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Your Top 10 / Worst 5 things. Why? (w/ index).

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 3:27 am Reply with quote
Kidder wrote:
oh lord I hope we don't start arguing about the definition of "anime".

Anime, n.
1. Japanese animation.

It's pretty much as simple as that.

A debate could be started about whether American shows with Japanese involvement/staff is anime, or vica verca (I think a thread was made about that quite a while back), but seeing as how The Boondocks had no Japanese involvement whatsoever (at least to my knowledge), there's not even an argument for it, and it is obviously not anime.

By the way, my least favorite kind of vegetable are apples. I mean, they're not even vegetables, and they suck! Jeez, they don't deserve to be vegetables! That's why they're my least favorite type of vegetables!
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 1:02 pm Reply with quote
frentymon wrote:
By the way, my least favorite kind of vegetable are apples. I mean, they're not even vegetables, and they suck! Jeez, they don't deserve to be vegetables! That's why they're my least favorite type of vegetables!

Are you kidding. The worst vegetable by far is starfruit, especially if they are out of season, the skin becomes to tough and sweet.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 6:17 pm Reply with quote
frentymon wrote:
A debate could be started about whether American shows with Japanese involvement/staff is anime, or vica verca (I think a thread was made about that quite a while back), but seeing as how The Boondocks had no Japanese involvement whatsoever (at least to my knowledge), there's not even an argument for it, and it is obviously not anime.
The boondock creator has said several times that a lot of anime did influence his decision on what kind of cartoon he wanted to make.

frentymon wrote:
By the way, my least favorite kind of vegetable are apples. I mean, they're not even vegetables, and they suck! Jeez, they don't deserve to be vegetables! That's why they're my least favorite type of vegetables!

The best ever. That is the best comparison ever for how anime is anime and how cartoons are cartoons. I nearly pissed myself with laughter, here ya go you get an Emmy. Present emmy, for best anime comparison.
yusuke1022 wrote:
well theres a lot of things i like about them but it would take 20 pages to say everything about all of them
Ok we'll all be waiting to read why you like your series after you finish writing all 20 pages.
Till next time,

Delta Kiral
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Shonen Bat

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 10:50 pm Reply with quote

1.Fullmetal Alchemist
At first I didn't like this series but after getting volume 1 and actually sitting down and watching it, I fell in love with it. Great characters, original story. This my friends IS what all true anime should be like.

2.Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Prehaps the freakiest anime yet. Which is one reason why I love it so much. The animation is intresting (I always judge anime on animation too). The girls are pretty cute too. Rena (The girl with the machette) creeps me out. She's made me more paranoid than I already am. Best new anime of 2006 in my opinion.

3.Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
Would be #2 if I never learned of Higurashi. Really funny anime. In my opinion it's the funniest. There's comedy, drama, pretty much every genre under the rainbow.

4.Cowboy Bebop
A true classic. Sometimes I even find myself singing along with The Real Folk Blues (I do this alot when I watch anime). Should be in anyone's collection.

Pretty scary and thought provoking. To me it actually seems alot more than just an anime. Good for a fan of horror series like me.

6.Paranoia Agent
Still a favorite. Excellent animation, cool characters (Especially Shounen Bat).
Not so scary anymore but still an awesome phsycolgical thriller.

7.Dragonball Z
Before anyone starts trouncing all over me let me explain why it's #7 as one of my favorites: Like many people this is the first anime I had seen. In Elementary school I always watched this when i got home. ALWAYS. It's also the show I've loved the longest, anime or not. Oh and Vegeta > Goku, not that this has anything to do with it I just like Vegeta the most.

8.One Piece(Not Dub Piece though)
I remember reading One Piece when I was in 6th grade (That's where I got into manga and anime) and I wasn't too intrested at first but when it got to the Don Krieg ark, I really started liking it. Now it's also one of my favorite mangas.

I haven't seen as much of the show as I have the manga but I still love it. I also like the dub a bit *Runs from gunshots from Narutards*. If you ignore Naruto's "BELIVE IT!" bulls**t and Sakura's "CHAA!" It's actually a pretty enjoyable dub.

