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Your Top 10 / Worst 5 things. Why? (w/ index).

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 4:53 pm Reply with quote
[Once again, someone explains their favorites, but not their least favorites. Once again, I wipe out someone's post. This will continue until you people get it right. --Nagi]
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 12:40 am Reply with quote
Okay... to start off.
Top 10 starting with 10 ending in 1.

#10 -Dragon Ball Z: I know that alot of people think this anime is a waste of time, but I don't Maybe that's because I saw most of the whole series at a younger age, along with Dragon ball. I thought all the fighting was cool and it really intrested me to know what would happen next. I am currently watching what I missed from when I was little, and it still has the sparke that makes me want to keep watching.

#9 -Ghost in the shell SAC: Okay I'm currently somewhere in the middle of this series and its used to confuse me and all. But now i know what it means to be like spoiler[ cyberized and use cyber chat] I also like it because it takes place in the future and it has a great plot

#8 -CowBoy BeBop: Okay this was really cool. I like how they were like in space and stuff. I saw almost all this series. This i would recommend to anyone. But my favorite part of all was Ein spoiler[ Ein was the coolest data dog and he ate spagetti!!]

#7 -Paranoia Agent: Okay I saw all of this series and it was really sad. I know this confuses most people and they wind up having to watch it a few times but I was able to figure it out the first time. I didn't figure it out until the last episode when spoiler[they were almost attacked by the blob thing] and then i knew it all. I was like duuh. If you dont like anime that is sad you shouldn't watch it. Its not like boo hoo sad its a "poor girl" kinda sad. Its hard to explain.

#6 -Eureka Seven: This is a great series. even though Renton is a little whiney it has a good moral. I like how they set up the show and how it was mecha based. This series is a must watch. If you can tolerate whiney from someone for a bit and screaming and mecha foghts youll be good.

#5 -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimya: OMG this was the best!!!! I loved how they used futuristic backrounds and based it into a normal day. This is about how a girl beleives in aliens, time travelers, and I dont remember the other thing.... and she spoiler[ creates a club with the boy she falls in love with] this isn't a series thats sad.. you just wish it was longer because there is only 14 eps.

#4 -Naruto: Don't Freak out becuse I like Naruto. I actually didn't mind the fillers and the length. I am currently watching the CN version so I'm not very far in the series even after watching forever. I like that it has a shounen story line and that they have longer battles. If battles were only like one episode that would make the boring and not displayed to the fullest. The only thig I don't like is "Beleive It!" It is very annoying... He hasn't said that in a while though... I hope I'm not Jynxing my self -_-

#3 -InuYasha: Okay kinda like Naruto. I actually like longer Anime. If it's like 13 episodes it makes me want more but there isn't any. I only have 11 more episodes and I'm done. this is the kind of series you have set back in the past and it points out the obvius some times.

#2 - Full Metal Alchemist: Im in this series some where I don't know where. I can't choose between this one and #1 but this is great. I love how the Elric brothers have so much love for each other and they live their lif on the edge. It's very sad at times though. I can't wait to see whats next!!

#1 - S-CRY-ED: This is so awsome. Im not sure what time it was set in but the whole moral of this was great. I saw that the last episode spoiler[ was just a way to make one more episode, it was pretty crappy] The power and fighting in this was great and i cried during this series about 5 times it was so touching and I wanted it to not stop, but if they made more it would be bad. I can't really explain it.

Okay... That took a while

5 worst.

1- Shin Chan. This is very stupid. I saw all the previews and I knew it was going to be dumb. I was like Okay I'll give it a chance. I watched it for a few minutes and I was like psssht, and turned it off.
2- Pokemon. When I was seven I was like Wooo Pokemon.. But now, no. they ruined it. They changed it too much and added way too much. I may like long Anime but this i horrible.
3- Yugi-Oh. Same as Pokemon. They just went too far with it. It should have ended I mean the original series was pretty good and all. The worst thing about the new series is that YUGI ISNT EVEN IN IT. How can you have Yugi-Oh with out Yugi That makes no sense. I hate it.
4- BoBoBoBo w/e. No point. Senseless fighting. Stupid.
5- One Peice. It's opening is horrible and makes it look bad. And it has a bad concept. The end.

Phew. That was alot of typing!
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 9:47 pm Reply with quote
Aight here’s my top 10

1. Wolf’s Rain: This isn’t the first anime I’ve seen but it was the first one that really made me go oh my god I want to watch more anime. It had such a deep effect on me. Between the story and music…wow. Yako Kanno is #1. The struggle to find paradise amongst a post-apocalyptic world really hit me hard. I really connected to that part of the story, as the two times I’ve watched this I was going through things that related to those feelings. The ending was incredible, I can't say enough about the story and how it grabs a hold of you. For those who nay say it, they prob did not establish a personal connection with the story and the characters feelings.

