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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:51 pm Reply with quote
I will say in watching The Legend of the Galactic Heroes Anime it made why certain scenes that seemed repetitive in the novel where done. one of my biggest complaints about the first three novels is that some of the secondary the characters often seemed like "re-skinned" versions of other secondary characters.

The Anime does do a better job with Paul von Oberstein's characterization which makes me especially happy since he's my favorite character in the series. I wish I could say I had an opinion on the Sound Euphonium Novel but I haven't read it. While the Anime goes into the category of things I respect but enjoy along with Wolf's Rain.

Also I completely had the novel series' ending spoiled for me on literally the OP post of one of the first threads on 4chan. It kind of became a game to me see how often it got spammed by angry shippers. The "My background Waifu" stuff on the threads was funny though.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:03 pm Reply with quote
The biggest plus the Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime has over the novels (at least, as far as I've read, up to the fourth volume) are the interactions with Dusty Attenborough, Olivier Poplin, and Ivan Konev, who are little more than named grunts in the books with a few lines here and there. In the series, their various hijinks and quips provide a much-needed levity to certain situations. But the novels themselves are bursting with world building, regardless, and the audio book versions are also quite nice (the narrator is excellent).

It's a pity that HiDive has this classic anime behind a pay wall, considering it's age. Sentai needs to get the lead out and release it on discs.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:42 pm Reply with quote
Kudos for mentioning Lester Dent as the (main) author of the Doc Savage adventures. I haven't been this impressed by a tangential shout out since I heard a throwaway line about Doc in the obscure live action film Jake Speed. (It's premise being that action heroes are real, but not rich; hence they have to make ends meet by novelizing their post-adventure reports under pen names.)

Alas, the Doc Savage video adaptations I've seen have been less than impressive. The comics adaptations have also failed to generate sustained reader interest. Much as I'd love to see an anime inspired by those awesome James Bama paperback covers, I suspect Doc will forever remain a creation of the 1930s. Anime set in the past often do well, however, so perhaps there's still hope.

On the Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime, I'm one of those who couldn't get past the military stupidity needed to make Yang Wen-Li seem a genius in comparison. It's not the trope of a tactical genius per se -- I'd be love to see a second season of Alderamin on the Sky, for example. But if I knew Tanaka's novels didn't have the weakness that made me drop the anime, I might pick them up.
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