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Lost Song (ONA)

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© MAGES./LOST SONG Production Committee

Alternative title:
A Canção Perdida (Portuguese)
La canción perdida (Spanish)
Genres: fantasy
Themes: music
Plot Summary: Rin is an energetic girl who loves to eat and lives in a verdant frontier village. Deep within the royal palace in the bustling capital city, the songstress Finis spends her days in solitude. Both share a special power no other person has. A miraculous power that can heal wounds, create water and stir the wind -- the power of song. Guided by destiny, the two young women each face an arduous journey with the power of song. The shadow of war looms over the kingdom, tainting even the miraculous songs with the blood of innocents. Loved ones meet their deaths as silent screams echo through a stone prison.
User Ratings: 35 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 2 votes (dub:1, raw:1)
 Excellent: 3 votes (dub:2, sub:1)
 Very good: 6 votes (dub:3, sub:3)
 Good: 8 votes (sub:5, dub:3)
 Decent: 10 votes (sub:7, dub:3)
 So-so: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
 Not really good: -
 Weak: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Bad: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: 1 vote (dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 64 users, rank: #6039 (of 9581)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.600 (Good−), std. dev.: 2.0171, rank: #5363 (of 9703)
Weighted mean: 6.452 (Decent+), rank: #5812 (of 9703) (seen all: 6.45)
Bayesian estimate: 6.746 (Good−), rank: #4381 (of 7286)
Number of episodes: 12
2018-04-07 (TV premiere)
Opening Theme:
"Utaeba Soko ni Kimi ga Iru Kara" (歌えばそこに君がいるから; If I Sing, You Will Be There) by Konomi Suzuki
Ending Theme:
"TEARS ECHO" by Yukari Tamura
Official website:
News: Show:
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Morita to Jumpei
Storyboard: Hiroyuki Hata (ED)
Unit Director: Hiroyuki Hata (ED)
Original creator: Morita to Jumpei
Original Character Design: Tomonori Fukuda
Character Design: Shizue Kaneko
Art Director: Kinichi Okubo
Chief Animation Director: Chikara Sakurai
Animation Director: Miho Azuma (ep 4)
Director of Photography: Saburou Yamamoto

2nd Key Animation: Hatsune Hoshino (eps 1, 7)
3D Production: Hikaru Ishii
Color design: Mineyo Oonishi
Key Animation:
Ayako Ōki (ep 6)
Mayumi Nakamura (ep 1)
Miho Azuma (eps 3-4)
Shinichi Takahashi (ep 1)
Takeshi Moriyama (eps 4-5)
Yukiko Miyamoto (ep 1)
Yuya Uetake (ep 6)
Hitoshi Tamura (Graphinica; ep 12)
Yoshiki Obata (Graphinica; OP, ED; eps 1-12)
Production Advancement:
Shunpei Ogawa (eps 1, 7)
Tomoaki Suzuki (ep 4)
Setting Production: Tomoaki Suzuki
Song Lyrics: Aki Hata
Sub-Character Design:
Shuichi Hara
Toshiyuki Fujisawa
Theme Song Performance:
Konomi Suzuki (OP)
Yukari Tamura (ED)
Konomi Suzuki as Rin
Yukari Tamura as Finis

Ai Kayano as
Asami Seto as
Alyu Lux
Monica Lux 
Chiaki Takahashi as Pony Goodlight
Hiroshi Ito as Talgia Hawkray
Misaki Kuno as Al
Mitsuru Ogata as Doctor Weissen
Seiichirō Yamashita as Henry Leobolt
Tsuyoshi Koyama as Bazra Bearmors
Yū Serizawa as Monica Lux
Yuuto Suzuki as Rūdo Bernstein IV

