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NEWS: 7th Tsukiuta Stage Play Reveals Cast in Costume

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:45 pm Reply with quote
I don't know that much about this franchise but that is a super awesome looking poster.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:21 pm Reply with quote
Aoi, my precious love, having his first sleeveless costume. <3<3<3<3
And Hajime showing his abs for the first time <3<3<3<3 (Here's another picture)

The costumes are based off of a set from one of the games, but they did so much original stuff with it - those hair falls <3 ahhhh they all look so good <3<3<3<3<3

. . . . . . . . . . . I'm seeing the 6th one tonight and I'm like. Dying. of excitement.

So, basically, this franchise looks like a regular boy band show, but like... besides that it's heavily influenced by 90's magical girl things, and more inclined towards BL shipping than reverse-harem things like the other idol shows... they also do these amazing fantasy/sci-fi things with it, and it's just... so amazing all the time. The cast are also just really cute and a lot of fun.

Also, the music is by vocaloid producers. So, this one's theme song is by Satsuki ga Tenkomori, and the 6th one's 4 songs are by Machigerita. The other ones were... all different producers, I think? I think Lunatic Party (the 4th one) were all by Machigerita, too.

edit: btw, the article's information about the previous plays isn't entirely accurate -

The first play was in April 2016, before the anime, and starred the two groups in separate “black” and “white” versions. (Gravi’s unit color is black and Procella’s image color is white; SolidS’ color is red and Quell’s is blue).
The second play ran in October 2016, in “sakura” and “moon” versions (alternating). Both versions featured all the characters, but the “Sakura” version focused on the Gravi middle pair (Arata and Aoi) and the “Moon” version focused on the Procella middle pair (Yoru and You). The story was about them all getting sent to an alternate universe where they are members of the Shinsengumi. It ties in to episode 4 of the anime and was announced with that episode.
The third play, Tri School Revolution, had Gravi and Procella in separate “ver.Black” and “ver.White” plays, in March 2017. ver.Black focused on the Gravi junior pair, and ver.White focused on the Procella senior pair.
After that, they performed a concert in Shanghai called Lunatic Live.

The fourth play, Lunatic Party (October 2017), did not have two separate versions. The one version focused on the Gravi senior pair and the Procella junior pair. The story involves them being sent to a magical world on Halloween with their pets.

The fifth stage play, Rabbits Kingdom (December 2017), featured an entirely AU story where the characters are royals in a world of animal-eared characters. It had “black” and “white” versions that told the same story from different perspectives.

In February and March 2018, they did a “Memorial Tour” concert series around Japan and with one international stop in Taiwan. This was the last run with the four members who graduated this year.
SQS episode 1, in May, featured separate “Red” and “Blue” versions that showed each groups’ perspectives of the same story.
Tsukipro Bunkasai 2018 in July featured the side story stage play “Natsuyumesai”, with ayakashi AU versions of Kai, Rui, and Ichiru and Issei (from Quell). The event also featured orchestra concerts, planetarium shows, and escape games. (trailer)

The 6th stage play, Kurenai Enishi, features separate “black” and “red” versions (Procella’s is “red” instead of white). The stories feature the same theme, of the characters being taken to a world of ayakashi and being brought into a war between two groups of tengu. The red and black versions have different stories from about halfway into them (according to the twitter). They feature You’s brothers, and other original characters < has been updated since your article.

The 7th one will have one side. It features a mostly comedic story about them saving Christmas from the dark computer world that’s encroaching on the fairy world. It will have a special “connect badge” element for audience participation, as well as an app that connects. < information. This looks really interesting and new, particularly in the anime/2.5D field.
SQS in between them will have separate blue and red versions and also features the ayakashi world.

. . . . . . . so, also, I just got back from seeing the first performance of Kurenai Enishi, and it's amazing. The dancing, the story, the stagecraft, all of it... way beyond what people expect from anime stage plays.
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