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Crunchyroll to Stream Recovery of an MMO Junkie Anime

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Anime about woman playing online game premieres in October

Crunchyroll announced at its Crunchyroll Expo panel on Saturday that it will stream the upcoming anime adaptation of Rin Kokuyō's Neto-Jū no Susume (Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life) manga. The official English title is Recovery of an MMO Junkie.

The series will premiere on October 9 at 25:40 (effectively October 10 at 1:40 a.m.) on Tokyo MX, and it will air later the same night on Yomiuri TV. The television anime will have 10 episodes, plus and 11th episode that will bundle with the Blu-ray Disc box set on December 8.

Crunchyroll describes the story:

Morioka Moriko (♀) is 30, single, and a NEET. She has dropped out of the real world. Searching for a safe place, the place she ended up... is the online world!!

“This world is crap.”

Morioka Moriko has become a complete NEET and in search for a more fulfilling life, she ends up travelling to the online world. The place she ended up was an online game.

In the world of this online game, Moriko starts a new life as a refreshing, handsome, young man with silky hair named Hayashi. However, she's an obvious noob and ends up dying numerous times when a lovely girl named “Lily” lends her a helping hand.

“She's an angel!”

After meeting Lily, she gains a trusted ally and her online gaming life becomes rather fulfilling. Meanwhile IRL, she ends up having a shocking encounter with a mysterious blonde-haired, blue-eyed, handsome, elite salaryman named Sakurai Yuuta.

After meeting him, the real world starts to change and starts effecting her online world as well?!

What will become of Moriko's fulfilling online life?!

In search for true fulfillment...

You should log into this world where online and reality intersect!

Kazuyoshi Yaginuma is directing the anime as Signal.MD (Ancien and the Magic Tablet, Atom The Beginning), and Saori Den is serving as assistant director. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Yatterman Night, Monster Musume) is handling series composition, Senbon Umishima (Black Bullet, She and Her Cat -Everything Flows-) is designing the characters, and Conisch (Hetalia: World Series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal) is composing the music.

Megumi Nakajima's is performing the opening theme song "Saturday Night Question." Yuka Aisaka is performing the ending theme song "Hikari, Hikari."

Kokuyō launched the manga on the Comico app in October 2013 and Kadokawa published two compiled volumes in 2015. The manga has been on hiatus since July 2015 due to the author's health. The Comico editorial department recently updated to confirm that Kokuyō is not yet in good enough condition to resume serialization.

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