10.Shaman King
Another series with an intresting artstyle. I like this anime because of the plot. For one it is actually an intresting plot with a few plot twists here and there like.
spoiler[ Hao and Yoh being related].

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yeah I like Yu-Gi-oh!. It's a guilty pleasure of mine)
Desert Punk (Or to the purists Sunabozu)
Baki the Grappler
Yuyu Hakusho
Hikaru no Go
Inuyasha (I'm not a big fan though I have the action figures)
Spiral Suri no Kizuna
Dragon Drive
Prince of Tennis
I hated this anime. It's not funny, Mink's irritating, and I didn't find ONE character worth liking. Pretty bad animation too. I don't even consider it anime.

2.Digimon Frontier
To be honest I kinda like Digimon (Especially season 3) but season 4 was horrible. It didn't even feel like Digimon, Takuya was a baka and an irritating lead character, and this time the KIDS BECOME DIGIMON?! Big whoop no one in their right mind cares. Takato > Takuya FYI.

3.Sonic X
This series wasn't too bad (The japanese version was great) but one thing 4kids should've done that they woulda gotten right for once is to have left the old voice actors for Sonic and co. instead of replace them with random people they pull in off the streets. Like I said not too bad. Cream irritated me with her voice however.

4.Crayon Shin Chan
Sorry to fans of this series but I didn't like this anime. The background was nice but the character designs didn't appeal to me.

5.Dragonball GT
A terrible followup to DBZ. I loved DB and DBZ but DBGT was just one series that just that isn't worth watching. The villians are all clones of previous villians like Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. A truly sad ending to an anime classic.

Duel Masters
Cyborg 009
.hack Sign (Sorry to anyone who likes this it was just too boring for me)
That's about it for what I like/dislike.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 11:23 pm Reply with quote
[Do not use tiny font. Standard text only. --Nagi]

Anime Top Best:

10) Remi Sans Famille: Childhood program, EXTREMELY SAD, and very realistic...An instant classic, not well known except in Quebec..

9) Gakuen Alice: I never thought it was this good Smile very cute and you get to like the main character(and feel bad for her for what she has to get trought!!)

8) Chrno Crusade: Rosette is one of the strongest females I saw in any anime, and Chrno...well he's cute! ^^ (which annoys people ...not me!!) Good plot, funny and a beautifull yet very sad ending (the saddest!!) Too bad people don't seem to appreciate to much this one...

7) X-TV: TV series NOT the movie!! I actually read the manga more than seeing the anime but it's alike (well the manga doesn't has an ending...too bad) Animation is excellent and you get attached to many characters (Sorata, Kamui) It has a very good story, solid, and beautifull drawings (manga, anime too) For me it's Clamp's masterpiece, but yeah, Sakura was better made.

6) Detective Conan: Intelligent and full of suspense. Conan is a cool kid, but I really wonder if this will have an end soon (manga) good as it is, I'm afraid this could be loosing popularity but let's hope not.

5) Elfen Lied: Uummm...well this is not my usual taste in anime (you know...a LOT of nudity and blood) but I have to admit it did surprise me in the good way. Don't skip this one, has interesting aspects on it...

4)Saint Seiya: CHAPTER HADES SANCTUARY: SUPERB ANIMATION, design, the cast..A BEAUTIFULL OPENING!! And the story is perfectly done...what more can Saint Seiya fans ask? The wait was worth it Smile
4)GENSHIKEN: Tied with Saint Seiya Hades...If you're a 100% otaku, don't miss this one, many of you will feel you're in that anime, and sometimes be ashame hah, but it's hilarious and very realistic, perfectly shows how the otaku world (in japan) is. WATCH THIS ONE YOU WON'T REGRET!!!

3) CardCaptor Sakura: The cutest anime ever! Sakura is unforgettable, Shaoran is adorable, but getting to the point, it has a great character development and the seiyus are excelent. One of Clamps finest works! A perfect introduction to anime.
3) Ranma 1/2: HILARIOUS!!!! LOVE RANMA!!!

