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Your Top 10 / Worst 5 things. Why? (w/ index).

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:55 pm Reply with quote
Your going to have to post some reasons why you felt that way...

Anyways, its been about 2 and a half years since i made my original list, so i thought an update is in order.

Summary of Org list...

Top 10

Tenjo Tenge, Outlaw Star, Trigun, Gundam Wing, Rahxephon, GTO, NGE, Transformers the movie(Animated one!), Hajime no Ippo

Bottom 5

Naruto(once the fillers kicked in), FLCL, Sailor Moon(eng tv dub), .hack liminality and finally DBGT

Once again i will be basing my opinions on Anime i most enjoyed, not the anime i felt were the best in terms of writing, visuals etc... and so if you think how in the world i may give perhaps an awesome anime a bad spot its because i personally did not like it. There have been some changes because well i have changed.

So on to the list and it begins with....

10. Dragon Ball Z

To begin my list i start with one of the first to get me hooked, the good old DBZ. Yes, the fights may have lasted several episodes to long, or perhaps the strength of the fighters did get ridiculous at some points. However what it did good(when it actually occurred) was create a universe where you actually felt you knew the characters and cared what happened to them(no matter who you were, when you were younger you loved one of the characters on this show). I still remember when Goku died at the beginning(the first time) it felt as shocking as when Optimus died in the transformers movie.

It has its fault(how long does it take to power up????), i am not denying that, however the fact that if i see something in a store and its dragon ball z related, i have that little feeling inside telling me to buy it. That is why this Show will always be one of my Favorites because despite it's short comings, it was a long memorable ride.

9.Samurai Champloo

This show started off with an awesome intro with the well timed audio, Well done visuals, good story and did i mention some of the coolest characters around? I saw this a couple years ago originally and have seen it once more since then and i was unable to find a point in the show where it got a bit slow... If i had to find one it would have been the "Tagging" episode.

Great from start to finish and kept me wanting more and more even once it finished. It fought hard and won a place on my top 10 list.

8. School Rumble

Kids having the time of their life. This show really took me into the school rumble universe. Yes it perhaps got a little out of hand at points, however it took those moments and built upon them. The entire length of the show you are wondering who is going to end up with whom and until the final show came out i had no idea how it was going to end.

The characters were really likable, enjoyable to watch and they had their own personalities(even though most were stereotypical) and what the show did was touch on each of their lives whether it be the typical gang of boys obsessed with girls and yet destined to remain single or the typical shy yet cute girl you never cared. All i wanted was to watch the next episode only remembering how funny the previous ones were. It rightly deserves a place on the top.

7. NGE. (Evangelion)
This one dropped a couple spots.

It may not have answered all the questions like rahxephon but it was, without a doubt one of my most memorable anime i have seen. I remember being so pissed off because i only got to see to episode 13 since that was all my brother had taped on vhs(good old vhs). Once i got older though i wanted to know the conclusion to this anime. This was the first show that made me actually think about the story. It might not have had the best character development but in terms of the story and action i loved it. The characters all had their place in the plot and raised very thought provoking questions. If it wasn't for Shingi and his depressing attitude throughout most of the series it would higher up on the list.

6. 12 Kingdoms

The epic adventure i want to continue on. The land in which this takes place is huge! They could easily make several more shows based upon the themes they touched on. From ever changing casts to really seeing the characters grow up in the show to fill the roles in which they are destined to be in was an enjoyable experience. While i do not remember it for the action, i do fondly recall the epic story in which the life of one girl is forever changed. While following this person you see the ups and downs of her life in a country where she is an outcast, a person to be looked down upon and yet she never gives up.

It was a great anime with a good story, pace and a great set of characters to draw upon. These reasons make it number 5

5. Rahxephon. I will say that this anime does answer questions i was left wondering about during the series unlike another brilliant anime down the list but enough about that. The characters are detailed with a full range of emotion as well as the one sided love in the beginning. The fights are intense and the story was a beautiful thing to behold. This would be higher but the others just had a greater impact on me. That is why it gets the big number 5.

4. Honey and Clover

I love a show with loads of action, thats the kind of guy i am, however this show despite having no action made an impact on me. It may be because it felt like i was looking at the life of several close friends that really felt like they could be living, breathing people or perhaps it was because the things they went through(poverty, conflict, hunger) are things that many can relate with just made me feel one with this show. The cast is what this show is all about, without them it would have been nothing. Looking at a story which had me captured within just one episode is the reason why its on this list.

Now the Big 3

3. Hunter X Hunter

Action, Suspense, mystery, this show had it all for me. My only regret when watching it was when it was done i wanted more and more of this show. If i felt like it was finished it might be in a number 2 or 1 spot however it just does not feel finished as a story. The people in it made you care whether they survived or not and seeing them really fight it out kept you on your seat. I don't have to many things to say aside from see this show now! The visuals are a bit dated however the story will more than make up for it.

