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NEWS: Hetalia World Stars Anime Confirms 4 More Returning Cast Members

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:08 pm Reply with quote
My titular icon has been revealed finally.

Still no word on how long this season will be. After Czechia and Slovakia were released during Jump Festa, I am more or less leaning towards 2-cour or longer now.

Given what is in World Stars, these characters are pretty certain for appearance unless they jump around with the adaptation or there is a corporate barrier: Belgium and Netherlands, Poland and Lithuania, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, Turkey and Greece, India, New Zealand.

I am on the fence about East Asia. HK/Macao and Taiwan had VAs and appearances before but were not in WS as much. Neither were Thailand and Vietnam, both of them have no VAs, but at least had appearances before. There is at least one new character from SEA now, but no debut in WS yet.

Ukraine and Belarus. They were not in WS as much.....

Probably no Luxemburg because he was introduced later and never got a VA or appearance for the first 6 seasons, he would have been introduced as a new character with the other three, so if he is in it would be a surprise or introduced later. Same thing with Moldova.

Estonia has the same VA as Prussia/Greece/Bulgaria, so this character is probably in.

Not sure about Romania and Bulgaria. They have a lot of appearances in WS and they have VAs as well as past appearances. But how far they are going to adapt WS? All 300+ chapters? Probably not. Which goes back to the how-long-the-season-is question.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:20 pm Reply with quote
Consider how long World Stars is going right now,I think we should at least see more than what we got in World Twinkle. I'm happy that they finally introduced Czech,Slovakia and Portugal,as well as a return of Australia. In the case of Romania and Bulgaria (and especially Romania),I hope that they make a comeback. Bulgaria appeared way back in Axis Powers so he should definitely reappear at some point.

My question is who they are going to replace as Greece if and when the dub comes out.
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