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9th Comic Exhibition, 2008 @ Taipei

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:51 pm Reply with quote
I expect this thread to be overshadowed by Otakon and the coming up NYAF, but gotta post it anyway... Anime catgrin + sweatdrop

Date: August 13-18, 2008

Location: Taipei Show Hall 2 (formerly Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2)

Events and special guests, followed by their role(s) in their representative title(s):

Mayu Shinjo, mangaka, Ai o Utau yori Ore ni Oborero! (manga licensed by Ever Glory)
Oyuki Konno + Reine Hibiki, novelist and illustrator, Maria Watches Over Us (novel licensed by Ching Win, manga licensed by Tong Li, and anime licensed by Muse)
Miyuki Ōbayashi, mangaka, Sakura Zensen (manga licensed by Sharp Point Press)

Rui Minakami, novelist, Gōka Kyakusen de Koi wa Hajimaru (novel licensed by Taiwan Tohan)
Isuna Hasekura + Jū Ayakura, novelist and illustrator, Spice and Wolf (novel and manga licensed by Kadokawa Media, anime licensed by Mighty Media)
Rei Kaibara, novelist, Ginban Kaleidoscope (novel licensed by Ching Win)

Neeko + Yukari Kokubun + Toshinobu Iida, all seiyū (Reborn + Tsunayoshi Sawada + Mukuro Rokudo, respectively), Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (anime licensed by Muse, manga licensed by Tong Li)
Kunio Okawara, mechanical designer, Gundam series (Gundam 00, the newest anime installment, is licensed by Top-Insight)
Kōji Kumeta, mangaka, Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei (manga licensed by Tong Li)

Ichiro Sakaki, novelist, Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica and The Magician's Academy (novels and manga licensed by Sharp Point Press)
Mayumi Tanaka, seiyū (Monkey D. Luffy), One Piece series (anime licensed by Muse, manga licensed by Tong Li)
Nagamu Nanaji, mangaka, Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi (manga licensed by Tong Li)

Thores Shibamoto, illustrator, Trinity Blood (novel licensed by Kadokawa Media, anime licensed by Proware)
Chan Kashinoki, mangaka, Kabushikigaisha Love-Cotton (manga licensed by Sharp Point Press)
Aya Kanno, mangaka, Otomen (manga licensed by Tong Li)

If there's an interview it *might* appear on the front page. If there isn't but a few questions then I'll post photo (if allowed) in this thread, which will be constantly updated throughout the following week.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:04 pm Reply with quote
Looks like this thread is indeed ignored... Anime catgrin + sweatdrop

The first event of Comic Exhibition 2008 is the autograph session of Mayu Shinjo, invited by Every Glory Publishing for Ai o Utau yori Ore ni Oborero! and its sequel Ai-Ore! Danshikō no Hime to Joshikō no Ōji. This is Shinjo-sensei's third visit to Taiwan, which she had mentioned on her blog. Originally Ai o Utau yori Ore ni Oborero! was serialized in Sho-Comi, but then Shinjo-sensei had some friction with Shogakukan (she supported Gash Bell's Raiku-sensei when the latter broke up with Shogakukan publicly), so she brought the story over to Kadokawa's Asuka and changed the title to Ai-Ore! Fortunately for Taiwanese fans, Ever Glory miraculously managed to keep it serializing in Candy (licensed Sho-Comi) and kept the continuity of the (translated) title.

Ever Glory has prepared blue roses (reflecting Blaue Rosen) for fans as gift for Shinjo-sensei.

Close up of a blue rose, laden with silver powder.

Carefully dressed Shinjo-sensei signed for her fans.

A fan displays the autograph with joy.

Autograph by Shinjo-sense on the public display area.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:50 am Reply with quote

The first guest(s) interviewed at Comic Exhibition 2008 were Oyuki Konno and Reine Hibiki, author and illustrator of novel Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us), respectively. The novel has been sold 5.3 million copies in Japan and has been adapted into manga, anime, and radio drama. The candidacies of the autograph session (required pre-ordering volumes 9 & 10 of the novel) were sold out in 6 minutes.