2. Hajeme no Ippo.

This is the only anime that actually got me to do something physical. I was in a workout slump at the time i started watching it, but when i started watching it it made me want to work out and go jogging. This is better than the rocky movies to me and one of the best anime titles around. I don't say the best since everyone's opinion is different but i must say that it has awesome character progression as well as a good supporting cast of characters. I liked the way they made the boxers lives realistic. They had real problems as well as a job they had to work to survive in the harsh world of Professional Boxing. I actually put noir on hold to finish it and i never regretted it. I recommend this to almost anyone. This is why i give it a close 2nd(used to be 1st)

1. GTO

Now this show i did not know what it was about. I heard someone say it was good so i got it. While at my friends house i decided to watch it while they they were playing games. To my surprise the opening part showed 2 girls panties which is fine if you were expecting it but with all my friends around i was kind of embarrassed. But i decided to stick through it when i got home and i must say one of the best shows i have ever seen. The characters all had unique personalities and background stories that felt real to you. Story wise it was never a dull moment, whether it's because you see a teacher beating his students and then a couple episodes later see this same teacher go almost an entire episode of wearing bowling balls on his hands because of a prank you loved it! It started with a bang and ended with a pop but you know what, i don't care because it was just that good. Something about it i cant put into words just made me love it. That is why it moved several spots up, i just keep on loving it more and more.

Close calls.

Mononoke(this movie is great and has an unbelievable feel to it. The characters are spectacular but i feel that i did not enjoy it as much as the others)

Cowboy bebop (i liked this but it did not have as much of an impact on me. Great story and great characters but it did not draw me in as much as the others as good as it was, which is why it did not make my favorite list)

Love hina (i class this a tad below school rumble but it is a great anime none the less. Good characters and funny story arcs made it an enjoyable anime to watch)

Robotech (this is the same as dragon ball z. Not the greatest story but man was it good times when i was young. I loved fights as well as the transforming veritechs)

Now for the bottom 5
I have seen some stinkers the last 2 and half years however the list did not change to much. Thus i left it the way it is cause really the points i made here are still valid.

5. Naruto I liked it in the begging all the way until the filler started occurring around episode 160. I can barely handle the latest episodes but for the earlier ones they had great fights as well as great characters. The moves are original and had interesting turning points throughout the series. If it wasnt for the later episodes it would not have made this list.

4. FLCL Now this show was so confusing to me. I laughed hysterically to most of the parts but it gave me a unfufilling feeling after wards. It had really funny parts mixed in with awesome cartoon like scenes but the main character really bothered me in some parts as well as the girl who nibbled on his ear. That was just weird. You should watch it but i doubt it will be the best you have seen but you will probably like it unless your like me and got confused at most parts.

3. Sailor moon. Now i am basing this off the ytv version for all to know so it is based off a Canadian version of it. The girls voices annoyed me. The whole sarina and the guy relationship annoyed me until i saw the reason behind it but it came to late for me. The only good this is sailor venus. I don't know why but i thought she was cool.

2. .hack/liminality I really enjoyed the .hack/sign anime so i decided to watch the oavs. They were good until i stumbled upon this. The whole premise occurs completely out of the game and in the real world where the game is affecting the earth. I really did not like watching this and had to make myself finish this anime. Which is a rare thing so far. I did not like the girl or the whole premise about it( i can't really pinpoint an exact part) which gave me a general bad vibe about it. This is why it got number 2.

and my least favorite anime

Dragon Ball gt

For as much as i loved DB and DBZ i only recently watched DBGT. Boy was i in for a shock. I was disgusted at most of the episodes as well as the general lack of effort they put in it(as it looked to me) I know this is on a number of other peoples list and i can see why. This is the only anime i have actually come to hate due to the butchery of it all. I only finished it to see the very conclusion to the db sagas which i promised my self i would do. I actually skipped a few episodes since they were so boring in the begging and had no real effect on the story. I consider myself to be a dragon ball fan but i just could not stand to see that they did. I actually regret seeing it now because in my imagination the series was so much better but now that i have seen it, it has left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak.

Well thats my updated list. Noir and wolfs rain really were a pain to get through. There were just too many more outstanding shows that really out did them to make me want to watch them . They are in my bottom list.

Hoped you liked it and remember to always keep the anime love strong!
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:27 am Reply with quote
My top 10: (right now, but it changes often. also, in no particular order)

1. Trigun - Trigun was the first anime I ever saw. I caught it by mistake one night and stumbled upon spoiler[Wolfwood's death scene and CRIED even though I did not know a single thing about the character.] Vash represents one of my favorite types of male lead characters - the reluctant hero. The voice acting (in the dub especially imo. sorry. Johnny Yong Bosch fangirl, holla) was fantastic showing the deep divide between his silly side and deeply intellectual/serious side. It provokes interesting thoughts and gives a great villain.

2. Darker than Black - I know this isn't a popular choice, but DtB is the anime that made me start watching again. Although the show was a bit of a slow simmer, I thought they did an amazing job getting across the idea of conflicted identity. What makes a person a person? How much of what society thinks we are actually make who we are? In addition to these fantastic philosophical queries, BONES gave me pretty much my favorite protagonist of all time in Hei. He is unmistakably BADASS but you can't help but feel that he regrets and resents having to be that killer. His conflict is real and fascinating. Plus, I'm a total girl and fangirled for him. so whatever. I adored the YK score, and Rie Fu tends to write my favorite ending themes. I don't know how!

3. Samurai Champloo - sure, I love Cowboy Bebop... but I loved Samurai Champloo. What a fantastic mishmash of hip-hop and Japanese. The animation style was unlike any I had seen before. The score was engaging and great. The characters were intriguing. Every episode where we received a little hint of their past drew me in. Also, may I repeat that I am a girl and fangirled for Jin a bit. I clearly have a thing for the dark-haired silent badass type. lol.