2. Escaflowne: This just sent me on cloud 9. It takes you to another world not only with the setting and the story but the music as well. I love Gregorian chant. Mechs in a medieval setting…come on. The journey you go on with this one, with a new plot line every 2-3 episodes that builds off old plot lines, makes this 26 episode anime seem like it was 50 episodes. Awe inspiring a true classic. FANTASY at it’s best.

3. Hmm…this is where it gets complicated. RahXephon. This might have the best story bar none. This could be #1 for me but the other two came first and the music doesn’t match up as good. Prob the best ending of any anime ever. The twist right at the end really really struck a deep chord with me. The ending stayed with me for weeks. I could really relate to the love story through personal experience. I have lived in the same areas multiple times spanning many years.

4. Well the personal connect with the love story brings me to #4. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. I could not sleep after I watched this. I connected with various aspects of all three main characters, having experienced similar things. That made this very deep and very real anime extremely real to me. The story is incredible and so are the characters. You gotta love the blonde waitress too. As you can tell I love uber dramatic, romantic and telling animes.

5. Full Metal Panic. All three of em. There is not an anime that combines so many elements of story, action, romance and comedy as well as this one. I’d find it hard to believe someone not finding something to enjoy about this series. There are parts of this that move you whether it be romance, destiny, the past, war stories and other parts that will leave you laughing your ass off. This has enough room left to do another 12-13 episode series.

6. Suzuka. This is only sports related I have seen and prob ever will. Another love story I could connect with on various levels. Also the sad piano solo that plays at times is incredible. Parts of this were very moving, but you always felt like there was hope for everyone. The male lead actually seemed had some intelligence and displayed lots of behavior that was very realistic for the situation he was in.

7. Elfen Lied. This was insane. Love the intro, they have a version with chant as the vocals also. The best part about this anime was they justified Lucy being the way she was. It made the whole series come together and feel very real instead of just blood and drama. There was just something about the way the story was told and presented…it sucked you in. Everything had a deeper meaning and you felt the mess of emotions hidden beneath the exteriors of all the characters.

8. Onegai Teacher. WOW, I wanted to shut my eyes at some of the embarrassing parts but I wanted to keep them open at the same time. Has to be one of the funniest animes I have ever seen, along with a romance that is nothing short unforgettable. A superb combo of comedy and romance. Very unique in my opinion, and exceeded my expectations.

9. Great Teacher Onizuka. This was friggin awesome. Sad it ended so soon. There was so much more to happen in this and it just ended. Onizuka is friggin awesome. The FACE, haha way too much. All of the plotlines and subplots were brilliant. Who comes up with this stuff anyways? The lil bit of romance in this is icing on the cake. Def slice of life at its best while still being very enjoyable to watch.

10. Gundam Seed/Destiny. AMAZING. The tale of friendship is amazing and gut wrenching at times. The love stories add a nice twist. Animation is incredible. 100 episodes never seemed so short or flew by so quickly. Very enjoyable to watch all the way around. This is my favorite gundam of all time because of how the story stresses the relationships between the characters. It spends lots of times really developing these relationships while intertwining them with all of the story plots lines.

Honorable Mention in no particular order: Ghost in the Shell SAC, Samurai Champloo, Green Green, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzmiya, Ah! My Goddess, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, Full Metal Alchemist

Worst Anime:

Excel Saga: I just couldn’t take it, I like Monty Python and Mel Brooks too. It was just too much for. Funny at times, but other than that oh my god too much.

Big O: Watched it a couple of times, just bored me to death. Did not like the whole feel of it. Characters seemed very bland and one dimensional for no apparent reason.