Ayumi Takeishi as
Boy (eps 3, 8)
Chambermaid (eps 2, 7)
Woman (ep 1)
Daisuke Nakamura as Guardsman (ep 9)
Emiri Suyama as Female Student (eps 8-9)
Hideki Kojima as
Commander (eps 4-5)
Crowd (ep 8)
Guardsman (ep 9)
Hostile Soldier (ep 6)
Man (eps 1-2, 9)
Soldier (eps 3, 7, 10-12)
Hidenari Ugaki as
Army Corps Chief (ep 3)
King of Golt (eps 2, 8, 11)
Hironori Shiojiri as
Citizen (ep 3)
Hostile Soldier (ep 6)
Soldier (eps 7, 9-12)
Isamu Yūsen as Berrow (eps 4-7, 9-12)
Jun Hirose as
Citizen (ep 3)
Hostile Soldier (ep 6)
Soldier (eps 7, 9, 11-12)
Katsuhiro Tokuishi as Snore (eps 4-7, 9-12)
Kayou Nakajima as Verna (ep 4)
Kouji Seki as Pat (ep 12)
Kunihiro Kawamoto as
People (ep 8)
Tolo (ep 2)
Mai Satō as Female Student (eps 8-9)
Riho Sugiyama as Alond (ep 12)
Sakiko Kawai as
Chambermaid (ep 2)
Mother (ep 3)
Woman (eps 8-9)
Shinobu Matsumoto as Defense Guard (ep 9)
Shinya Fukumatsu as
Official (ep 5)
Strategist (ep 2)
Shō Okumura as Soldier (ep 5)
Takaaki Uchino as Crette (ep 2)
Takaki Ōtomari as
Guard (ep 5)
Guardsman (ep 9)
Takashi Onozuka as
Official (ep 2)
Old Man (eps 8-9)
Strategist (eps 3-4)
Tetsuya Tashiro as
Crowd (ep 8)
Guardsman (ep 9)
Hostile Soldier (ep 6)
Man (eps 1, 4)
Mercenary (ep 12)
Soldier (5 episodes
eps 3, 5, 7, 10-11

Villager (ep 2)
Yōko Soumi as
Narr (ep 2)
People (ep 8)
Yoshikazu Nagano as Jail Guard (ep 5)
Yūki Kuwahara as Rin (child)
Japanese companies
English cast
English staff
Cherami Leigh as Rin
Melissa Fahn as Finis

Anne Yatco as Corte
Cassandra Morris as Monica Lux
Keith Silverstein as Bazra Bealmors
Kira Buckland as
Alyu Lux
Kyle McCarley as Henry Leobolt
Michael Sorich as Talgia Hawkrey
Reba Buhr as Pony Goodlight
Todd Haberkorn as Lood Berstein IV

Tony Azzolino as
Crette (ep 2)
King of Golt (eps 2, 8, 11)
English companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix (worldwide)
Production: SDI Media
French staff
French cast
ADR Director: Bruno Meyere

Adaptation: Anthony Panetto
Caroline Combes as Finis

Benoît Allemane as Talgia Hokley
Bruno Meyere as Lood Bernstein IV
Frédéric Souterelle as Barza Beamorsu
Jennifer Fauveau as
Monica Lux
Jessica Barrier as Pony Goodlight
Nessym Guetat as Henry Leobolt
Pascale Chemin as Allu Lux

Arnaud Laurent as Snore
Julien Chatelet as Berrow

French companies
Dubbing: Cinéphase
Internet Streaming: Netflix (France)
Production: SDI Media (France)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director:
Arturo Castañeda
Gonzalo Faílde (Spain dub)
Ángeles Aragón (Spain dub)
Ivan Viñas
ADR Script: Ivan Viñas

Production manager: Gabriela Garay (SDI Media Mexico)
Subtitle Translation: Virginia Ruiz Gracia (Netflix; Spain)
Alicia Vélez as Rin
Ana Ouro as Finis (Spain dub)
Cristal Lázare as Rin (Spain dub)
Leyla Rangel as Finis

Abraham Vega as Henry Leobort
Carla Castañeda as Alyu Looks
Carlo Vázquez as Rudo Bernstein IV
Carolina Vázquez as Al (Spain dub)
Chelo Díaz as Pony Goodlight (Spain dub)
Gaby Guzmán as Corte
Gonzalo Faílde as Bazra Bearmors (Spain dub)
Herman Lopez as Talgia Hawkrey
Juan Diéguez as Talgia Hawkray (Spain dub)
Luisa Fernández-Miranda as Mel (Spain dub)
Luz Tellería as Monica Lux (Spain dub)
Marisol Romero as Pony Goodlight
Melissa Gutiérrez as Monica Looks
Montserrat Davila as Allu Lux (Spain dub)
Nacho Castaño as Henry Leobolt (Spain dub)
Raul Dans as Rudo Bernstein IV (Spain dub)
Ruth Pazo Olivares as Corte (Spain dub)
Santiago Salorio as Dr. Weissen (Spain dub)

Alicia Taboada as
Narr (Spain dub)
Verna (Spain dub)
Dan Frausto as Snore (eps 4-7, 9-12)
Daniel Lema as Snore (Spain dub)
José Carlos San Segundo as Pat (Spain dub)
Juan Carballido as King Golt (Spain dub)
Juan Diéguez as Berow (Spain dub)
Matías Brea as Tolo (Spain dub)
Norberto Vilanova as Crette (Spain dub)
Oscar Rangel as Berrow (eps 4-7, 9-12)
Ruth Pazo Olivares as Alond (Spain dub)