2)MONSTER: I just finished this one...and all I can say is WOW!!!! and HOLY SHIT!!! JOHAN !!! WTF!!!!! Twisted Evil Even if it's 74 episode's long, IT'S DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!! It will have you in suspense from the beginning to end, the anime follows perfectly the manga (no fillers folks, everything is PERFECT here) characters you'll admire and hate, will die or live? who is good or bad? WHO THE F IS JOHAN?? .....Ouf! If you're considered an anime fan...and don't even try seeing Monster...let me tell you, you're missing one of the best animes ever made...and the best villain (creeepy...)

1)Full Metal Alchemist: Why was this so popular? Well, EVERYONE can enjoy this, even if it is shonen genre, which doesn't usually happen. Story is the best, Edward is the coolest shrimp on the planet Razz You laugh, cry, laugh some more, and you get very addicted and attached to not only the 2 brothers, but all the characters.
It's perfect, it has all you ever wanted in an anime and I enjoyed it a lot! The best part: No Fillers (Fiouf!!! I hate those!!) and if you're not satisfied with the ending, then enjoy the movie Smile

** Animes which are good but I didn't mention **
- All of Miyasaki's films: My opinion is that these goes to other categories, they're all classics, I love them and this list is more of series type. Grave of the fireflies is excelllent as well

- Dragonball/Z: I was lucky. I didn't watched the dub english version of DB but the mexican which is excellent. The dubbing in English was good too but had a lot of bad parts (music EEW!! and corny scripts) DB introduced me to the anime, I became OBSESSED with this, admired Goku (and still do!)Trunks Vegeta, and all the rest, followes the story, laughed and enjoy 100%....but now, I start to realize that yeah! Fights that were suppose to be 5 minutes were about 3 episodes .and the villains always had the same reasons for being bad, and...etc...YES!! There are better plots, animation and blablabla...BUT DRAGONBALL WAS THE MAIN INTRODUCTION TO ANIME!! And even if you hate it...Who doesn't know DB? This is the most popular anime of all time and will always be, and even if I don't dare rewatching all the 300 episodes or so of it, I'll always like and defend this one...Forever Dragonball 10/10!! Smile

Ok I'll spam a bit more with the 5 I hated:

5) Dragonball GT: yeah pathetic huh? After the speach I gave for Dragonball/Z I put GT wasn't Akira's Toriyama's masterpiece so it wasn't worth it. Bad Copy and could have ruined the classic. The End. Stick to the other ending and ignore this one.

4) Earth Girl Arjuna: Nieh! More like a science class to me....In this you can't even eat anything anymore because all is bad....I mean, the animation was excellent and I was looking forward to it...but it was just to much of blabla which didn't make sense at the end.

3) X the movie: Complete crap...OK sure, the ending was good, and the song Forever Love is my favourite...but the movie wasn't good compared to the manga. A bit dissapointment

2) Super Doll Lika Chan: Never found the plot in this one and never will. I wasted 30 minutes of my life and my tape.

1) DuelMasters, Beyblade, Ultimate Muscle and all that piece of crap which looks bad...and is bad!!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 2:01 am Reply with quote
weee first post
Top 5 or so

1. Berserk. First off the main character is just amazing. The things he's does in the show is awesome. The way they develop the story and show the growth of the hawks is great. Also like the fact that i can semi relate to and understand where and how some people react. Constant action and no lame episodes makes it a great anime

2. Hajime no Ippo. Not currently done with it, but damn.... show is awesome. Its impossible not to root for him. I like animes that dont need to bring in the super natural for it to be good. The fights are really well made and not too predictable. Characters in the show are cool too, which makes it harder to turn off on some episodes.

3. Cowboy Bebop. Character development here is key. Spike is one of the coolest characters in an anime IMO. Story also doesnt go how majority of the stories go/end and it makes it a nice change. It has great re watch value and you can pretty much just turn on an episode and enjoy it.

4. Gungrave- Enjoyed the fact that at the beginning, the action was just normal and that it could happen. Some of the twists in this story and the way they set up harry's character is cool. Using the mafia was also a interesting way to go and showing some of the things they do. JUst overall good show.

5. Fullmetal panic fummoffu? Show is soooo funny. The excessive things that Souske does is sooo funny. Him being oblivious to the world makes it so funny. Only thing thats bad is that you have to see FMP to understand fumoffu and fmp is pretty boring IMO.

bottem few

1. Chrno Crusade. didn't liek this anime at all. Thought the CHaracters were annoying and didn't like the plot. Felt the Basis of the anime was silly and the monsters they fought were just as bad.