Bakuretsu Tenshi: The lead character was just too cool and too badass for me. The contrast between the characters and their attitudes just did not mesh well. Watched the first few episodes and that was it.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 12:44 am Reply with quote
10. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
I know it just finished, but damn was it a fantasticly twisted show. A thrilling story, multiple plot lines, weird multiple realities, and murderous grade schoolers. Very few shows can combine two very different genres with such great results. If you haven't seen it watch it.
9. Perfect Blue
An erotic thriller if there ever was one. Though to westerners many anime shows are considered "mature" this is one of the few that has a truely mature story. The twisting plot coupled with the surreal imagery make for a great movie, and a nice surprise ending.
Everyone likes Trigun, its cute, its funny, and its action packed. Vash is easily one of the most likeable main characters. Very fun show, I enjoyed watching it, what more can I say.
7.Now and Then here and There
One of the most disturbing shows out there. And probably one of the most underrated. If you can stomach kids being torchered and made as slaves, watch it. I did and it really stuck with me.
6.Spirited Away
I could easily substitute any other Miyazake film, but because this was my favorite I decided to place it on my list. Behind the magic and fantasy is a story about growing up, and one told with such finesse and care, that it is unmistakably a Miyazake film.
5.Haibane Renmei
Another show that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Haibane Renmei combines the appeal of a slice of life show with Yoshitoshi Abe's deep methodical musings on life. What the show exactly means, I'm not sure, but guessing is half the fun.
The show isn't even over and I'm 100% in love with it. The only anime I have ever seen that can be called sexy. It's stylish animation is an immediate eyecatcher, and the plot and characters are deeper than I could have guessed. I want everyone to watch this show because I know the art style will be off putting to alot of people, but the show is truely a masterpeice, unless it has a horrible ending, which i highly doubt. (If it does, put FLCL in its place)
3.Grave of the Fireflies
How much can I say about a movie that completely destroys you? Undoubtedly one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen, anime or otherwise, Grave of the Fireflies will make you cry.
Killer animation and based on one of the greatest novels ever. There's too much I like about Gankutsuou to write, but I can definitely say this is one of my favorite shows. Even if the plot was terrible the show is a work of art.
1. Cowboy Bebop
In my opinion, the greatest anime ever. A 26 episode plunge into a future full of glamour, cowboys, space dog fights, jazz, and corruption. All playing to an amazing jazz soundtrack. No other show can match CB's style or storytelling. A yet unmatched dub, and without a doubt the most stylish show. If you took everything you considered cool and threw it in a blender your result would be Cowboy Bebop.

Honorable mentions: FLCL, MoHS, Elfen Lied, Princess Arete, Mindgame

5. Spriggan
I have no idea what the hell went on in this movie, but besides pretty action, it was horrible.
4.Yu Gi Oh
I know I shouldn't pick on these shonen titles but I cant help myself, theyre awful. Another long show, that's aimed for young kids. I'll give it credit for having a unique art style.
3. Ninja Ressurection
Ungodly awful
enough said
It just bored me, I dont know why, but I stopped watching after 5 episodes. Something about the show just put me off, maybe the horrible rap opening.
The 1 show I hate the most, for managing to span nearly 200 episodes and still not get anywhere. The cut and paste storyline goes like this: ______ a rowdy young boy wants to train hard to become a master _______, with his friends ______ and ________ he journies around fighting evil. after 300+ episodes and 10 movies _____ finally becomes a master _______. The end, feel free to put it Ash, Goku, Naruto, or any other shounen character. I'm glad it gets people into anime, but there are much better shows that can get people interested.
And I hope I offended some fanboys (its always fun)
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:24 am Reply with quote
To be honest, it's really hard to list my best 10, so I will just call out these 10 I like:

-Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
a well made school based anime, really fun to watch. Graphic is great, movement is great and story is also great.

the life of japanese otakus. it's always fun to know a little everyday life of those japanese animation lovers.

-Neon Genesis Evangelion

-Eureka 7
I liked the fighting in this animaion and story was pt good, except the ending is a little draging cause they want 50ep no matter what, and all musics was sucks

-Most of the Gundam series like Seed(not Des), X, 08 MS team and all
I'm a big fan of Gundam, so that's y I like them,

-Full Metal Alchemist
nice ending + nice story, I just likes it. (but those OPs were really bad)

-Most of the anime made by Hayao Miyazaki
well, what can I say... Master pieces, you really don't wantna miss them. there has total 16 of them.

-Scrapped Princess
I just thougnt is one is quite interesting

2 worst:
I'm a Chinese guy, that's y I really really hate this one, I mean Y don't those japanese dude draw their own history and change evey guy in it to female. And how did all those Chinese dude in history reborn on that japanese Island?!?!

Gundam Seed Destiny
I'm not saying this one is all bad, I like the music and the graphics. But the story is really bad, I mean the first half is pt much same as seed, and the main character is not the main character any more after the first half. In my view, they really shouldn't make Destiny, it's making seed looks bad.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:33 am Reply with quote
My Top 10:

Full Metal Alchemist: I would have to say this is my top series. I thought all the characters came across well. They did a good job of sprinkling the back-story as they went along, while the action ebbed and flowed nicely throughout. The movie also added to the story.

Princess Mononoke: Tough call, but I would have to say this ranked as my top movie overall. Animation was very fluid while the story was top notch. Both the English language version and the Japanese were well done.

Cowboy Bebop: The animation and music were outstanding, while the main plot point throughout added a great amount of depth to Spike. The other supporting characters all came across as deep and flawed. Some of the best episodes were stand alone stories which didn't pertain to the main plot line, but added more flavour to the series.