4. Black Lagoon - This title took me by surprise. In general, I tend to favor supernatural anime, and I worried this one would not keep my attention. But oh my. Did it. I watched this entire series in one night. The subtle but thoroughly developed character change in Rock is amazing to watch and exquisitely plotted. Revy is just about the biggest badass ever, and her fight with Maria was amazing to behold. It also holds one of my favorite scenes in an anime ever - spoiler[The scene following the nuns with guns where Revy basically tells Rock off in the outdoor cafe]

5. Ouran High School Host Club - Oh my gosh. What is this Shojo anime doing on my list?! Welcome to my personal confusion over this. I refrained from watching this for the longest time but finally caved and it has become one of my favorite shows of all time. The loving meta look at otaku culture and shojo stereotypes hits it out of the ballpark by creating engaging, endearing characters who you simply cannot help but cheer for. Haruhi as the gender desensitized heroine is such a breath of fresh air. She's intelligent, unique, and doesn't nose bleed over the sexy men. This show also contains one of my favorite characters of all time - Kyouya Ootori.

6. Ghost Hunt - I watched this show on a whim, and although it started very slowly, it sucked me in by the second hunt. This is an exquisite mix of comedy and horror. I found myself chuckling one moment then being absolutely terrified and disturbed the next. Some of the ghosts aren't terribly scary, but when the show gets it right.. boy does it get it right. The second and second to last arcs terrified me. Plus, watching our protagonist Mai grow more and more confident mixed with wondering just what was going on with Naru-chan kept me glued to my screen.

7. Shingetsutan Tsukihime - This series engrossed me. Shiki is not my typical protagonist, but I really fell for Shiki x Arcueid. Their star-crossed lovers type of relationship mixed with genuine mystery and a supernatural flair kept me transfixed. Like other visual novel interpretations, I found the series to meander a bit trying to reference characters to appease the game fans, but overall it was a well plotted adaptation that flowed at a low key pace.

8. Princess Mononoke - Uhm. This is by far one of my favorite movies of all time. I even adore the English dub of it. Miyazaki has made many great movies, but this was his first I actually saw (my sister made me watch it), so it maintains a special place in my heart. The environmentalist message is expressed beautifully with great characters, nuanced storytelling, and beautiful animation.

9. boogiepop phantom - Without waxing too poetic on the psychological/philosophical overtones of this anime.. it has to be one of the most unique looking/sounding ones I have ever seen. The general sepia wash and almost muted sounds created an almost constantly depressing universe and served as a constant effect on the senses. I always recommend this short anime to any of my friends who enjoy a great, mindblowing and mildly disturbing experience.

10. I don't have a 10th at the moment, but I shall soon!

Least favorite:
1. Rosario + Vampire - This is honestly just my preference. I know a lot of people love this style of show, but I just don't get ecchi. The gratuitous panty shots and the repetitive animation style made this show difficult for me to watch. As a fan of all things vampire, I have tried to watch this show numerous time, but I simply can't get past the first few episodes.

2. Elfen Lied - Although the opening sequence is beautiful, I cannot stand this anime either. I'm a big fan of violence. I think when it's used for effect, it's amazing. The gratuitous amounts of violence and nudity for what felt like NO reason 75% of the time simply ground on my nerves.

3. Dragonball Z - This is unfair as I'm really not the target audience of this show.. I hate it. It represents everything that annoys me about anime - powerups, battles that take place over like 30 episodes and characters that NEVER DIE.

Honestly, 4-5 could be any other shonen anime of that style. Or any of the mass overproduced money makers like Pokemon or Digimon because I simply prefer a slightly more realistic animation style and deeper characters (as I'm an adult I suppose).

k, the end.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:03 pm Reply with quote
New fag from Crunchyroll here.

Top 10?

1. Tengen Toppa gurren-lagann - "Concentrated pure MANLINESS" That's the best way to describe it. Seriously, even though it tends to be ignored because of it's exaggerating characters and overpowered mechs, I thought that was the best of what this anime can give. TTGL was the only anime where I literally got off my chair while watching the anime (adrenaline rush). Personally the best of the best.
2. Strike Witches - I really don't know why I even liked this anime since it's just fanservice. The well driven plot or maybe the detailed and lovable characters perhaps made my mind in ranking Strike Witches 2nd in my list.
3. Shakugan no Shana - Shana ish <3..... No seriously, I love tsunderes and I, obviously, like tsundere type characters from any anime series. Shakugan no Shana was perhaps my first show featuring a tsundere with the main. Although there are more better anime than SnS I felt like it deserves to be number 3.
4. Kanon 2006 - Kanon 2006.....The plot somehow touched my heart with it's bitter ending stories. Well, that's key for you.
5. Clannad - At first, I thought that the anime is not that interesting to begin with and I continue ignoring it for awhile. Thanks to a certain someone, I was able to realize my mistake for neglecting Clannad. Clannad also touched my heart especially Fuko's part. Anyways, 2 key productions in a row...very nice.
6. Rozen Maiden - Rozen Maiden's storyline caught my attention. Dolls fighting other dolls and moreover, they're sisters. It was kinda fun watching some eps but it has no relation with the plot whatsoever. Maybe it was the continuous barrage of Ali Project that made me like this.
7. Black Cat - Oh shi- I never thought I'd be watching someone wielding a huge gun while running at a very high speed. The action fight scenes of this anime is a must, deflecting bullets with the barrel, reloading just by throwing the bullets in the air, melee gun attack(WTF?), etc. Action anime that needs to be recognized.
8. ef ~ a tale of memories~ - Renji and Chihiro are the best, the others are just bags of shit. Although it's kinda short, the plot makes sense after some of eps together with it's obvious depressing story part. Two stories in one, ends up meeting with each other in the end. No need to explain more, watch it if you want.
9. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Yes I know that this anime is overrated and no I don't care if you think badly about me since I put this on number 9. One thing I don't like here is that the eps are mixed, WTF? At first run, I watched it from beginning till the end, that's 1-14. I seriously thought that was it, nonsense bs. I lurked for info after being disappointed and look what I get, the chronological order of the eps... Anyway, the plot is good, Nagato is lovable and so is Haruhi since she's a tsundere. I don't see why this is being overrated though.
10. Code Geass - The 10th. Code geass is only good for me when he's actually using his geass and initiating his plans. Other than that, I don't like the other characters especially Nina and Suzaku. Code Geass with it's gay ending is personally speaking a doubtful ending.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:33 pm Reply with quote
Top 10:
1) Gungrave: I loved everything about this show. The characters, the art, the music, the story. I can't say enough good things about this show. Some of the best drama and most heart-tugging displays of friendship I've seen on video. Not to mention the spoiler[Bunji vs. Grave scene] which both floored me and choked me up at the same time (dirty as that sounds).

