Viz Announces DVD Releases Aimed at 2003 Holiday Season

VIZ Announces DVD Releases Aimed at 2003 Holiday Season

Limited and special edition box sets for Ranma ½, Inuyasha, Maison Ikkoku and Ceres set the tone for the season of giving.

San Francisco, Calif, December 9, 2003 – VIZ, LLC, one of the leading publishers and distributors of manga comics and anime content for North American audiences, has announced a bevy of new DVD releases just in time for the 2003 holiday season. These include an Inuyasha Special Limited Edition DVD set that will be limited to only 15,000 copies, the final Ranma ½ boxed set, a Maison Ikkoku second season DVD boxed set, and two volumes of a special Ceres Collectors' Edition DVD.

“We are pleased to announce this selection of anime titles for the 2003 holiday season,” states Anthony Jiwa, DVD and Video Product Manager for VIZ. “Female manga and anime creators are becoming an increasingly influential force and are disproving the myth that the genre is only for boys. Rumiko Takahashi and Yu Watase are at the pinnacle of this movement, and we are privileged to make some of their most recognized work available in limited and special edition boxed sets that are filled with extras, unavailable anywhere else. The holidays are a season for giving and what better thing to give fans – both new and old alike – than the gift of anime.”

• The Inuyasha Special Limited Edition DVD set is sure to become a sought after collector's item and includes 3 DVDs (first 9 episodes of the series), a 2004 Inuyasha calendar (not available in stores), an Inuyasha mini-poster, and other extras an Inuyasha collector card, a character glossary card and a display case. Suggested retail price is $49.98 (USD).

• The Inuyasha Action Pack includes two graphic novels (vols. 1 and 2), a DVD (vol. 1 with 3 episodes), and a mini-poster in a display case. The set will be offered exclusively by Borders/Waldenbooks through the holiday season. At the start of 2004 it will then be offered through all main channels and retailers. Suggested retail price is $39.98 (USD).

• The Ranma ½: Ranma Forever box set includes all 25 episodes from the final season of Ranma ½ and a plethora of extras, including footage from the “Farewell to Ranma Party” held at the 2003 Anime Expo, as well as interviews with the voice talent from the series. Suggested retail price is $119.98 (USD).

• Maison Ikkoku, from Rumiko Takahashi, has been re-mastered and released on DVD. The series, which ran ninety-six episodes and aired from 1986 to 1988 is a romantic comedy revolving around the life of a hapless student named Yusaku Godai and his relations with Kyoko Otonashi, the beautiful female manager of his apartment complex, called Ikkoku-kan. The Maison Ikkoku boxed edition from VIZ summarizes the second season and includes 12 episodes. Suggested retail price is $49.98.

Ayashi no Ceres from Yu Watase, creator of Fushigi Yugi, is a beautifully drawn anime and manga series. Ceres originally appeared in Shogakukan's Shôjo Flower Comics and blends romantic drama with Japanese mythology into a truly captivating tale of love and the supernatural.

• Ceres Collector's Edition: Reincarnation (vol. 1) features an exclusive sleeve design by Yu Watase, part one of never before seen interview with Watase, character profiles and line drawings. Suggested retail price is $49.98.

• Ceres Collectors' Edition: Ascension (vol. 2) also features an exclusive sleeve design by Watase, part two of the exclusive interview, character profiles and line drawings. Suggested retail price is $49.98.

About VIZ, LLC
The leading U.S. publisher of Japanese animation and comics (anime and
manga) for English-speaking audiences, VIZ serves a growing market of dedicated fans of all ages. Founded in 1986, VIZ publishes over 20 titles every month including GUNDAM, DRAGON BALL Z, INU YUSHA and RANMA ½.

Based in San Francisco, California, VIZ is one of the top five comic publishers in the United States. Through partnerships with Shogakukan, Inc. and Shueisha, Inc., Japan's two biggest publishers, VIZ gives fans some of the most innovative titles in the industry including anime titles like HAMTARO, INUYASHA and RANMA ½, and magazines like ANIMERICA and SHONEN JUMP.

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