Jin-Ron: The Wolf Brigade: A dark alternative future story revolving around post WW2 Japan. Brooding characters with motivations that one can relate to. More of a realistic take on the animation, which helps to ground it in reality. An excellent story.

Tokyo Godfathers: The side of Japan that many never see. Involving characters who each has their own reason for having chosen life on the streets over the life they had before. A bit of the 3 wise men story mixed with the odd-couple. Beautifully done.

Full Metal Panic: I have seen the first 2 story arcs and both have been excellent. The middle arch, of three, taking a much more comical approach, though never taking away from the serious side of the end cap arcs. Beautiful animation and good plot pacing make this a must see. Looking forward to the 3rd arch, which I have just received.

Scrapped Princess: I have read two reviews on this series, and both made excellent points. One pointed the plot twist, spoiler[Ala “The Matrix”] and the other that this anime has no characters which come across as annoying. The plot twists help to keep you guessing as the story winds down, while the animation, music, and acting/writing come across as genuine.

Gunbuster: I had this anime recommended to me a while ago. Though short in length, this turned out to be a surprisingly solid series. The ending was incredible, while the plot line of faster than light travel leaving the main characters young, while those they caring about growing old and then dieing came across as very heart warming. The sequel, while not as good as the original, had an excellent ending, which for me at least tied many items from the second series over to the first, and also made the ending to the first that much more enjoyable. If you have seen both series, you will know what I mean.

Voices of a Distant Star: The love story in this anime is first and foremost to anything else. While the animation is great, the music as well, the mecha fight scenes are almost secondary. Love lost but not lost, love over the distance of both space and time come across as very powerful. I was left wanting more at the end.

Spirited Away: Disney distributed this, along with many other anime releases in recent years. They should take a hard look at what they have been doing, aside from Pixar, and take a clue from Japan to see how an animated film should be constructed. The movie is a great adventure, full of imagination and wonder. It also is one of the best, for all ages fair I have seen in some time.

Honourable Mention:
Trigun: Good humour while maintaining a serious undertone.
Blood: The Last Vampire: One of the better Vampire tales out there. Animation was top notch.
Read or Die: A fun romp, which made good use of the action genre and turned it on its ear.
Whisper of the Heart: A bit abrupt on the ending, though an excellent story on the finding of true love.

Overrated: Neon Genesis EvangelionSorry to say, this gets more props than it should. I am not knocking it on a whole, but I can’t see why people fall all over this. The characters come across as whiny and tended to grate on me. The original ending to the series was out of left field, though that shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a bad thing. I also felt it got a bit repetitious. Now on the good side, the main plot line was solid, which some excellent animation and some of the best mecha design to have come out. A solid series, though just not something that would rate as high for me as it does for others.

Bottom Five:

Fist if the North Star: Many credit this with being the movie that brought Anime to the States. If this is the case, no wonder anime took forever to catch on here. While the animation is a bit dated, the story is the true killer here. You never feel for the main character, and feel the ending is already known, right after meeting him for the first time. I don’t mind violence, but this would seem to be one of those cases where violence was used for violence sake and not to further the story.

Ninja Resurrection: Another anime that used violence instead of making it a part of the plot. The story was poorly constructed and seemed to be a cheep grab at what made Ninja Scroll such a good movie.

Wrath of the Ninja: Another over the top violence fest which was trying to recapture the success of Ninja Scroll with minimal results.

Kite: I actually like the idea for the story, but the execution was lacking. The sex is what jumps out at you, and while it adds to the abuses that the main character may or may not have been subjected to, it really seems to be gratuitous.

Spriggan: It has been a long time since I have seen this, but I was unimpressed. Many of you seem to really like it, so perhaps I should give it a second viewing.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 1:17 am Reply with quote
*Please bear with my English. I'm not as good as you guys here. Embarassed I don't speak... well... American English hehehe... maybe Asian English? Because I'm from Asia... (guess where)

My Top Ten Favorites: Anime smallmouth

1. Inuyasha

Probably, the reason why I became immediately attached to this show was because of the array of characters. They were done quite well. They have traits based on ordinary people so it wouldn't be hard to relate with the emotions, the feelings and the story itself. Characters in the anime are almost like real people you meet everyday. I mean, Rumiko Takahashi has done a great job rendering the naturality in the characters. Second of all, I was attracted to the motif of the story since it's based on the old era of Japan, and I'm really just overwhelmed with those kinds of settings. Perhaps because I love the Asian settings the best. ^^ Lastly, every episode seems to be a thrill for me. I never get bored watching it because the plot is well-developed and planned. There are a lot of twists. Although the series is very long, I think it was worth it anyway.