2. Peacemaker- to be honest i went into this anime thinking i would see a lot of action and cool things that the shinsinhumi did. Very very disappointed by the lack of action. Couldnt stand tetsu either. Thought he was too much of a child and acted like an idiot throughout majority of the show.

too tired to think of anything else right now
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 1:15 am Reply with quote
Well, since I'm not at AnimeExpo Crying or Very sad, I'll throw a few things together that are on topic...

I think I posted 5 anime that I didn't like about 7-8 pages ago, but never got around to posting the ten favorites, so here they are:

#10 AIR TV
Gorgeous and fluid animation, moemoe characters, unconventional storytelling that's not afraid to take risks and challenge the viewer, memorable its core, it's a series that unabashedly plays to base emotions and piles on the pathos, but it does it so well. I'm an absolute sucker for sad/tearjerker anime, and AIR is one of the best in that category.

#9 Angelic Layer
Lovely CLAMP artwork for characters/backgrounds, cute main character, and leaves a smile on your face at the end of every episode. Well, aside from the ones that leave a few tears in your eyes Crying or Very sad AL is officially a shounen "I wanna be strong" anime with a tournament format, but it's really more about the characters and their relationships, particularly Misaki/her mother and various romances. The Angel fights get quite creative, and always leave you thinking, "What'll they come up with next? How's Misaki going to win this one?"

#8 Haibane Renmei
Champion of slow-paced, laidback anime with deep dramatic & emotional undertones. I call HR an "immersive fantasy" because you get to experience and explore the world along with Rakka, and the series doesn't pull the viewer out to explain everything. From the cute wing covers to the philosophy about sin/grace/redemption, HR sold me on the whole package.

#7 Elfen Lied
Scores points because it exceeded my expectations--I was expecting a standard gorefest, but instead got an anime that incorporated several genra (or maybe clichés) to be cute and comedic one minute, and plumb the depths of human violence and cruelty. While the story is short and not complete, the way the flashbacks/backstory were woven into the main plot led to unforgettable twelfth and thirteenth episodes for me.

#6 Love Hina
Guilty pleasure, yes, but it was the first anime I got into after Sailor Moon. LH is enjoyable on several levels: parody/comedy, ecchi/fanservice, and cute/romantic/dramatic. The comedy gives almost every episode something worthwhile (aside from #13, but that's because it parodies Japanese teen movies, which I'm unfamiliar with), and the Ken Akamatsu touch means that magic and mecha mayhem can break out at any time. However, it's the tender/dramatic parts that put LH above other harem anime for me (eps. 18, 20, 22, and 24, mainly).

#5 Cowboy Bebop
Succeeds in making a 26-episode series with roughly 7 episodes of plot Smile Stylish, fluid animation for fights and flights, with characters that you'd want to be like or at least hang around with. The series draws people in with flash and attitude, but by the time the main plot played out and all the backstories were filled in, I didn't want it to end--I wanted to have more and more adventures with the Bebop crew. I can also credit CB with getting me interested in anime, after watching Jupiter Jazz Pt. 2 taped off the air with my brother back in 2002.

#4 Fullmetal Alchemist
Another mainstream favorite. Just all-around high-quality animation and storytelling, with an appropriate epic length that really let me connect with the main characters. I like anime that mix genra effectively, and FMA has action, comedy, mystery, suspense, and drama (enough drama for the part of me that liked AIR, anyway) -- with a little more romance, FMA could have moved up a position or so. Very little filler, and the ending was "conclusive enough" and fitting for the series. I'll take deviation from manga to make a complete ending over following the manga and abruptly stopping any day.

#3 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (AKA "Rumbling Hearts")
Like AIR, KgNE appeals to base emotions, but I'm all about that. From the end of episode 2 through the end of the series, KgNE had me hooked in true soap-opera fashion. Non-linear storytelling + super-cute girls like Haruka + characters older than high school + mature portrayal of sex + some comedic relief = teh win. It also avoids many flaws of H-game anime by not focusing on too many girls or going the harem route, even though the lead male is a bit of a flake. While I didn't "like" the ending, it's an ending that I could accept and respect. Music and OP / ED are good too, and fit the moods to a T.

