Sanrio's New Social Game Show By Rock!! Gets Animated Promo Video

posted on by Joanne Mertz
Sanrio differs from usual style in new music/character nurturing game

Sanrio has released a promotional video on the official website for its new social game, Show By Rock!!. The game is set to be released for iPhones at the end of May, and will be available in Apple's App Store. An Android version will also eventually be released.

On World Business Satellite, a television program on TV Tokyo, Sanrio's Chief Director of License Business Akito Sasaki commented at an expo that the reason for the game's artistic distance from Sanrio's usual style is because it will be geared toward young boys.

The application combines a music game with character nurturing; the player chooses from 30 different styles of bands with animal characters and can play more than 40 tunes from the start of the game. As the band grows, more songs are unlocked. The game also has special items that can be used and even boss battles.

Show By Rock!!'s tagline is "Gonna be a music millionaire!" The game's story is set in Tokyo: Midi City, a town where those who control music command everything, and where its inhabitants called Mumons form bands to play tunes. One of the playable band stories includes the cat girl in the promotional video, named Cyan, who dreams of creating the top band in the city. One day, she is invited by a strange corporation president to create a band called Plasmagica with a group of other animals. In order to grow to become the top band, Cyan and Plasmagica must battle all the bands of the music scene in Midi City.

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