Basically, BLEACH has got pretty much likeness to Inuyasha too, for me that is. I'm probably talking about that "old Japanese era setting" again and that thrilling action and adventure thingies in the show that never fail to excite me. The sword fights, the slick moves, the slashing sound-effects and "moderate" blood spills. (I said moderate because it's not really as violent as some gore anime out there) Those elements in the series are just what hooks me. I also love nearly all of the characters there maybe because they're not awkward (as some characters in Fruits Basket. Some of the people there are hard to believe to be actually existing. Especially Tohru who's way too "perfect". She never even gets angry. I don't know if there's someone like that.) And also because the way they were drawn is quite...well, unique. The character designations were great.

3. One Piece

At first I wasn't really interested the first time I watched it. But after a few more episodes, I realized how this main guy character "Luffy" was giving me the laughs. What attracted me was the extraordinary comedy in each episode and how the fight scenes amaze me and keep my eyes glued on the TV screen. The characters are hillarious but their traits don't completely drift away from real people. Sometimes I can see myself in them. Again, the characters are what's important to me. Everytime I find myself being able to relate to them, I easily love the anime. Ofcourse the non-stop action is a part too and I guess One Piece has that.

4. Pokemon

A lot of people hate it, a lot of people love it, but one thing's for sure: it's really famous. I know it's a bit old school (not so old school) but Pokemon was one of the first anime that i really liked as a child. I was in third grade back then when I got addicted collecting almost all of its merchandise. When I look back at those times, I think there's still a piece of Pokemon fad left in me even though it was so long ago when I first fell in love with it.

5. Metantei Conan

Based more on reality rather than fantasy. But I like how Conan a.k.a Shinichi Kudo solves every mystery and continues his quest to find the criminals who shrunk him. It's a nice anime with lots of mysteries plus action and suspense. I could still say that the characters are also well-developed and so is the plot of the whole series. I just wish I could finish watching all of it. It's extremely long with a whole lot of episodes in each season.

6. Ouran Highschool Host Club

It's rare for me to actually love romance-comedy and shoujo anime. They almost always bore me down with the predictable plot. But Ouran is different. I don't exactly know how I got hooked into it, but to say the least it's the best romance-comedy anime I've ever watched. True, there's not much battle scenes and action here (like what i truly look for in the animes I watch) but then, those funny twists in the story keep me entertained. Besides, I think Haruhi is really smart and independent for a girl. Just the thing I'm searching for in a female lead character. She's not your average "light-headed, carefree, gentle and clumsy" shoujo-anime girl.

7. HunterXHunter

There's nothing left to say. This anime is really awesome when it comes to action and adventure plus it teaches the moral lessons of perseverance, friendship, independence and determination. AND the characters are always very amusing and lovable.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:44 am Reply with quote
omusu wrote:
*Please bear with my English. I'm not as good as you guys here. Embarassed I don't speak... well... American English hehehe... maybe Asian English? Because I'm from Asia... (guess where)

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly -_-' ) your English is probably better than a lot of the English-speakers on this forum... and your top ten list is very well written (especially considering you named 3 major shounen titles as your favs). Kudos Anime smile

BTW what happened to your 8th, 9th and 10th favourite animes?
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 10:45 am Reply with quote
I dont see much of my top 10 elsewere in the list, hope u know of these:

1. Elfen lied

I like the drama of it the best. all the blood and fan service come as an extra to me. I was only shocked at where spoiler[the dog gets killed]. I scrolled past that bit the secont time i watched it. Everything else wasn't that disturbing.
Good anime!

2. Kanon (tv1)

I also like the drama of this one. its hard to start wathing it a third time because of it. It also has humour but i dont like that very much. I also like it because in has the average high school student, like in almost every anime.

3. Saikano

I keep repeating myself, sorry about that, but i also like the drama of this one. I also like the violence a bit. Cant vieuw it often because i always get tired of life after seeing it. I just want to put it third place because i just think its a good anime. wouldn't reccomend it to someone who cant handle drama.

4. Suzuka

This comes fourth because i think its a very realistic anime. all about high school students trying to run a life. It has drama elements witch i like, and this one shows a real relationship instead of: almost on but then suddenly breaking off again. I somehow deleted it, where was it?

5. Great teacher Onizuka

Great anime. It belongs just right in fifth place. It has tought me some things i can use in real life. About a teacher healping his students everywhere he can. just a great anime.

6. Rumbling Hearts / Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

This anime is also a pritty realistic anime. i think its hard to follow in what time it's playing. past, present? its like it crosses eachother. It causes some confusion but the rest is just great.