Q: Is this your first autograph session overseas? How do you feel now?

Oyuki Konno (K): Indeed, it is my first autograph session outside Japan. As a writer and work at home, it is rare for me to travel, not to mention going abroad. Taiwan is quite similar to Japan and most receptionists can speak Japanese, which make me feel like home.

Reine Hibiki (H): This is my first time traveling abroad; I applied my first passport for this purpose. My friends who had visited Taiwan told me that Taiwan is a place very similar to Japan – which is very true, so I'm no longer nervous now.

Q: A question to Konno-sensei: did you use any school in real world as a reference when designing Lillian Academy?

K: Nope, I didn't use any real world school, although I did use some personal experiences in all-girls high school and college. It's a pity that such soeur system does not exist in real world, or it would be very interesting.

Q: How did you design the uniform of Lillian Academy, Hibiki-sensei? Does its design have any specific connotation?

H: Actually Konno-sensei had described the format of the uniform in great detail with her text, and I just translated it into graphics as authentic as possible. However, the original design was quite loose, and the editor thought such design was not cute enough visually, so the final uniform was more fit to the body shape.

Q: Since you've been working in a bank as an office lady (OL) for seven years before becoming a full-time novelist, would you consider not using a campus – such as an office environment instead – as the background for your novel?

K: Because the story of MariMite was set to happen in an all-girl school, plus the target readers of Cobalt magazine (which MariMite serialized in) are student-aged young females, so there's no such plan using OL for the story.

Q: Please tell us the character most similar to yourself and you like the most.

K: Every character reflects part of my own personality, so they are all like me one way or another. My favorite? This is like asking a mother "who is your favorite child?" (Laughed)

H: Yoshino Shimazu – who has quite a temper – is my favorite, if I have to choose. As the story progresses, she will become more and more irritating. I also like Sei Sato's matriarch-like personality.

Q: How did you start collaborating and what was your first impression to each other?

K: I saw Hibiki-sensei's illustration works way before meeting her in person. Back then I thought, "How could someone draw people so beautifully?" As for the details of how we met for the first time: I honestly forgot.

H: Oh, come on! (Laughed)

K: Now we are like same-aged friends, although I'm much older.

H: At first I could only read text written by Konno-sensei. However, I remember clearly how we met for the first time: it was in autumn at a party held by Cobalt editorial department. When we started collaborating we seldom contact each other directly; the editor acted as the messenger. It was until quite recently had we started meeting face-to-face more often.

Q: Was Konno-sensei's profile photo (sorry, can't show it on the net – dormcat) taken with seiyu of the anime adaptation? Tell us how you feel about the anime adaptation.

H: My, you are really good at identifying that picture! Yes, it was indeed taken at Manatsu no Lillian Matsuri (Lillian Summer Festival) two years ago. Everyone was wearing yukata and very cute.

(Dormcat's note: although I can't disclose sensei's pictures on the net, Hitomi Nabatame (as Eriko Torii) and Haruna Ikezawa (as Yoshino Shimazu) had pictures of Manatsu no Lillian Matsuri two years ago on their personal blogs)

H (continued): Personally I don't think the anime adaptation has to be as close to the original as possible. For example, sometimes I feel the performance of a seiyu is somewhat different from my original design of the character. Since not everyone has enough time to finish the novels, the anime version acts as an important supplement and alternative. Furthermore, its colorful sceneries, background music, and voiced lines are not achievable through texts on paper.


Hostess of the autograph session cosplayed as Eriko Torii:

Sensei's autographs:

Yoko Mizuno (with special autograph board on her hands), Eriko Torii, and Sei Sato. Nobody expected the picture looks almost identical to Itoshiki Saigetsu (Kohen): Shocked Shocked Shocked

Maybe Maria-sama was watching us. Wink

And finally, my acrylic autograph board with sensei's signatures:

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