#2 Fruits Basket
Thanks to Sailor Moon getting me into anime, I like girly series more than most guys should Embarassed, and as shoujo anime, Fruits Basket is a spectacular rollercoaster, from cute/funny/energetic to sad/dark/depressing and everywhere in between. I appreciate that the animal transformations aren't just a "hook" for comedic hijinks; they serve as mirrors for the characters' emotions and the things they go through. Almost all of the zodiac characters are memorable in some way, either for happy or sad moments, which is tough to accomplish with so many characters and limited time. As if the show in general weren't good enough, certain episodes were outstanding, including 24-26 (a much better ending compared to other 26 episode anime based on long manga), and especially episode 8, which I consider to be one of the best-executed episodes I've seen in any series (story, visuals, music, & voice acting were top notch, in both languages). EDIT: *reads arxilius' post* *kills self* Laughing

#1 Scrapped Princess
The series from which I take my avatar. More than anything else, SP appeals to my love of "genre balance," and effectively mixes fantasy, action, sci-fi, mystery, comedy, drama, and a bit of romance. The character designs and personality made me want to see the series after five minutes' exposure (okay, I confess, it was really Pacifica's "hair springs" Laughing), and kept me emotionally invested in their fate the whole way through. The sword/magic/spoiler[mecha-esque] fights appealed to the action-lover in me, and there were plenty of dramatic moments, both sad and inspirational, for my "emotional junkie" side. The plot is full of surprises and "did they just do that?" moments, and the ending is nothing but satisfying and conclusive, no matter what your opinion on how things played out. Aside from all that, Scrapped Princess stands above most fantasy/action anime for not having a villain that is "Teh Eval Power" bent on senselessly destroying everything. It's two distinct sides, with politics, disputes, and grey areas, not black & white, good vs. evil -- both sides have legitimate claims that what they're doing is right. That's why SP gets my utmost respect for daring to broach philosophical and moral issues beyond the norms.

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Well, my top 5 anime are:

*Flame Of Recca
~Oh yeah, this anime is cool Cool . I like the part when Recca fight againts Neon, at the 3rd round of the tournament.

*D.N.Angel (tv)
~This one is my favorite. To be flying around with dark wings and thief art or something, that was great! Very Happy

*Yu YU Hakusho
~I can to watch this anime from begining until the end (except the fact that Yu YU Hakusho have 112 episode Shocked ) it was so fantasic!

~This anime is great too! transforming paper into weapon, I wish I have that ability to. Anyway, is hard to transform paper if we dont have a lot of paper/book, doesn't it? Confused

*Kyo Kara Maoh!
~What can I say, this anime is the best! Cool (for me), cast away to another world that full of demons and wars, and after that, become a king of the demon world, I totaly love this anime Very Happy !

I think this time I dont have anime that I dont like, after all I didn't wacth every anime in my TV. I only wacth the anime that I think good Wink . [/b]
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 8:36 pm Reply with quote
Top 10 Anime(in no particular order):

12 Kingdoms - When i started to watch this show it really didn't interest me. Yet, after watching more episodes I just became hooked to this series. I could not stop watching because of the great characters and strong story it had. The world was so amazing and well explained that it allowed me to enjoy it without asking too many questions. I just really enjoyed watching this series.

Planetes - This show is not just about garbage men in space. This show has a great story that has to deal with the politcal and ecomonic issues of space travel that most shows about space ignore. It also has strong and interesting characters that add to the enjoyment of this series.

Gunslinger Girl - The story in this show can really be depressing. Girls taken from society and given cybernetic enhancements to become assasins, losing memories and emotions and living their short lives killing others.... Yet, for the most part the girls are still girls and seeing the relationships between them and their handlers is quite touching. Yes... a beautiful and very touching series to the end.

Gungrave - This show has got great action, cool characters, beautful animation, and a great story. What else is there to say.... its just darn friggen good ok.

Cowboy Bebop - pretty musch the same reason as Gungrave.