2) Great Teacher Onizuka: A great adaptation of my favourite manga thus far. Great for a laugh, a tear, a little action. All bases covered with this one.

The rest I'll just list in no particular order:
[EDIT: No listing. See Teh Rules. Feel free to edit this post to list the rest of your Top 10 / Bottom 5 with reasons for why you love/hate them.~Zalis]

Being such a positive person, I won't bother with the 5 worst.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 8:51 pm Reply with quote
my top ten:
These are in no particuler order. my top ten changes often so this is as of right now.
1. Black Lagoon: This anime is one of my all time favorites i loved both seasons i loved the japanese and the english versions of this anime. Revy and Rock are my favorite charaters and the part spoiler[ Rock stands up to Revy is the best.]

2. Elfen Lied: I just like violence and this anime is full of it. also it has a great story.

3. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: I liked this anime a lot i loved all the charaters it is one of my favs. Haruhi is my favorite charater.

4. Lucky star: Lucky Star at first was hard for me to watch i couldn't get into it, but my friend told me just watch the whole thing and then say you hate it cause i bet you won't. So i took his advice and i love this show it is one of my all time favs, its great lots of parody most of which i get, and it sparked me to watch anime that i hadn't seen so i could understand some of the jokes in lucky star.

5.Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei: This anime is really really funny. the unlikely charaters in senseis class are really great. all i have to say is "What if i had died?". Really like that line every time he says that i laugh.

6. Baccano: Baccano was reccommed to me by a friend one night when we where drunk and talking about anime. The story is really good i loved the charaters espiccley Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent they are hillarious i mean who robs a candy store of their candy. thats just comedy gold.

7. Monster: All i have to say is if you don't know about this anime you are missing out go find it and watch it. this anime screams aswome its great its fantastic and the coolest (just like peeing your pants). Embarassed

8. code geass: Great anime had a great ending in my oppion and i loved all the charaters except Rolo i hated Rolo. Lelouch is a badass till the very end.

9. Akira: This will always be a fav this one will never leave my favs list. its the first anime i ever watched.

10. Ghost In The Shell: all of them are great from the movies to the seasons all are good.

The bottom 3 anime in my oppion are as follows:
1. Ninja Scroll the series: Teriable that is all i am going to say i would rather gouge out my eyes than be made to finish this show.

2 Ninja Resurrection: if i could get back the time i spent watching this i would gladly do it.

3. gunslinger girl: Just couldn't get into it it was good but it just moved to slow for me. i didn't finish gunslinger girl and probley never will.

thats all i have these are the worst animes sorry i don't have five.

please excuse spelling errors i try my best but i am severly dislexic.

(>'_')> r3a93r <('_'<)

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Hello, this is one of my first appearances on the forums here, so I'll try to get a grand opening with my top ten list!

First off, before you read any further, I never read any manga. While I have a huge quantity of love for anime series or movies in general, I can't stand manga. Believe me I have tried giving all sorts of manga a lot of chances, and I've just never come to the point where any of them have managed to grasp my attention enough. I would say the main reason why I don't read it nor like it is because I want the anime to be at it's best, without knowing everything that will happen and without having to make prebased opinions which I generated by reading the manga. Anyway with that said, I'll move on to my top ten list.

1# Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal (OAV)
This anime has been rated as one of the best a very long time now for a reason. It has it all. Character development to the degree where you feel you know everything necessary for the story to unveil, down to almost all the genres you could ask for. Drama, Action, Romance, it has it all. I've watched this several times and every time I watch it the anime manages to make me feel like I've not wasted any of my time. This anime is decently hard to predict unless you read ahead and grasp the general idea of what is going to happen, something majority of the series today lack. It will keep your attention throughout the entire series, and you will want to come back for more. The art and animations are very well done as well, considering how old this actually is. So if you have the time and have not watched this, do not hesitate. Even if you dislike the fighting/samurai genre, trust me when I say, you will not be bored by this.

There are a lot of mixed feelings with the community today regarding Nana. Many argue that it's a lot different from what the manga provides and that it can be done a lot better. As I said I do not read manga so if you haven't read it either, give this anime a chance. The narrative in the series will make you wonder about a lot of things, and whatever you conclude it will most likley be wrong. As I already said, most of the anime a person watches, it's extremly easy to predict what will happen or how the outcome in general will go, however none of this is true in Nana. While you can predict a couple of small things, you will never be able to predict some major plot twists. This will not only make you frustrated, but angry and very agonized. Some of the things that happen here make you want to slam your head into the wall, because you just don't expect it to go that way. Not to mention it shouldn't go that way, but you will not be able to stop watching it as you will get more eager to find out what will happen next. This anime is extremly realistic in every possible aspect. Ignore the fact that it's told from a girl(s) perspective and try to capture the big image. The only sad part about Nana is that the ending is very unfinished, but they are most likley making a second season due to the manga still ongoing and they didn't really finish up almost any of the issues they brought up. This may make you not want to watch it, but I will still rate it as the second best anime I've ever seen, and I hope you give it a chance.

