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Manifest 2013

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:05 am Reply with quote
Well, the anime idol's hostess was cosplaying Merida from the movie Brave, which is set in the Scottish Highlands. (haven't actually seen it myself) But she did also mention that her accent was not put on Anime smallmouth;

The only things that I would mention that I didn't like through-out the whole 3 days would be that
- The judges for anime idol (at least on Saturday and Sunday) 2/3 were picked from the crowd. Which meant that not only were they not experienced (a couple clearly didn't know what they were doing), but they changed between days, so the judges did not listen to the singers on both days. Might not seem like something to complain about but I feel like it was an important factor for judging them.
- The anime screenings schedule differed from what was actually screening. (Although I came across an amazing anime because of it, I also missed out on things I really wanted to watch.)
- Lack of communication between organisers and attendees as to when something different was happening compared to what was on the schedule. On Saturday night, things in the traders hall were wrapping up and I went and sat in on a panel (as I wanted to see the panel after it). After the hour(hour and a half?) long panel finished and it was time for the panel I was looking forward to, the announcer speaks up that a completely different panel will be starting. A group of people asked a volunteer what happened to the panel that was scheduled and he replied that the panel hosts had pulled out.
They would have known prior to this time, yet neglected to tell attendees waiting for this particular panel, that the panel was no longer running.
*cue group of fujoshi and curious people alike going home without seeing the yaoi panel*

Hoping that this doesn't sound too harsh :S
Manifest is seriously the one weekend I look forward to most all year!
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:20 am Reply with quote
I think we can all agree, the best part about this years Manifest...

Was Armagetron.
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