Elfen Lied - Im pretty sure that everyone who saw this series had their jaw drop at least once. I mean this show was filled with so many suprising elements that i couldn't wait to watch the next episode and see what sick, twisted, gory, or just plain weird scene would happen next. It also had a nice relationship between nyu/lucy and that guy w/e his name was(he wasn't as memorable as lucy).

Fruits Basket - Every episode was just plain fun to watch. The comdey in this series never failed to make me laugh and it also had great characters to add to the comedy. I really enjoyed watching this series, almost too much.

FLCL - The best coming of age story I have ever seen in anime. This show was so wacky and yet it had some touching moments as well. The VAs were great and the music was also good. It also has Ninamori...

Last Exile - This is definately a great series. It has such beautiful animation and I really liked the characters. The battle scenes between the airships were splendid and the world was really well done.

Haruhi Suzumiya - I just finished this series recently and it definaltly deserves to be in anyone's top ten. The narraration from Kyon was a great aspect in this series that i really enjoyed. Especially when he was talking about Haruhi's optimism or wanting to see Mikuru change into the bunny costume and whatnot.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 11:12 pm Reply with quote
10 Favorites:

10) TIE BETWEEN Fullmetal Alchemist and Serial Experiments: Lain. FMA has a good plot and great characters, though it falls short when it tries to tackle philosophy. SE:L, on the other hand, deftly takes current philosophy, rapes it in every hole, make a few new ones, turns it inside out, and tells it that it's a twelve-year-old Taiwanese prostitute. In other words? It makes that philosophy it's own, while simultaneously twisting it beyond recognition. The characters are sometimes iffy, though.

9) Hellsing. Dark, gritty, and oh-so-badass. I loves it, even if the ending sucked.

8) Paranoia Agent. One of the most intelligent shows I've ever seen. It's also on the best drugs I've ever seen.

7) s-CRY-ed. I love these characters, and I love the action. Story was kind of throwaway, but... whatever.

6) Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor. Intelligent for a mecha show, and it contains thoroughly likeable characters. It's far enough up its own ass with meaning that it's funny in an ironic way. In general, a quality show.

5) Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~. It's so cute. So very, very cute. And awkward. The series is like one big cute awkward moment... kind of like the webcomic El Goonish Shive, actually...

4) Neon Genesis: Evangelion. It's perfect. I have nothing else to say.

3) Eureka seveN. I think the proper phrase is "OHEMGEE!!" The characters are so beyond likeable, it's not even funny. Renton is adorably awkward, Eureka is detached, yet cares deeply about a very limited number of things (the kids, Renton, the Nirvash Type ZERO), Holland is cynical, yet a solid leader... I could go on and on. Also: Best. Mecha. Ever. Surfing alone wins them the internets.

2) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I just finished watching this series today, and I must say, it's FANTASTIC. Romance, comedy, action, adventure... this series has it all, as well as the most human characters EVER.

1) Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. This series is intelligent, badass, and even (occasionally) funny, though that last bit is almost always due to the Tachikomas. It has an enthralling story, and the literature references (particularly the billions of refs to "The Catcher in the Rye" in the first season) had me squeeing with joy.

5 most hated:

5) Witch Hunter Robin. This show is stupid and evil. Bad story, cardboard characters, and disjointed scenes leave me wondering WHY I WASTED A BIT OF MY LIFE WATCHING IT.

4) The Rose of Versailles. Obviously an inspiration for Revolutionary Girl: Utena (a show that ALMOST made it onto my top 10; a year ago it would have been), this show makes the mistake of having a thoroughly unlikeable lead, and a story that feels like it was torn from Dickens (important note: I hate Charles Dickens' work). Shoddy at the very best, mostly unwatchable thought.

3) RahXephon. Boring characters, bad dialogue, poorly executed story, and the s--ttiest fight scenes ever combine to form this piece of fecal matter contained within a burning paper bag.

2) InuYasha. Scott Ramsoomair put it better than I could ever hope to.