3#Hajime No Ippo
Another classic. Even if you dislike the sports genre, you ought to love this. Hajime no Ippo or Fighting Spirit as many call it, will introduce you to many other hardships the youth faces in our modern society. With proper ambitions and the right attitude, you can overcome the majority. Don't take this the wrong way, this is an sports anime based around boxing, but what I mean is that in the big picture, many other issues are introduced. The fighting animation is amazing and makes you drool, it is exciting and even if you don't like boxing in particular (which I don't) you might enjoy the scenery here. For those of you that did watch it and haven't heard, there is a new season coming out first quarter of 2009, which will have over 90 new episodes! I can barely wait.

4#Neon Genesis Evangelion
This was the very first japanese anime I watched, and it takes me many years back. I've seen a lot of people have this listed as one of the worst they have seen, sadly I cannot agree. Even though I am pretty sure I might get mixed feelings if I am to watch this anime again, but it was my inspiration to watching anime in general. It had lots of action, quite some traumatized plot twists and it could be sad beyond recognition. This anime will always stay within my top ten, as it touched my young heart back in the day!

5#Hunter X Hunter
This is a fighting series to the very bone. There are no fillers, no useless episodes, and the fights don't take up to 10 episodes like majority of the new fighting series have. The story is good, backed by great narrative. If you can look through some cheesy comments every now and then, and you enjoy this sort of genre, I strongly reccomend it, specially the OAVs.. The "Green Island" OVAs didn't bore me once, and kept me wondering what will happen next. The concept and execution are genius. The only problem with this anime is that the ending was pretty "bad". I know for a fact that the manga released a lot more, and might still be on going(I didn't check up on that), so hopefully they will pick up the pencil again and continue it at least to the ground where it finishes in a decent way. Regardless it is still one of the best series in it's genre.

---- I'll fill the other 5 as soon as I finish going through my list of what I've watched, there are too many!

As for the worst anime I've ever seen, they are easily summarized.

Now, what do I have to say about this I wonder. Let's start off with the basics. This anime is probably directed towards 12 year old children who don't know how to distinguish a filler from a normal episode. The concept of this anime is great, I've heard the manga is great and it has a lot of potential, or rather had a lot of potential, however in this cruel world we live in, money is always more important then potential. The first couple of episodes were great and set a very good pace. I was expecting this to be even better then Hunter x Hunter, but boy was I wrong. This anime is by far the worst piece of art I've ever seen, and yes I've seen it all including the Shippūden followup. Basically there is nothing going on here, it's dull as hell. You have the main character Naruto, who knows how to use shadow clone technique and that's it. He keeps using this for 300 episodes, and wants to dominate the world with it or something. Oh yeah, in the span of 300 episodes, he does manage to learn one more technique, amazing no ? It's like the good old DBZ where the train of thought was simple, "Get beat up, train, payback" however that anime managed to keep the suspense up, but this one..... I don't know if I can find any words to describe it. I don't want to spoil to you to prove my point how bad this is, but don't waste your time unless you're young and want to experiment. It's just horrible.

Another anime from the same studio, with the same genre. This is pretty much the same as Naruto. Fillers, fillers and fillers. Oh and another thing I didn't manage to mention in the lines above, a fight can literally consume like 10 episodes. But well since the studio was making so much money on it, I guess they started making 1 manga per episode, instead of the good old two or three. Another utter waste of time, don't watch it.

3#Roruni Kenshin
Why do you want to take gold and transform it to crap? I mean seriously, the trust and betreyal OAV is the best anime ever, and they reward you with this garbage. There is not one good thing with this anime. The animation is horrible, the drawings are so-so, Kenshin, the super cold hero of the OAV is a pussy, put on a leash by a woman. I wonder if they were running out of money towards the end, because they used a lot of real life environment instead of drawings. But well, the only way you could probably watch this is if you don't watch the OAV first, then you should have no expectations.

4#The Super Milk-chan Show
Haha, I just had to watch this because it was rated in the top 10 worst anime ever made. Seriously, this is so bad that even a blind man would be ashamed. It's like powerpuff girls, only 500 times worse Very Happy. I don't really know how to put this into words, I think you need to watch the wonder to understand it. You might think it sounds funny from reading the ANN description, but I can feel that the guy who wrote it cried and wanted to kill himself while writing that. What he really wanted to write was "I quit my job and I'm going to kill myself, bye." that's how bad this is. I just have no other words to describe it.

Don't misunderstand this for the super epic anime Mushi-Shi because that one is probably making my top 10. Anyway back to the topic, Musashi is one of those series where you just ask yourself "what the hell were they thinking?". I mean sure, the freedom to explore ones fantasy is all what anime is about, but this? There is a fine line between exploration and retardation. Another anime I would strongly advise you to never watch. I only saw one episode of it years ago, and that was enough.
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Kenki wrote:

3#Roruni Kenshin
Why do you want to take gold and transform it to crap? I mean seriously, the trust and betreyal OAV is the best anime ever, and they reward you with this garbage. There is not one good thing with this anime. The animation is horrible, the drawings are so-so, Kenshin, the super cold hero of the OAV is a pussy, put on a leash by a woman. I wonder if they were running out of money towards the end, because they used a lot of real life environment instead of drawings. But well, the only way you could probably watch this is if you don't watch the OAV first, then you should have no expectations.

