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NHK Program's Sword Train Anime Short MV is Mind-Boggling

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

After surviving 12 episodes of Pop Team Epic, there seemed to be little that animation could do to confuse me. In walks NHK, ready to take up Bob Team Epic's torch during its Biju Tune! program. The program airs animated segments set to music and inspired by classical artwork.

Tuesday's segment looked at Tokyo National Museum's sword collection, specifically the Mikazuki Munechika sword. Anime fans might be familiar with the blade thanks to its characterization in the Tōken Ranbu video game and anime franchise. Biju Tune! wasn't interested in rehashing the same old anthropomorphization gimmick. Besides, the curved blade didn't invoke the image of a man to creator Ryō Inoue, in his eyes it more closely resembled the shape of a bullet train.

Click here to view the video

The "Mikazuki Munechika Limited Express" segment stars an office lady that boards the ultra-fast night train that can travel to Jakarta and back in a single evening. The train is also a giant sword and it's literally on call. Riders need only pick up a phone to summon the train and take a ride in its comfortable seats.

So bouncy

While on the train, riders meet all kinds of artistic passengers that I can't even attempt to identify.

Biju Tune! is helmed by Ryō Inoue who created the animation, lyrics, and music for the shorts. His other works are just as unique, including a three-minute promotional anime for Nara city.

[Via Nijimen]

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