Yu-Gi-Oh! (TV 1/1998)

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[ adapted from Yu-Gi-Oh! (manga) ]

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Alternative title:
King of Games
Yu-Gi-Oh The First Series
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Shadow Games
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami no Games (Japanese)
يوغى يو ألعاب الظل (Arabic)
يوغي (Arabic)
遊☆戯☆王 (Japanese)
遊戲王 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Game loving Mutou Yugi was given an ancient relic by his grandfather called the Sennen (Thousand-Year) Puzzle. He completed the puzzle and was possessed by the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh. The Pharaoh has no memories of who he is or how he got in the puzzle to begin with. The Pharaoh looks out for Yugi and his friends and Yugi agrees to help the Pharaoh recover his lost memory and help him be put to rest so he can go on to the afterlife and finally leave Yugi's body.
User Ratings: 1674 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 61 votes (sub:28, dub:23, edit.dub:2, raw:2, others:6
2 German dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Excellent: 95 votes (dub:48, sub:40, edit.dub:3, ?:2, raw:1, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Very good: 157 votes (dub:70, sub:66, edit.dub:9, ?:2, raw:1, others:9
2 Spanish dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Greek dubbed dubbed
1 Dutch edited dub
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Dutch dubbed
 Good: 319 votes (dub:166, sub:117, edit.dub:15, ?:2, raw:1, others:18
5 Spanish dubbed
3 French dubbed
3 German dubbed
1 Spanish edited dub
1 German
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Dutch dubbed
 Decent: 329 votes (dub:174, sub:118, edit.dub:16, ?:2, others:19
5 German dubbed
4 Spanish dubbed
3 Portuguese dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Polish edited dub
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Dutch dubbed
1 Greek dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
 So-so: 151 votes (dub:75, sub:52, edit.dub:16, raw:2, ?:1, others:5
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Dutch dubbed
 Not really good: 134 votes (dub:57, sub:41, edit.dub:16, ?:1, raw:1, others:18
5 German dubbed
5 Spanish dubbed
2 Swedish dubbed
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 Dutch dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Weak: 148 votes (dub:77, sub:37, edit.dub:18, ?:4, others:12
3 German dubbed
3 Swedish dubbed
3 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Dutch dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 108 votes (dub:68, sub:23, edit.dub:10, raw:1, ?:1, others:5
1 French dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Danish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Swedish dubbed
 Awful: 88 votes (dub:46, sub:21, edit.dub:11, ?:1, others:9
3 German dubbed
2 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Swedish dubbed
 Worst ever: 84 votes (dub:45, sub:28, edit.dub:6, ?:1, others:4
1 Swedish dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Dutch dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 4544 users, rank: #165 (of 6068)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 5.357 (So-so+), std. dev.: 2.5699, rank: #5282 (of 6062)
Weighted mean: 5.261 (So-so+), rank: #5384 (of 6062) (seen all: 6.32 / seen some: 4.98 / won't finish: 3.53)
Bayesian estimate: 5.277 (So-so+), rank: #4476 (of 4613)
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 27
Episode titles: We have 27
Vintage: 1998-04-04 to 1998-10-10
Opening Theme:
"渇いた叫び (Kawaita Sakebi)" by Field of View
Ending Theme:
"明日もし君が壊れても (Ashita Moshi Kimi ga Kowaretemo)" by WANDS
Official website:
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This is NOT the Yu-Gi-Oh! series that was released in North America by 4Kids; that was Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. This earlier series has never been released in English.
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou
Shinkichi Mitsumune (series 2)
Original creator: Kazuki Takahashi
Character Design:
Michi Himeno
Shingo Araki
Art Director: Nobuto Sakamoto
Duel Layout: Masahiro Hikokubo
Line Producer: Koji Beppu
Monster Design: Takahiro Kagami
Recording Director: Yuji Mitsuya
Series Layout: Junki Takegami
Theme Song Performance:
Field of View (OP)
Wands (ED)
Megumi Ogata as Yuugi Mutou

Hikaru Midorikawa as Seto Kaiba
Ryotaro Okiayu as Hiroto Honda
Takeshi Aono as Sugoroku Mutou
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Katsuya Jounouichi
Yumi Kakazu as Anzu Masaki

