Seven Seas Licenses Haganai and Mayo Chiki!

(LOS ANGELES, February 29, 2012) - Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce that it has added two hilarious comedy manga series to its 2012 line-up-the high school fandom comedy Haganai: I Have No Friends and the zany gender-bender Mayo Chiki!

Haganai: I Have No Friends (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, aka Haganai), by Yomi Hirasaka and Itachi, is a wild, offbeat comedy about social outcasts that spawned a popular Japanese anime TV series that was simulcast in the US in Fall 2011 and will be released on video in North America by Funimation.

Recent high school transfer student Hasegawa Kodaka is pathetically inept at making friends. Kodaka is an outcast, with his natural blonde hair which he inherited from his deceased English mother, and his unpleasant, fierce gaze. When he comes across the brash loner Mikazuki Yozorai, who typically chats with her imaginary friend, the two outsiders become the unlikeliest of allies. Realizing they have no hope of a normal social life, the two rejects decide to form a group called "The Neighbor's Club" in order to make friends and maybe even learn a thing or two about social skills.

Volume 1 of Haganai: I Have No Friends will hit store shelves in November 2012, with Volume 2 following in February 2013, with later volumes to follow.

Mayo Chiki!, by Hajime Asano and Niito, is a fan service-filled romp sure to please fans of wacky gender-benders like Kashimashi, rollicking harem comedies like Inukami!, and over-the-top high school romances such as Toradora!. Mayo Chiki! was adapted into a popular anime that aired on Japanese TV in summer 2011.

Kinjiro Sakamachi is a "normal" seventeen-year-old boy who happens to suffer from an abnormal fear of women, otherwise known as gynophobia. His phobia, which surfaces as an occasional nosebleed, has been kept more or less under control...until now. A fateful visit to the school bathroom turns Kinjiro's world upside down, as he discovers the dashing and popular Konoe Subaru is actually a girl!? What's worse, the principal's cruel and domineering daughter, Kanade Suzutsuki, has every reason to keep this secret from leaking out, and makes it her life's work to torment Kinjiro, while attempting to cure his gynophobia.

Volume 1 of Mayo Chiki! will come out at the end of the year in December 2012, with Volume 2 following in March 2013, with later volumes to follow.

About Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC
Established in 2004, Seven Seas Entertainment is devoted to producing original manga, comics, graphic novels, and youth literature, and bringing the best in Japanese and Korean licenses to North American audiences. The company's line-up includes such original manga properties as Amazing Agent Luna, Hollow Fields, and Vampire Cheerleaders; manga such as the New York Times Bestselling manga series A Certain Scientific Railgun, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and Toradora!; and the epic YA novel series Avalon: Web of Magic by Rachel Roberts. Seven Seas' website,, is a daily stop for thousands of visitors eager to read manga online and contribute to an ever-growing forum community. Seven Seas Entertainment is partnered with Tor/Macmillan and have collaborated on several series including Afro Samurai, Hayate X Blade, Inukami!, the Wicked City novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi, and Orson Scott Card's upcoming original manga series Laddertop.

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