecrow is the sports-oriented scarecrow of the group.

The scarecrow boys have their own goods line including acrylic stands, clear files, and tin badges. The project's blog and Twitter and Instagram accounts post the latest information about the project as well as pictures of merchandise in a variety of scenarios.

The project offered merchandise at an antenna shop in Tokyo on September 13. The event also hosted voice actor Yūto Adachi (The Royal Tutor, All Out!!).

The people of Iwami, Tottori, where Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club is set, created a scarecrow inspired by Iwatobi-chan in 2013.

Scarecrows have already appeared in the world of anime. Tokyo Movie's CG-animated Scarecrowman television anime series premiered in 2008. Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle film, which debuted in 2004, features a cursed but friendly scarecrow named Turnip-Head.

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