Alicia Taboada (Spain dub)
Chelo Díaz (Spain dub)
Cristal Lázare (Spain dub)
Damian Cortés (Spain dub)
Daniel Lema (Spain dub)
Gonzalo Faílde (Spain dub)
Juan Carballido (Spain dub)
Juan Diéguez (Spain dub)
Montserrat Davila (Spain dub)
Norberto Vilanova (Spain dub)
Raul Dans (Spain dub)
Rocío Pereiras (Spain dub)
Santiago Salorio (Spain dub)
Suso Álvarez (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (Latin American and Spain dubs)
Internet Streaming: Netflix
Recording Studio:
SDI Media México (Latin American dub)
SDI Media Spain (Spain dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Pino Pirovano

Dialogues: Dominique Evoli
Francesca Bielli as Finis
Martina Felli as Rin

Alessandro Capra as Henry Leobolt
Chiara Francese as Allu Lux
Giulia Maniglio as Monica Lux
Jolanda Granato as Pony Goodlight
Massimiliano Lotti as Bazra Bealmors
Matteo De Mojana as Rudo Bernstein IV
Maurizio Scattorin as Tarsia Hawkrey
Renata Bertolas as Corte

Mario Scarabelli as Weissein
Mattia Bressan as Snore
Silvio Pandolfi as Berrow
Simona Biasetti as Verna
Italian companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (Germany)
Dubbing Studio: SDI Media Italy
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Italy)
German staff
German cast
ADR Director: Peter Minges
Script: Peter Minges

Casting: Thea Fleischer
Samira Jakobs as Finis

Ann Vielhaben as Corte
Friedrich Georg Beckhaus as Talgia Hawkrey
Hans-Jürgen Dittberner as Dr. Weisen
Leonhard Mahlich as Rudo Bernstein IV
Marieke Oeffinger as Pony Goodlight
Maximilian Artajo as Henry Leobolt
Melinda Rachfahl as Monica Lux
Olivia Büschken as Allu Lux
Peggy Pollow as Al
Tilo Schmitz as Bazra Bealmors

Dirk Petrick as Crette (ep 2)
Emma Pechan as Rin (young; ep 10)
Felix Ebert as Boy (ep 3)
Frank Ciazynski as Old Man (eps 8-9)
Hanns Jörg Krumpholz as Strategist (ep 2)
Isabella Vinet as Female Student (eps 8-9)
Jan Andres as Snoar (eps 4-7, 9-12)
Jeffrey Wipprecht as Messenger (eps 4-5)
Jodie Blank as Female Student (eps 8-9)
Juliana Götze as Mel (young; ep 10)
Laura Preiss as Woman (eps 8-9)
Luisa Casper as Chambermaid (ep 2)
Michael Pan as Jail Guard (ep 5)
Nikita Steinert as Boy (ep 8)
Peter Minges as Tolo (ep 2)
Peter Wagner as Berow (eps 4-7, 9-12)
Reinhard Scheunemann as King Golt (eps 2, 8, 11)
Sabine Walkenbach as Verna (ep 4)
Sandra Nedeleff as Narr (ep 2)
Tobias Lelle as Official (eps 2, 5)
Uli Krohm as Army Corps Chief (ep 3)

German companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Germany)
Production: SDI Media (German dub)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
ADR Director: Carla Martelli
Joana Miranda (Portugal)
Taïs Reganelli
Joana Miranda (Portugal)
Taïs Reganelli
Executive producer: Gustavo Souza

Administrative Manager: Lutze de Aquino
ADR Engineer: Rick Palma
Audiovisual Communication: Beto Sporkens
Casting Coordination: Renan Alonso
Financial Manager: Hector Vega
Maintenance: Jefferson Souza
Post Production: Thiago Miyazaki
Post-Production Coordinator: Marcelo Blanck
Pre-Production: Ricardo Patiri 
Pre-Production Coordination: Javier Nelson
Project Manager: Renato Somera
Scheduling: Beatriz Maríngoli
Camila Nakano Pereira
Joana Miranda (Portugal)
Web Content: Janaína Valim
Portuguese companies
ADR Production: SDI Media (Brazil)
ADR Studio: Dubbing Company (Campinas)
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Brazil and Portugal)

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