You do realise that that Rurouni Kenshin the series appeared before the OAV right?
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:43 am Reply with quote
Liviu- wrote:
Kenki wrote:

3#Roruni Kenshin
Why do you want to take gold and transform it to crap? I mean seriously, the trust and betreyal OAV is the best anime ever, and they reward you with this garbage. There is not one good thing with this anime. The animation is horrible, the drawings are so-so, Kenshin, the super cold hero of the OAV is a pussy, put on a leash by a woman. I wonder if they were running out of money towards the end, because they used a lot of real life environment instead of drawings. But well, the only way you could probably watch this is if you don't watch the OAV first, then you should have no expectations.

You do realise that that Rurouni Kenshin the series appeared before the OAV right?

I knew there was a problem to that Very Happy! I wanted to check it out and all, but I didn't. My opinion still stands though, only slightly modified. I still think majority that watch the OAV first will meet the same problems I faced, however if I think rationally, then it shouldn't go in my top 5 worst due to the release date things. Thanks for letting me know, I'll edit it out eventually, probably.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:46 pm Reply with quote
1 is my top 1 best anime

1. One Piece
- even if it still ongoing .. every episode is interesting. I like action-adventure comedy kind of anime. This anime attach my life into it.

2. Full Metal Panic [ALL SEASONS] - yup all season. I'm still expecting for the 3rd season after second raid . The characters involve in this anime are quite hilarious.. This is one of the much seen anime because of how the story goes.

3. Code Geass [ALL SEASON] - one of the Master Piece anime for me.. because its different in some other anime.. You will never understand if u dont watch it. a nice story to be told.

4. Vampire Knight [ALL SEASON] - another different kind of anime.. it's just i love those uncommon kind of anime story. even if this is not a comedy type i really love to watch this many times.

5. Ouran High School Host Club - a comedy love story anime. Super comedy anime because of the characters .. i Love tamaki .. (he dubs zero in vampire knight which is so serious) when it comes to comedy he does really fit well.. lol

Even if i watch hundred kind of animes. There are still lot very good anime..

[/b] Very Happy
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Let's do this! Top 5--

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. A show that features sarcastic narrators, aliens, genki girls and bunny costumes but still manages to surprise on an episodic basis. Ridiculously fun to watch.

4. FLCL. Condenses all of adolescence into six episodes. Considering how abstract it all is it has an unnerving habit of becoming more and more detailed with each viewing.

3. Denno Coil. Serial Experiments Lain meets My Neighbor Totoro. Starts out as an incredibly creative and well-animated show about "kids with glasses" and then takes a dive into anime-style convolution without much of a drop in quality. Underrated.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist. Probably the best shonen anime ever made. Then again, I'm biased.

1. Spirited Away. It's very far from perfect, but Miyazaki's fairy tale about a little girl forced to grow up is an awe-inspiring feat of the imagination that singlehandedly thrashes every film that Disney has made in the past few years. Princess Mononoke gives it a run for its money.

Honorable Mentions--

Excel Saga. Simultaneously endearing and exasperating.

Paranoia Agent. A phantasmagoria of visual trickery that never fails to surprise. Genuinely creepy and surprisingly uplifting.

Gurren Lagann. The best "dumb" shonen anime ever. Just when you think the stakes can't get any higher, they get higher.

Tekkonkinkreet. A feast for the eyes, abstract battle for the heart of a city, story of brotherly love and vicious deconstruction of the shonen genre. It's flawed, but it stays with you.

I haven't seen enough bad anime to decide on a bottom 5, unfortunately.
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I only have top 5 favorite...I don't have ones I don't like.

I can't remember all the anime I watch right now.

1. Seirei no Moribito - This anime had a great story that is for people who try to understand things. The story is very well done( it's a book) and the animation, music and some people say the dialogue is truly great. The quality of the anime is just the best I've seen. It doesn't have much action or fighting scenes and people..most of the time cannot stand just watching people living...always violence is what they demand. But when there is's truly great, like a treat here and there once in awhile. Even though there isn't fighting, it is still intense and it really squeezes a tear out of you or two. It's honestly, the only reason I joined this forum, so I can find out if there would be the sequels. spoiler[I'm waiting if Tanda and Balsa get together, I'm really hopeful.]

2. Fullmetal Alchemist - I have no idea why this anime dragged me in. The brotherhood of the two main characters could be something i could relate to...I don't know. The action is ample and the darkness element to it is nice.

3. Trigun - I really like the story of this anime, and the action. I like the guns too, as a FPS[first person shooter] player, I like shooting things. So I like it when Vash shoots the place up a bit. I like the drama too.

4. Dragon Ball Z - I have been watching this show ever since I was small. It seems that the characters of this anime set the bar for explosive strength, that's just my opinion.

5. Samurai Champloo - This anime was really fun watching, especially the fights. The music was really great. The story was pretty deep I guess. spoiler[The ending left me a feeling that all was OK.]
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:42 pm Reply with quote
Well I only got a top 5 for you guys

#1 Bleach:
When i first heard about Bleach i was like no way i would like it so i stuck to Naruto. But once i started watching it i fell in love with it. Ichigo is the perfect main character.

#2 Naruto:
My nephew got me into Naruto. it's a pretty good anime i love the fighting and how the ninja's use strategy to overwhelm their opponent.

