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Anime Expo 2004
Anime Expo Awards

by Christopher Macdonald,
Anime Expo 2004 Industry Awards
Best Film: Ex Driver The Movie
Best Film US Release: Sakura Wars: The Movie
Best Music US Release: FLCL
Best Manga US Release: Love Hina
Best Publication: Newtype USA
Best OVA US Release: Puni Puni Poemi
Best TV Show US Release: Inu Yasha
Best Company: Tokyopop
Best Booth: A.D. Vision, Inc.

AX2004 Masquerade Winners
Best of Show: #42 Rose of Versailles
1st Place: #54 Fake Meat!
2nd Place: #53 Autobot Productions
3rd Place: #38 Mecha Kucha Crossplay
Runner Up: #44 OCMA Demo Team
Best Expert Costumer: Cybele Arnaud of "Rose of Versailles"
Expert Runner Up: Sionna Klassen of "Four Leaf Cosplay"
Best Intermediate Costumer: Lindsey Dugar of "Blind Angel"
Intermediate Runner Up: Michael Parrett of "Shivering Sheep"
Best Novice Costumer: Noel Perry of "Sesshouinu"
Novice Runner Up: Adam David Pascual of "The Chibi Project" *
Best Group Presentation: #14 AGSMA
Group Presentation Runner Up: #26 Gomu Gomu No Cosplay
Best Individual Presentation: #16 Angel Sanctuary
Individual Presentation Runner Up: #10 Seto Kaiba
Best Group Craftsmanship: #1 Four Leaf Cosplay
Group Craftsmanship Runner Up: #43 iPlay
Best Individual Craftsmanship: #6 Radiant Smile
Individual Craftsmanship Runner Up: #36 Koyasu No Miko
Mr. Dosai Judge's Award: #18 3 Eggs and a Piece of Bacon
Mr. Jaffee Judge's Award: #28 Kame Mochi
Geneon Prize: #27 Reborn! on Mars
Best Video Game Costume: #49 A Perfect Cosplay
Video Game Costume Runner Up: #41 Hotsuma

A Fan's View has pictures of the masquerade winners here.

AX2004 Pop Shock Masquerade Winners
Pop Shock Favorite: Le Ciel Koze
Best Group Performance: Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
Best Group Costumes: Fun Fun Factory - Pop n Music
Best Individual Performance: Necromancer
Best Individual Presentation: Necromancer

AX2004 Anime Music Video Contest Winners
Best in Show: Football
Best Drama: Essence of the Heart
Best Comedy: Disney in D
Best Action/Adv: Rock and a Hard Place
Best AmTV: Personal Jesus

AX2004 AX Idol Winners
Best Song Talent: Stephanie Yanez performing "Ningyo Hime" from Chobits
Best Voice Acting Talent: Sydney Thornton Smith performing a scene from Rurouni Kenshin
Runner Up: Bennett Cousins performing a monologue
The two best talent winners will have the opportunity to audition for Bang Zoom! Entertainment

AX2004 Karaoke Contest Winners
Individual Awards Category:
First Place: Serena El-Farra
Second Place: Kaitlyn Robrock
Third Place: Mandy Andrew
Fourth Place: Randy Bautista
Fifth Place: Bernard Tang

Groups Awards Category:
First Place: Shadowflight (Sharon Mullin, Josh Mullin)
Second Place: Otaku in Crime (Marie Anello, Alie Gibbons, Trisha Hopkins, Alisha Matheson)
Third Place: Karaoke Without Honor or Humility (Dominic Nguyen, Danny Suthivarakom, Kimberly Fung)
Fourth Place: Mabudachi (Su Mon Han, Davina Bankole, Faizah Mohamed Anuar)
Fifth Place: Sabrina Zirakzadeh and Maaya Ogranovitch

Judge's Choice Awards:
Catherine St. Onge
Karaoke Without Honor or Humility
Caitlin Beam

Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Challenge Awards:
Elizabeth Morgan

Write-Your-Own-Lyrics Awards:
Dramatic Category: Cynthia Davila
Humor Category: Plastic Maniacs

AX2004 Art Show Modeling Contest Winners
Best Mechanical Kit: "G-Gundam" by Mitchell Lui
Best Character Kit: "Sol Badguy" by Jennie Magee
Best Character Custom: "Leviathan" by Alicia Holtz
Best of Show: "G-Gundam" by Mitchell Lui

* Please note: Patrick D. of "The Chibi Project" has informed ANN that they did not win this or any other prizes at the masquerade. This list is a copy of Anime Expo's official list and will be updated if and when they update theirs.

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