7. Koi kaze

It has the drama that i like. some think its disturbing, i think not. it not high on the list, but its still a good anime.

8. Binbou Shimai Monogatari / Poor sisters story

Very slice of life. I think its a bit simple on the filosophy side, but i think it teaches me how to handle my money a bit better. its about two sisters living in a appartement with no parents. the face some hardships, but as long as they are together, they are happy. It's very new, i think you can see it just looking at the intro.

9. Serial Experiments Lain

It's a confusing anime. i like the idea of the wired. the main character is all cought up in it. It tells me not to become a complete computer zombie. I like it, I seriously like it. Just not as much as the above.

10. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Because of the confusing ending, it places last. I like the robots (if the really are robots) fighting to protect the planet. it doest have the love story much, it tells me more about the individuals in it. the rating says the rest.

That was my top 10 anime
Now follows the top five least favourite animes:

1. Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land

This one sucks. i think its really cheap and i hate the animation the most. It is (unfortunately) aired in my country (holland)

2. pokemon

I used to like it, but it keeps repeating itself. Its like every episode is the same.

3. Yu-gi-oh

I just hate the bad dubs. the story is very predictable and the characters are VERY recognisable. It's just screwed up.

4. Hamtaro

An insult to anime. i hate the damn hamsters. bad animation, it just has low quality, wich i like (i think everybody likes quality).

5. Piano

Hnimation isn't bad, that's why it comes ast least bad anime. only the story, its almost empty, like nothing happens. In like 10 episodes happens as much as in a short movie.

Hope this qualifies for the list.

--Greetz Snipercup
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 12:37 am Reply with quote
My favourite 10 and least favourite 5. . .
(They are in no specific order)

Favourite 10

1. Bokura Ga Ita is a great anime. I like this anime because it has a calm, relaxing, simple look. It has a high school feel including the drama of a relationship, and a little bit of humour. It also has an interesting plot, but has a normal set of characters with nothing special.

2. Ouran High School Host Club is a great anime. I like this anime because it has a high school feel to it besides the fact that the school is rich and the students are all important rich people too. The plot of the story was really good. I also like the fact that a group of people started a club too make girls happy. Its a hum iourous an ime which makes you anticipate what will happen next, with a bit of romance hidden in there too.

3. Demonbane is a great anime. Too bad this anime ended short though I wished that this anime was a bit longer though. Its a basically robot anime, but the robots are called Deus Machinas. It has action, humour, and bit of romance. The plot is also very good. I liked it because it was a change from watching people talk fancy about their high tech mobile units into using magic to destroy the enemy.

4. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi is a great anime. I like this anime because it is random. In the beginning you think your watching something but the thing your watching isn't really what your watching. Then suddenly your thinking where did he come from and what happening now. I wish they would make it longer though.

5. Tsuyokiss is a great anime. I like this anime because it also has a high school feel to it. It has love, humour, and a very good plot. Theres not much drama iin this though.

6. Suzuka is a great anime. I like this anime because it has romance and drama. Plus track and field. I find this anime very easy on the eyes. It gives you a good plot and you find yourself wanting to at times wanting to slap one of the characters because they are so stubborn.

7. Full Metal Alchmist is a great anime. I like this anime because the plot was excellent. The character designs were very good it just put me on the edge of my couch anticipating every moment of action on this anime.

8. Inuyasha is a great anime. I like this anime because it taught me a lot about Japan's feudal era. I like the character designs too. The Plot was very good, but one major thing was that the ending was a big let down. It is still a good anime though.

9. Bleach is a great anime. I like this anime because basically its the same as inuyasha. Except the obvious differneces.

10. Ah! My Goddess is a great anime. It is also the first anime I have watched and i like it. It has good story outline, and good character design.

Least Favourite 5

1. Pokemon is a least favourite because it is too repetitive and they keep trying to prolong the life of this anime but introducing new pokemon everytime its about to end.

2. Yugioh is a least favourite because it is also too repetitive and they keep trying to prolong the life of the anme by introducing new cards or capsule monsters.

3. Digimon is a least favourite because its alot like pokemon by doing the whole making new digimon stuff, but the storyline basically doesn't really change much New people are picked to go save the digiworld once they defeat him its over now lets make another season. It was basically repetitive.

4. Dragonball Z is drags on to long because if they die they can come back to life with a wish so it doesn't really matter if they die.

5. Zatch Bell is very annoying because I only watched the dubbed episodes the voices are all very strange even for Susie. The plot is Zatch trying to be the King of his world(a kind one). I thought Dolls using powers to defeat each other was kind of like pokemon, and they are making cards for zatch bell as well. I just don't like the whole repetitive fighting. I watched it for the first 5 and I thought the lines were a bit
cheesy too. The whole friendship thing with a doll really just seemed like pokemon again.

