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I'm Quitting Heroing
Episode 11

by Grant Jones,

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I'm Quitting Heroing ?
Community score: 4.3

This was a heavy one folks. I honestly wish this flashback had happened before the ascent to the mountaintop because this completely recontextualizes Leo's desire for self-destruction. I mentioned last week that I felt that his rush to die was strange and seemed odd given what we knew about him.

Well, now that we know more… I get it.

The sequence where he is in the bunker creating the vat-warriors is really dark, conceptually. The idea that he is so driven to do the one thing he was made to do that he would create a threat out of thin air just to keep it going - woof, heavy stuff. It's not even that he made up a threat to humanity to scare people into thinking he was still needed, he was in the process of manufacturing an actual vital threat that would kill countless people all to fulfill his own obsessive need to fulfill his purpose. That's… a lot. The fact that he never went through with it is good since it helps the audience still empathize on some level - we've all considered doing terrible things then realized the enormity of what we were considering and backed out. But the carnage he was considering and the lengths he was willing to go to… yeah, that makes the audience root for Echidna's success big time.

I really liked the climactic scene where Echidna was locking away his power too. The fact that the mere act of casting such a powerful spell on a powerful opponent made blood run out of her eyes/nose/etc. was a great touch. Not to mention the pseudo-conversation they were having, each one expressing deep truths within but outwardly saying nothing. It's terrific drama folks, no other way to say it.

Now of course the question becomes, what happens next? That remains to be seen…


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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