1) Fruits Basket. Kill yourself if you like this giant turd of a series. The characters are retarded in a non-endearing way, the story is non-existant, and the animation is so cute it makes me want to vomit - and I voluntarily watched Cardcaptor Sakura. So f--k Fruits Basket, f--k it in it's big, stupid eyes.
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My 10 favorites:

10. Tie between Spirited Away and FLCL -- Spirited Away had a really interesting and fantastic story, coupled with the fact that Miyazaki is a genius who creates some of the most memorable and different characters. FLCL gets top marks for its WTF-factor, plus the animation is just so amazing it's sickening (but in a really good way)!

9. Rourouni Kenshin -- Now I'm still working my way through the TV series, but I can tell that I'm probably going to like the whole thing. Plus, I've heard a lot of good things about the OVAs (and yes, I know they're different from the series stylistically). I like the inherent message that a true mastery of sword technique (or any other combat technique, really) eventually leads one away from violence. Technically, I know I shouldn't rate RK pre-emptively, as it were, but I am. So there.

8. Gungrave -- I've never even seen the video game this is based on, but I don't think it really matters. There may have been a few pacing issues with this series, but the ending made up for any shortcomings. It's not just a monster/gangster show, the overarching theme is about choices, and how easy it is to wind up in a completely different situation than what you planned, despite all your best intentions. Should not be missed!

7. Bleach -- This series is kinda like potato chips - you know there are better things out there you should be eating, but once you have a few, you can't stop. I think part of the appeal is that there are sooo damn many characters in this story that there's bound to be one in there you like. And most of them have swords!

6. Kyou Kara Maou -- I only found this series by accident, on a Geneon preview somewhere, but I am so glad I did! Where else would I find a hero who literally gets flushed into an alternate universe? Not only is it one of the funniest things I've ever seen, but it also has a story with real heart. I haven't found anything else with as much power to make me laugh and cry during the same episode.

5. Trigun -- Okay, we're gettin' to the big guns now (pun only slightly intended). Trigun gets my vote here mostly because of the character of Vash himself (a gun-toting pacifist), but also because of Wolfwood (a cross-toting killer). Plus, this series has a wealth of interesting bad guys with cool names. I mean, come on, Legato Bluesummers?! That's just smex with words!

4. Samurai Champloo -- This is on my favorites list because Shinichiro Watanabe is the man, and no one else puts together samurais and hip-hop as well as he does. The quality of the animation declines a bit in the second season, but the story is top-notch. The changing relationships between the main characters is what really makes this anime special to me, though.

3. FMA -- Yeah, me and a million other people, right? I like the attempt this series makes at philosophical matters; even if it doesn't always hit the mark, it still makes some interesting points. Character-wise, Roy Mustang and co. were my favorites (though I secretly like Roy best because he's got a neverending supply of chewy, chewy angst!). The series left off on a bit of a cliffie, but most loose ends are tied up in the movie.

2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -- I know this title is in the middle of the hype-wars right now, but I still think it's great! I don't know how to adequately describe this show - when you look at the whole story, it's not that new plot-wise, but the way it's presented is totally new and fresh. The episodes aren't shown in chronological order, which gives you the initial, "WTF?" effect, but once you figure it out, it's nothing but fun! The animation is gorgeous, using real places as models; episode 12 (the band footage) has some of the most accurate animation I've ever seen! The music kicks a$$, too. But one of the best things to me is the deadpan voiceover of Kyon-kun's thoughts - the perfect foil to Haruhi's volatility!

1. Cowboy Bebop -- This is the show that got me back into anime, after a long hiatus. To me, this series is all about the interesting characters and how they develop throughout the show, although there are too many things that I love about CB to count. The music is awesome - Yoko Kanno's score is strong enough to stand on its own, but when you add it to the action, it becomes absolutely amazing and unexpected at times. The plot is well thought out with tons of backstory, though the writers also know enough to not spell everything out for you. This is one of the few shows I've seen where the writers realize that what isn't said can be just as important as what is. The animation and cinematography is movie quality (especially ep. 5, Ballad of Fallen Angels). Then, of course, there's Spike. I know it's been said already, but Spike is the epitome of cool. He just is. And that makes the end of the series have even more impact and importance (and makes you realize the greatness of Shinichiro Watanabe). The characters you meet at the beginning of Cowboy Bebop aren't the same people they are at the end. And by this point, neither are you.