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-EndlessShadow- wrote:
3. Digimon basically the same as pokemon and yugioh.

I'll forgive your lazy and non-specific responses to the previous two, but this I will not. Please be a little more in-depth.

-EndlessShadow- wrote:
5. Zatch Bell is very annoying...


-EndlessShadow- wrote:
...and it is very cheesy.

Again, why?

-EndlessShadow- wrote:
Also I don't really like the plot.

And yet again, why?

I will not permit laziness. You should know that by reading previous replies that others have made here.
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my explaination of why i love the following anime my not justify it but its what i think not really good in expressing what i feel in words either my top 10 fav animes would have to be:
1>cowboy bebop:
i really love this anime because of its story had a storyline that at first i found to be "another common anime" but then i soon relaized that i was being dragged into the storyline as it was building up.i just couldnt stop watching.for me the storyline was perfect.

2>love hina:
this is the best romantic/comedy anime i've watched.its just so great the way it was gave me that feeling where you just bite your pillow and think to yourself "i wish that happened to me".

3>gundam (majority of the series):
im a hobby freak and i usually collect the gudam model kits.this is one of my favs cuase im attracted to mecha most of the gundam series have a goos storyline..well except for gundam turn A.

4>shakugan no shana:
well as many would say that it had a common story flow where the the main characters fall in love with one another but i believe that it had more to it than just a common storyline.the setting of the anime gets me drawn into watching it and it ended up being an instant favorite.

5>strawberry eggs!:
hehe im not sure if many watched this but its one anime that i found likable.not much to say about this but its just great.funny and enjoyable.

6>2x2 shinobuden:
a nonsense anime that gave me tummy aches cause of non-stop laughing.its really funny.i guess majority of comedy anime just fits into my favs list easily.

7>crest of the stars/banner of the stars:
one heck of a great anime.the storyline was just so good that i had to watch every bit of it when my sister let me watch the every first episode.we ended up serching and searching for the box sets of series but ended up with just "crest of the stars".

well what can i say..girl power! Very Happy i love this anime.its simply one of the best I've ever watched and just cant have enough of it.

another romantic anime that i really liked.i dont really know why i liked this but i think it wsa because suzuka reminded me of myself (minus the sporty side).i fell for the storyline too.

10>school rumble/school rumble ni gakki:
its one of those anime where you cant have enough of the story and want to know what will happen next.a crazy comedy with an odd yet funny twist.i cant wait for the next season.hehe.

as for top worst anime...well i dont really know if i have one other than DBZ.why?well after the original dragon ball series the DBZ storyline seems to be repeating over and over and its seems to lose the real story as the series evolved.i dunno i was just dissapointed with it.
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I'm terrible at ranking my favorite anime, because my opinions always change and I'm constantly picking out new favorites and whatnot. So this list is in no particular order, and will probably change at some point in the near future.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Though pretty over-discussed and over-rated, I'd say Eva is an anime that has struck a chord with me like no other. For the first time I found myself pondering over this animation for hours on end, analyzing scenes in my mind, discussing my theories with others. There's something so inexpressibly human and raw about it, that makes even the most inconsequential scenes quite powerful. It's far from perfect, but in my opinion the flawedness of it is what makes Eva even more fascinating.

Zoids Chaotic Century: Save for Pokemon, Sailor Moon and DBZ, Zoids was my first exposure to anime, and the first anime that I came to watch with a near religious devotion. I'll admit, it's something of a guilty pleasure of mine, since by no means is Zoids a masterpiece: but I fondly remember waking up at insane hours early in the morning before I went to school just to catch the next episode. It's the only mecha series where I love the mechas themselves (I adore the animal-designs Smile ) and the character development for a kid's show was amazing.

Porco Rosso: If I could, I would put all of Studio Ghibli's films here: but if I had to pick one, it would be Porco Rosso. Somewhat underrated, this leisurely film is a wonderful experience, and the most subtle of Miyazaki's films. I can't get enough of aerial fightscenes, and the way they were animated here was fantastic. Plus, the witty humor and sophisticated atmosphere really pulled me in.

Excel Saga: I love random humor, and though I prefer the manga ES is still a huge favorite of mine. The standalone parodies, wacky humor, and bizarre characters made the series underpredictable, with never a dull moment. As an anime fangirl who despises yaoi I found the yaoi parody to be nothing short of brilliant, and the America episode and dating sim episode were great as well.

