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This Week in Games: April Foolishness

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:36 am Reply with quote
If there was a Robot Master dating game, I would focus only on three very desirable hunks, so the rest of them would more than likely get ignored by me easily. XD
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:34 pm Reply with quote
Because out of all the King of Fighters installments, KoF97 has the biggest player population in one of gaming's biggest markets: China

If only the previous year's outing had enjoyed the same popularity! Kasumi was a favourite of mine, you see.
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Lord Geo

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:16 pm Reply with quote
-My personal favorite gaming April Fools was Alfa System "announcing" The Walking Shikigami: Shikigami no Shiro Episode 4.1, a new entry in the shoot-em-up series for PC & Switch that has you play as the zany boss characters. It sucks because I'd love for a new Shikigami game to be made, and this would have been a neat twist on that formula.

-I am excited about Fighting EX Layer, and it's cool to see that there are at least two 100% brand new characters in the mix. Also, considering how this game originated as a semi-April Fools joke, I honestly wouldn't put it past Arika to actually put that version of Yasuyuki Oda into FEXL as a DLC character, should the game actually do that well...

-I am interested in Dangun Feveron, but the price point ($34.99) is just a tad bit too high for me, and I feel the same about the prior M2 shooter offering, Battle Garegga. Granted, I did buy Darius Burst, but at least that one had more than just the arcade content itself. I'm also worried that these M2 offerings simply give you infinite credits right from the start, because that always bugged me about Cave's releases on the 360. I know you can purposefully limit yourself in that regard, but I've always preferred earning credits (& eventually free play) via actually playing the game, whether simply based on play time (1 more credit/hour of play) or by having a store to purchase them from (ala Mars Matrix).

-I did read that reddit regarding KOF 97, and it was interesting & helped give context as to why it was that specific game that got the special treatment. Personally, though, I'm still fine with the Orochi Saga Collection I have for Wii, so this is actually the first SNK special release that I'll be skipping over.

-Finally, I still have some slight hopes for that new Shaq-Fu, because at least it's trying a different type of genre this time around (beat-em-up, instead of 2D fighter). It also looks like it's purposefully meant to be silly, so at least it has a sense of humor about itself.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:29 pm Reply with quote
When it comes to M2's shooting series and the $34.99 price point, I'm guessing they know their audience: hardcore shooter fans who play basically nothing else and will pay virtually any price for a canonized shooter. Smart, if a bit annoying for the rest of us.
Lord Geo wrote:
-I am excited about Fighting EX Layer, and it's cool to see that there are at least two 100% brand new characters in the mix.

They aren't new, although there's good reasons that might not be obvious at first: Sanane is Nanase from Street Fighter EX2, but with a weird arbitrary name change. Shirase is Bloody Hokuto, so I'm wondering if it's supposed to be a similar deal there, or...something. Hayate is also from EX2, and only that one, and everybody forgets about him because of that and also because he is super boring. His pink shirt look here is already more interesting than he's ever been.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:04 pm Reply with quote
My favourites were... Well, I really love granblue fantasy's april fools stuff. Last year they had a great story, and this year not only did they add an extra chapter to the story but they made a taiko no tatsujin spin off rhythm game.
I also enjoyed Ensemble Stars shooter game, but I'm biased because it featured my fave unit.

I only saw it because of ANN's articles but the FFXIV GO thing was pretty funny. I don't play the game so I don't really Get It, but the visuals of people excitedly tapping to get items, and the invention of the selfie stick to max your chances of items was hilarious. I absolutely loved the people smashing their phones at the end.

I also always love the disclaimers on April Fools jokes. The FF GO one had "don't sue us". I like the disclaimer on the Sato figurine too. (I also love the names of the figurines. A Little Naughty)

In other news, I await your opinion on shin hayarigami. It sounds interesting but I don't have a good track record with finishing visual novels, so if it ends up being true kusoge I don't think I want to sink time into it.

I really want that secret Kamiya figure, though, if only because if someone pisses me off I can dig him out of my pocket, say BLOCKED, and then leave like nothing ever happened. It's like a mic drop, but better!

Oh god.
Shove it in their face when you don't feel like talking to them; "Stupid questions get BLOCKED"
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:30 am Reply with quote
WayForward gave us The Mummy Demastered Remastered on the Turbografx-16,

Ah, it's nice to see The Mummy finally etched in popular culture as the cringing epic hot-mess boulevard-of-broken-dreams failure it was destined to be from the start.
There are very few movies about which we can pat ourselves on the back, say "We shut down the chemical factory", and feel like we did a good thing for future generations... Anime smile
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