#3 DBZ:
From where i stand i think DBZ started it all. The fighting was great i enjoyed the storyline and the characters. It's an all around great anime.

4# Tenjou Tenge:
I love this anime even though its only 26 episodes. The fighting was intense and i think it would be cool if schools were really like the one in this show.

5# Rurouni Kenshin:
This is a pretty good anime too i love how Kenshin is so nice but is really a legendary killer from a war. Smile
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Time for my yearly posting of my Top 10 Best and Top 5 worst:

1) Sailor Moon - this was the first anime that I saw and while it is a sentimental's very good, in my opinion. I loved most of the episodes; I feel they were well written and acted. But what I loved the most was that you got to see Usagi/Sailor Moon grow into a woman and into her powers. I like that sort of thing, I like to see some sort of growth in a character. While I realize that not many people like this story, it really is a good starter series for people new to anime.

2) Ceres - Dark, moody, serious, and very funny at times. This also has what I like: character growth. And not just of the main characters but several side characters. You get to see many of them improve themselves. Including villains! Aya and Toya are amongst my favorite anime couples and what they have to do to be together. Not to mention that it is one heck of a story.

3) Fushigi Yugi - Again with the growth thing! But the story is good as well as the animation. I just plain enjoyed this series. Miaka is not the brightest heroine in the box, but she has a good heart and really does try to do her best even when her heart is breaking into little tiny pieces. Her warriors may seem stereotypical but I've yet to really seen another anime where there are characters that have made me as attached.

4) Cardcaptor Sakura - Another well-written story with growth of characters and all that great stuff! A magical girl story and unlike Sailor Moon, Sakura's battle outfits change every episode, courtesy of her best friend Tomoyo. Sakura is another heroine who tries to do her best in the face of adversity. And it’s also fun watching her relationship with Shaoran grow and change. It’s also fun to see her relationship with her brother, Toya. That is one tough brotherly love!

5) Fullmetal Alchemist - I like this one because of the growth thing again. I loved most of the characters even the ones you are supposed to "hate". I have to say that I cried when Lust spoiler[ died. She didn't deserve that one bit! ] Actually, there were several characters that I cried about, but Lust really was the one that I was rooting for. I feel that the ending of this series was very good. The movie put an even better ending but even without the movie, the ending would have been very satisfactory.

6) Princess Tutu – What a delightful twist on the magical girl story. Duck is a very charming girl who tries very hard at being something that she could never be. Mytho is wonderful to watch as he becomes…more…with every episode. Rue is both terrible and tragic. And Fakir is more than what he seems; he is both strong and weak. While the terribly romantic side of me is rather disappointed with the ending, it is also the only way that it can be.

7) My-Otome – I really enjoyed this series. Even more than I enjoyed My-Hime. Arika is such a fun girl to watch. She certainly tries hard to do her best…and her best usually turns out to be pretty darn good for everyone, even if she fails in the beginning. Watching Nina struggle through her feelings made me cry. And watching Nagi manipulate poor Sergei and stab him in the back, literally and figuratively just broke my heart. But, all in all, I think that the story worked out quite well. It was rather fun seeing characters from My-Hime as similar yet different people.

8) Crest/Banner of the Stars – This is an incredible series. It’s short, but such a wealth of story and action was packed into those few episodes. I’ve seen longer series with fewer characters that meant less than the characters that showed up in this series. Lafiel and Jinto have a unique relationship built over a short period of time. It started from being two people who barely know each other and worked it’s way into deep trust in each other and a deeper friendship. EVERYONE should have this series in their collection. And I’m hoping that the third part of this series will come to the U.S.

9) Ouran High School Host Club – I haven’t seen a series that has made me laugh as much as this one has. Every single episode had me laughing out loud about something. The entire cast are stereotypical characters but underneath the stereotypes they are rather complex people. Tamaki, dealing with being separated from his mother, not being well treated by a certain member of his family as well as dealing (or not dealing) with his feelings towards someone that has become very special to him. The Twins, who are starting deal with the fact that they can’t always be together. Kyoya who wants to be more than just the 3rd son. I could go on but I might ruin it for others. This is a light and fluffy series but it’s lots of fun to watch.

10) Ghost Hunt - I am not a big fan of being scared. I just don’t like it but I really enjoyed this series. The characters are fun to watch when they all first meet and how they begin to mesh and learn with and from each other. The relationship that Mai has with each of the others is interesting to watch in how she treats them and they treat her. It is also interesting to see how most all of them grow in some way – Mai being the one that grows the most in the series. The entire series is well paced and each story arc comes to a satisfactory conclusion. While the series stops at the conclusion of one story arc, I didn’t get the feeling of disappointment or unsatisfaction that I’ve gotten from other series that just “stopped” (see Inu Yasha). If you enjoy mysteries and magic with a touch of horror and humor, get this series.

Honorable Mentions:

The Story of Saiunkoku – This is one of my favorite releases this year. I enjoy watching Shurei and Ryuuki and how they react around each other and the people that surround them. You get to see how each of them grow into better people. This series is can be quite funny at moments but there are episodes of complete seriousness. The Sa Province Arc is probably the most serious part of it that I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to seeing how this ends.

Shonen Onmyouji - This is such an unknown title. It got hurt by Geneon’s semi-demise. But I really have enjoyed it. The characters of Masahiro and his friend/protector Mokkun aka Guren are just terrific. I also like the character of Princess Akiko who is under the protection of Masahiro and his grandfather. The relationship between Masahiro and his grandfather, Seimei, is also fun to watch. While I certainly don’t have a famous grandfather, I can certainly empathize with Masahiro’s frustration of being compared to his grandfather and not being able to say anything about what is the truth.