El-Hazard: The Magnificent World OVA: I caught the Wanderers on the International Channel some years back and loved it. When I heard it was a spinoff of the superior OVA, I had to watch it. It was definetly rewarding: for seven episodes, El-Hazard ends beautifully and tells a complete story far better than most longfer epics. The characters were fun and colorful, and the humor was great.

Ergo Proxy: This is my favorite series this year and one I really look forward to owning on DVD. Though it starts out with convoluted storytelling and a ambiguous message, EP eventually straightens itself out and tells a very powerful story of Creator vs. Creation. The animation of course was phenomenal, and what I loved most about this series were the interesting, oddly quirky characters and the careful attention to their relationships. Out of all the episodes, I had to say my favorite was the one in which the main three characters did nothing but bond together. Smile

.hack//SIGN: Though I'm not a videogame fan and will probably never play the .hack games, as a standalone anime I thought this prequel was wonderful. The intriguing story of Tsukasa, and his attempt to find a place in his world, fascinated me, and I actually found the dialogue-driven plot a bit refreshing. The music and animation was great, even if it consisted simply of panning across the same (admittedly gorgeous) backgrounds.

Now and Then, Here and There: I just finished this one last night, and wow, what an emotional rollercoaster. Although I tend to get teary over sad scenes in anime, a series that is depressing throughout tends to numb me (I never cried during Graves of the Fireflies) and so I thought I would make it dry-eyed through this one. Boy, I was wrong. The last few episodes managed to make me cry not just once, but FOUR times. Incredible in almost every aspect.

Black Jack (OVAs and TV series): I have to admit I haven't watched as much Tezuka as I should, but I can't get enough of this medical drama. Tezuka's stories are so weird but wodnerful, each one carefully told and wrapped up. They range from the happy to the tragic, with the brooding Black Jack in the middle of it all. The Tv series is lighthearted but serious in just the right moments, while the OVas are gritty and yet beautiful.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: This is another recent favorite I would love to own on DVD. The bizarre twist on the typical high-school romance formula, the interesting characters, the animation, all just screams originality. There are so many great scenes in this series, and it just wouldn't be the same if it wasn't told out of order.

Other honorable mentions include Hunter x Hunter, Perfect Blue, Last Exile, Slayers, FLCL, and Akira.

Least Favorites: (only a few I can think of)

Ghost in the Shell (movie): I'm sorry, but as much as I love cerebral anime this one bored me to tears. I can't really put a finger on what I hate so much about it, but I guess it might be Mamuro Oshii's oddly paced directing style.

.hack//ROOTS: Wow, what an utter waste of my time. I can't see how people can compare this to .hack//SIGN: all of the characters are watered down characters from other .hack series, and the few interesting ones either leave the show or get killed for no reason at all. I know it leads directly into the games, but couldn't they at least have tried to conclude with a feeling of satifaction? Not to mention Tabby made me want to strangle things.

Air: Admittedly, I didn't give this one a proper chance, seeing only the first few episodes: But wow, now I've come to realize what I hate about moe so much. Just tried way too hard to be cute, and was too unrealistic to even feel like a slice of life series (not sure if that was the intent).
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I haven't seen too much anime-- I mostly read manga. I cannot think of any anime I haven't really disliked-- espically since I haven't seen too much. So I'll post what I liked! Warning: I enjoy more....feminine anime.... ^^"

5. Full Moon Wo Sagashite This anime is beautiful. It's very cheerful and makes me feel happy. Not to forget....every episode has comedy! It has a great theme too! Good art + good story = good anime! Reason number 5 is because I haven't seen the whole series yet.

4. Ultra Maniac This anime is funny and cute! It's fantasy/comedy/romance and it's fun to watch. The reason it's number 4 is because it has some filler episodes.

3. Castle In The Sky I LOVE this movie. It is breath-taking! I'm obssesed with nature too, so I love it! The detail is superb-- and the plot is fantastic. Great characters, great story, great art, great movie! Reason number 3 is because the next 2 make my heart fill with joy a little bit more. Anime smallmouth

2. Fruits Basket Kyo!!!! I LOVE KYO!!! He is!!! Yes, this is a reason to put this as #2!!! Anime smile No lol, this is number 2 because every episode had meaning, was true to the manga for the most part, and made me happy. (If you couldn't tell by now, I like anime that makes me feel happy.)

1. Ayashi no Ceres I enjoy all of Yuu Watase's work! And this anime was the best anime I have ever watched. I cried, jumped for joy, and stared at the screen in anticipation! This is an adventure/romance/horror/mystery anime. Has a lot of blood though! Definitly not for people who don't like blood! ^^" It is shojo but......but not for the light hearted! Oh gosh....getting tears in my eyes again....LOVE this anime!
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[Read the rules and try again. --Nagi]
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