Pro Wrestlers Show How You Can Pull Off Those Kemonomichi Moves

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Did you watch Kemono Michi: Rise Up and wonder how you to could pull off a German suplex? The anime's live-action counterpart is aiming to teach viewers Genzo's moves each week with the help of pros from DDT Pro Wrestling.

The first episode stars masked wrestler Super Sasadango Machine (Yoshihiro Sakai) performing a German suplex as seen in the anime's first episode. He's joined by female pro wrestler Yuka Sakazaki.

New videos will premiere every Wednesday.

Kemono Michi: Rise Up follows Genzo Shibata, better known as the great masked wrestler Animal Mask. Genzo is planning to retire after finally saving enough to open his dream pet shop. All of that gets derailed when in the middle of his final bout Genzo is summoned to another world to be a hero in a land overrun by dangerous demon beasts. He's confused at first, but when he realizes that the summoning princess wants him to kill animals, he knows what he has to do: get the hell out. After German suplexing the princess, Genzo heads out to live life on his own terms in this new world – and make friends with all the animals.

The series' opening theme "Tōkon! Kemono Mask" is performed by No B. No B appeared in a video to comment on the opening theme and said, "It's a hot-blooded song because I sang it with guts. It is a professional wrestling song after all."

The CD single will go on sale on October 23.

Source: Comic Natalie

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