Shojo Legends Meet in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Alice Closet Crossover

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Phantom Thief Jeanne manga creator Arina Tanemura draws designs for dress-up smartphone game

The massively influential Revolutionary Girl Utena anime series will join the Alice Closet dress-up smartphone and PC game for a limited-time crossover event. New outfits inspired by Utena Tenjou, Anthy Himemiya, Touga Kiryuu, Kyoichi Saionji, Miki Kaoru, Juri Arisugawa, Nanami Kiryuu, Wakaba Shinohara, and Akio Ohtori will be available through the gacha in January.

The game, which features character designs by shojo manga legend Arina Tanemura, has previously collaborated with other influential shojo series, including Fushigi Yugi, Phantom Thief Jeanne, and Full Moon o Sagashite.

The game debuted on Android and iOS devices and as a PC browser game in August 2019. Players are put in charge of dressing up mysterious "Flower Dolls" referred to as "Alices" in the world of Wonderland. The player is transported to picture book-like Wonderland from the modern world by accident. Once there, they discover that flower dolls dress up for battle against one another. The player takes charge of flower dolls and traverses Wonderland while battling opponents.

Tanemura previously worked on character designs for Bandai Namco Games' IDOLiSH7 male idol game and is also the creator of the Phantom Thief Jeanne, Time Stranger Kyoko, Full Moon o Sagashite, and Idol Dreams manga series.

The 39-episode Revolutionary Girl Utena television anime adaptation from director Kunihiko Ikuhara originally aired in 1997. Central Park Media and later Nozomi Entertainment released the television series on DVD in North America, and Nozomi Entertainment released the series on Blu-ray Disc. Nozomi Entertainment's YouTube channel, Funimation, and Crunchyroll are streaming the series.

Crunchyroll describes the story:

"Never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up." When Utena was just a child and in the depths of sorrow, she found salvation in those words. They were the words of a prince, who bestowed upon her both a ring and the promise that it would lead her to him again. She never forgot the encounter. Now a teenager, Utena attends the prestigious Ohtori Academy; however, her strong sense of chivalry soon places her at odds with the student council and thrusts her into a series of mysterious and dangerous duels against its members.

Be-PaPas — a group of industry professionals including Chiho Saitō, Yoji Enokido (Bungo Stray Dogs, Star Driver), Shinya Hasegawa (Golden Time, Taboo Tattoo), Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon, Yuri Kuma Arashi), and Yūichirō Oguro (Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie) — developed the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga and anime at the same time. Saito's manga debuted in Shogakukan's Ciao magazine beginning in 1996, and Shogakukan published the series in five compiled volumes. Viz Media licensed and sold the manga in North America, and also released a collector's edition.

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