**phew!** Wow, that was long! Now, on to the next part!
My 5 least favorite:

5. Wolf's Rain -- Okay, this wasn't that bad really, but I did get realllly annoyed by the four filler episodes in a row! I mean, come on, if you need some time just take a hiatus, we'll understand! But no, instead they show us the same story four different times, from only slightly different perspectives. Otherwise, I didn't think this series was too bad, though it does fall into my "Apocalypse Anime" category, and not just because it actually does deal with the end of the world. I'll explain further - see Gilgamesh.

4. Yu Yu Hakusho -- I know this is petty and shallow, but I couldn't watch this series because of Urameshi's hair. And that one guy's Hammer pants. And the really bad 80's theme music. I know a lot of people consider this to be one of their favorites, and I apologize, but I just can't watch it. Meh.

3. Macross Plus -- Again, the character design on this was just...weird. I couldn't watch it without cringing. Which isn't to say that the other background stuff wasn't amazing - which it was, especially given when it was made - but there were too many main characters running around in front of it. And I was kinda over the whole Top Gun storyline. The music was really good, though (Yoko Kanno strikes again!).

2. Gilgamesh -- I bought this one because it looked really different stylistically, and I thought everything was going well until I got to the end. Once there, it turned into a perfect example of spoiler[killing everyone off at the end because we've left too many loose ends and don't know what else to do.] Hence, it also goes into my "Apocalypse Anime" category, where it will stay indefinitely.

1. Naruto -- Before all of Naruto-fandom comes clamoring for my head, let me explain. I've watched several episodes of Naruto. Almost 40, to be precise. The plot itself is entertaining, and the characters look interesting -- why then is it my #1 least favorite anime? BECAUSE IT TAKES 10 FREAKIN' EPISODES TO GET THROUGH ONE BATTLE, AND THEY CAN'T STOP WITH THE FLASHBACKS AND COMMENTARY!!! You know, it IS possible to make a reference to an earlier event without actually showing it again! And you don't need to explain every single jutsu in such painstaking detail! Seriously, if this show went any slower, it'd be going backwards! Maybe that's what pisses me off the most about this show -- it's got potential, but they absolutely kill it with the pacing.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 10:53 pm Reply with quote
Oh, also, please note that my omission of Dragonball Z on my least favorite list should not be construed as appreciation of it. Rather, I do not view it as anime. I view it as a test for the onset of Down's Syndrome later in life. If you watch the whole thing, then, well, you deserve one of these.
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Arxilius wrote:
Oh, also, please note that my omission of Dragonball Z on my least favorite list should not be construed as appreciation of it. Rather, I do not view it as anime. I view it as a test for the onset of Down's Syndrome later in life. If you watch the whole thing, then, well, you deserve one of these.
I don't know, I always thought it was a great way to unwind after class. And yes I had some late classes. It was almost a ritual for me and my buds and budets. Wink

So I guess I am retarded and wasted a lot of money then huh.
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Dargonxtc wrote:
So I guess I am retarded and wasted a lot of money then huh.

That makes two of us. I never thought the DBZ series was a superior product, but it was entertaining and since it was something several people enjoyed it was fun to watch in groups.

Gotta go, I need to go out and commit suicide for enjoying Fruits Basket. Stupid me, enjoying anime that is entertaining, what the hell was I doing with my life?
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Just marathoned Mai-Otome, and it was alot better than I expected. Maybe because I had low expectation due to how much I liked last part of Mai-Hime (minus episode 26, damn miracle button). Regardless, this is a very good show on its own merit.

The characters may appear generic at first, but their actions and response make them more unique, so it wasnt bad. Plus their personality fit as a whole, so they were really likable.

Another thing that was really well done that many other anime fail at is the pacing of the story. There was only one conflict in the anime, so there was time to develop it well. Also, even though there is only one conflict, it did not feel dragged out. Episodes were very well spaced out, which was an improvement from Mai-Hime, where the first arc ended on too much of a rush.

Production quality is mostly fairly nice too, but thats expected. And the ending was very appropriate in my opinion. It is a true second chance. It may not be all happy, but it fits perfectly.

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