Airi Yoshida as Housewife
Akemi Misaki as
Boys(ep 22)
Female student(ep 19)
Akio Nojima as Professor Yoshimori(eps 5-6)
Atsushi Kisaichi as
Hirata(ep 17)
Male Student(ep 10)
Banjou Ginga as Doctor(ep 16)
Bin Shimada as Watch Collector Shoutarou(ep 4)
Chie Satou as Childhood Kaiba(ep 20)
Chikao Ohtsuka as Count Ledolly Sheldal(ep 8)
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Hamada Haiyama(ep 7)
Emi Uwagawa as
Kageyama sister B(ep 15)
Woman announcer(ep 22)
Hideyuki Umezu as Policeman(ep 2)
Hiroaki Miura as Male student(ep 13)
Hiromi Nishikawa as Blue(ep 22)
Hiroo Kobayashi as Policeman(ep 14)
Hiroshi Ito as Police inspector(ep 14)
Hiroshi Kamiya as Officer(ep 19)
Hisao Egawa as
Headman(ep 2)
Red(ep 22)
Jin Domon as
Male student(ep 1)
Official(ep 12)
Reporter(ep 17)
Student(ep 18)
Youth(ep 4)
Junko Noda as
Child(ep 12)
Grade school student(ep 21)
Kanako Okada as
Computer(ep 22)
Female student(eps 7, 10, 21)
Kaneto Shiozawa as Shadi(eps 5-6)
Katsue Miwa as Mokuba Kaiba
Kazuya Nakai as Male Student(ep 10)
Konomi Maeda as
Kageyama sister C(ep 15)
Kaoruko Bodyguard(ep 19)
Poki(eps 26-27)
Kouji Ishii as Hirutani(ep 9)
Kôzô Shioya as Student chairman Omi(ep 19)
Mahito Ohba as Spider Jirou(ep 2)
Makiko Mizogami as Mother(ep 4)
Masaharu Satou as
Black(ep 22)
Vice principal(ep 10)
Masako Katsuki as Ms. Chono(eps 10, 12)
Masato Hirano as Teacher Karita(ep 25)
Masaya Takatsuka as
Group member(ep 1)
Subordinate person(ep 20)
Megumi Urawa as Imori(ep 18)
Michie Tomizawa as Sanitation teacher(ep 11)
Michiko Neya as Shizuka Kawai
Miina Tominaga as Eileen Rao(eps 17, 24)
Miki Otani as
Child(ep 12)
Female Student(eps 10, 13)
Grade school student(ep 11)
O L(ep 14)
Miwa Yasuda as Schoolgirl(ep 18)
Naoki Imamura as
Aristocrat(ep 18)
Bodyguard(ep 3)
Foreigner(ep 5)
High executive(ep 20)
Male student(eps 10, 13, 19)
Old man(ep 7)
Other school leader(ep 9)
Policeman(ep 14)
Reporter(ep 17)
Shop manager(ep 12)
Student(ep 16)
Teaching man(ep 2)
Naoki Kinoshita as
Male student(ep 13)
Policeman(ep 14)
Pupil(ep 12)
Nobuhiko Kazama as
Game center employee(ep 4)
Teacher(ep 10)
TV news reporter(ep 2)
Nobuo Tobita as
Child(ep 11)
Warashibe(ep 11)
Nobuyuki Hiyama as
Dragon(ep 21)
Tetsu the Hedgehog(ep 2)
Rika Komatsu as
female student
Kaoruko Bodyguard(ep 19)
Ryo Horikawa as Ryuuichi Fuha(eps 12, 24)
Ryusei Nakao as Bomberman(ep 14)
Ryuuji Saikachi as Dimon(ep 20)
Ryûzaburô Ôtomo as Ushio(ep 1)
Saori Kaneda as
Female student(ep 7)
Schoolgirl(ep 1)
Sayoko Kawaguchi as Reporter(ep 17)
Shigeru Chiba as Kokurano(ep 13)
Shin Aomori as Professor Kanakura(ep 5)
Shitoshi Okado as Man(ep 20)
Shizumi Niki as
Honda's mother(ep 7)
Old woman(ep 4)
Shozo Iizuka as
Kujirata(ep 7)
Zork(eps 26-27)
Takashi Nagasako as Group member(ep 1)
Tamotsu Nishiwaki as
Doctor(ep 20)
Group member(ep 1)
Student(ep 9)
Teacher(ep 6)
Tetsu Inada as
Homeroom teacher(4 episodes
eps 3, 7, 12, 21