My Bottom 5:

1) Inu Yasha - This is a love/hate relationship for me. I wanted the darn thing over with so I can see the ending, which sucked big time! There were too many filler episodes and not enough concluding of the original storyline!

2) E's Otherwise - I was unhappy with the ending. I don't mind "vague" endings but this didn't even approach that!

3) Louie the Rune Soldier - No growth of any of the characters especially the title character. He didn't improve with his magic, with his sword skills, he just kept going like the boar he was described as in the series: charging blindly straight ahead. Not only was he dumb, he made the supporting characters dumb as well.

4) Shrine of the Morning Mist - I'm not really sure why I'm putting it on here, but I'm just not really happy with the series. It’s not that it’s a bad series; it’s just not one of the greatest. Probably it’s because the only truly interesting character in this story is Koma, the cat woman, whose identity and background really isn’t explained. I’m going to borrow Zalis’ description and call it “Awesomely mediocre.”

5) X the Movie - For crying out loud spoiler[ everybody dies in this ], why not dislike it.
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I think it's time that I post for the first time ever what my top 10/worst 5 anime series are. Although I have to say that if I had posted earlier at all, things might have changed since then. So here goes, and I will count down from the lowest on both ends.

10. Doraemon: Nobita's Galactic Express - This movie I saw when I first moved to Japan, and it is one of the only things about Doraemon that I still like. It still gives a nostalgic feeling, and I like the ending theme song which featured Shonen-tai singing it.

9. Battle Programmer Shirase - I saw this and I was laughing my arse off every time I would watch a new episode. There would be hints of loli in its hilarity, and then parts where a seemingly impossible job might come up, with the main character accepting it for something rare and obsolete. I wish they would have made a second series.

8. Final Fantasy Unlimited - Reminds me of Digimon which I liked as well. There is some comedy and seeming originality to it, and each progressive episode has left me wanting to know more about what is going to happen to the main characters, supporting characters and villains.

7. GITS: 2nd GIG - One of the most epic action series I have seen, and a fine follow up to the first season. Action in its finest, fluid animation, and Major Makoto. Nobody can complain about that.

6. GITS: SAC - Great season of anime action. It was based off of the first movie and the first manga, and in a sense retold just like the movie was too. However, it gave more detail, but still was able to send out the message of how this is how humanity could look in later years.

5. Paranoia Agent - one of the most freakiest yet entertaining anime series I have ever seen. It is one of the series, that will just leave you staring in awe at the TV just wondering what happened in the episode when you're done. There could not have been a better suspense thriller to see than this one.

4. Lupin III - Everything about this series is awesome. Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and Zenigata himself always provide for good, fun, sometimes stereotypical entertainment and comedy. While Zenigata is always after them, Lupin is after what he wants, even though he doesn't always get the girl.

3. One Piece - My favorite manga, and it also comes up as one of my favorite shows. It gives a little more than what the manga offers, but it does a good job with said fillers and more. I love all of the VAs, they do a great job at bringing the characters to life.

2. Lucky Star - Pure awesome otakuness. This series wouldn't be what it is though without the well done voice acting by the girls who brought Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki to life. I salute them and I hope that there will be more that we can see of Lucky Star.

1. Hellsing Ultimate - One of if not the only series that I actually enjoy watching both the Japanese version and the English dub for it. This is a part of Kouta Hirano's genius, and I'm glad that they gave it a second shot with this series. This makes up for what was missing with the TV series, and having some character make-ups and voice changes also certainly did the trick. This has been a very faithful adaption of the manga, and I can't wait to see how it will progress to the end.

5. Puni Puni Poemy - Seriously, the show wasn't funny. While it tried to play on puns and references an awful lot, it just didn't deliver for me. Especially the hentai references.

4. Shuten Doji - While it did have fanservice, the series just didn't play it out like I would have expected from looking at the box. The main character was pretty whiny, and the story felt kind of dragged out. And a lot of times, interesting characters kept on dying.

3. Serial Experiments Lain - This was a series I just wasn't able to get at all. It was confusing, would be long and drawn out, didn't really provide explanations for things, and was slow. I mean, real slow. There was even an episode that was nothing but flashbacks of the previous episodes. Not a lot going for it there.

2. Mouse - This was one of those series, where they obviously made it like a promotional for the manga. Worst part of it was that I had to watch the dub, as was the only thing available. And so it just went through everything a little too quickly, and also decided to end itself a little too quickly, but what can you expect from a promotional.

1. Hellsing TV - It had everything going for it, the badass attitude of Alucard, guns, vampires, zombies. Until it had the weak nature of Seras, not a lot of development for Integra, changes to names, characters, and not exploiting the full potential of what the series could have been. There wasn't enough humor in it as well, as there was plenty in the manga. And to make matters worse, they go with an all out weakminded ending and additional characters. A miracle provided the way for Ultimate to be made.
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fighterholic wrote:
4. Shuten Doji - While it did have fanservice, the series just didn't play it out like I would have expected from looking at the box. The main character was pretty whiny, and the story felt kind of dragged out. And a lot of times, interesting characters kept on dying.

What an interesting problem... that's a reeeal bummer to. I bet with something like that to, you waited it out to see if there would be an interesting character who didn't die. I bet that got exceedingly frustrating. I've never heard of a problem like that too, cause the creators actually had the ability to make interesting characters (if they existed, just died), but they manged to mess that up too (too since it's in the top 5 worse anime). I'm still kinda chuckling at the idea that that happened.

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