Jounouchi's father(ep 9)
Tetsu Kobayashi as Shop assistant(ep 15)
Tomohisa Asou as Manager(ep 9)
Tsutomu Kashiwakura as Ryou Bakura
Tsuyoshi Takishita as
Black suit man(ep 22)
Man(ep 18)
Monster(ep 26)
Reporter(ep 17)
Unshou Ishizuka as Gozaburo Kaiba(ep 20)
Wakana Yamazaki as Kageyama Lisa A(ep 15)
Yasuyuki Hirata as Male student(ep 3)
Yoshiyuki Kouno as
Chairman(ep 12)
Radio announcer(ep 2)
Teacher(ep 7)
Watchmaker's shop salesperson(ep 4)
Yukana Nogami as Miho Nosaka
Yukari Hikida as Grade school student(ep 21)
Yuko Tachibana as Ticket cashier(ep 14)
Yumi Touma as Kaoruko(ep 19)
Yuri Amano as Nurse Miyuki(ep 16)
Yuuko Sumitomo as Mayumi(ep 10)
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Toei Animation
Broadcaster: TV Asahi
Key Animation:
English staff
English cast
ADR Engineer: Joseph Shalack
English companies
Broadcaster: hungama india
French staff
French cast
Adaptation: Alexandre Gibert
Direteur de Plateau: Myriam Thyrion
Laurent Chauvet as
Yami Yugi

Nessym Guetat as Seto Kaiba

Arnaud Léonard as
Pegasus Crawford
Salomon Muto
Bruno Mullenaerts as
Bandit Keith
Joey Wheeler
Carole Bailien as
Mai Valentine
Rebecca Hopkins
Serenity Wheeler
Carole Baillien as Mai Valentine Rebecca Hopkins Serenity
David Manet as Tristan Taylor
Frédéric Meaux as
Yami Bakura
Jean-Marc Delhausse as Bandit Keith
Julie Basecqz as
Makuba Kaiba(ep 98)
Tea Gardner(ep 98)
Laurent Chauvet as Noah Kaiba
Marie Van R. as
Makuba Kaiba
Tea Gardner
Marie Van R as Téa ,Makuba Kaiba
Nessym Guetat as Insectoraga
Nicolas Dubois as Marek Ishtar
French companies
Recording Studio: Studio La Dame Blanche
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Alejandro San Martín as Estudiante/Duelista
Spanish companies
Broadcaster: All Toons
Italian staff
Italian cast
Claudio Moneta as Maximilian Pegasus
Debora Magnaghi as Tea Gardner
Elisabetta Spinelli as Serenity Wheeler(second voice)
Felice Invernici as Bakura Ryou
Gabriele Calindri as Tristan Taylor
Gianluca Iacono as Duke Devlin
Giovanna Papandrea as Serenity Wheeler(first voice)
Irene Scalzo as Mokuba Kaiba
Lorenzo Scattorin as Seto Kaiba
Massimo Di Benedetto as Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi
Simone D'Andrea as Joey Wheeler
Sonia Mazza as Mai Valentine
Italian companies
German staff
German cast
Joachim Kerzel as Narrator
Till Hagen as Maximillian Pegasus/Pegasus J. Crawford
Uschi Hugo as Serenity
German companies
Arabic staff
Arabic companies
Joseph Simon
SuperM Production (Background:SuperM Production)
Doblaj Enlightenment
KM Production (Backgrounds:KM Production)
Arabic cast
Adel Abou Hassoun as Hiroto Honda
Mansour Salti as Seto Kaiba
rafat bazo as Yuugi Mutou
Samar Kukes as Anzu Masaki
Ziad Rifai as Katsuya Jounouichi
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Dutch companies
Distributor: Indies
Danish staff
Danish cast
Simon Stenspil as Seto Kaiba

Annevig Schelde Ebbe as Téa Gardner(young)
Sebastian Jessen as Joseph "Joey" Wheeler

Mathias Klenske as
Weevil Underwood

Torbjoern Hartvig Hummel(as Torbjoern Hummel)
Danish companies
Broadcaster: DR1
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Jefferson Utanes as Yami Yugi
Robert Brillantes as Yugi Muto

Bernardo Malejana as Tristan(2nd dubber)
Ces Dela Cruz as Tea Gardner
Pinky Rebucas as Lady Mai Valentines
Tagalog companies
Dubbing: ABS-CBN
Polish staff
Polish cast

Iwona Rulewicz as Tea Gardner
Jaroslaw Budnik as Maximilian Pegasus
Marek Wlodarczyk as
Bakura Ryou
Joey Wheeler
Mikolaj Klimek as Seto Kaiba
Miroslaw Wieprzewski as Tristan Taylor

Polish companies
Broadcaster: Polsat
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Luís Velez as
Mário Bomba as
Yami Yugi(PT)
Mila Belo as Tea(PT)
Quimbé as Joey(PT)
Portuguese companies
Swedish staff
Swedish companies
Swedish cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
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