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Resident Evil: Degeneration (movie)

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Alternative title:
Biohazard: Degeneration
Reident Evil: Degeneração (Portuguese)
Resident Evil - Degeneración (Spanish)
Resident Evil 4: Degeneration (German)
Resident Evil CG
Resident Evil Degeneración (Spanish)
Resident Evil: Degeneracja (Polish)
Обитель Зла: Вырождение (Russian)
バイオハザード:ディジェネレーション (Japanese)
惡靈古堡特別篇:大撤退 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Themes: gore, virus
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: 7 years has passed since the outbreak and destruction of Racoon City occurred. Umbrella, a pharmacustical company, is dead. Leon S. Kennedy, a U.S government agent, and Claire Reidfield, a rescuer of a NGO Terrasave, are now caught in what is about to be a repeat in history. With the T-virus spreading in the Harvardille Airport and a new G-virus monster on the horizon, Leon and Claire race against time to stop this before history repeats itself.
User Ratings: 415 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 21 votes (dub:11, sub:8, others:2
2 Spanish subtitled
 Excellent: 54 votes (dub:34, sub:14, edit.dub:1, raw:1, others:4
3 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Very good: 80 votes (dub:49, sub:22, edit.dub:1, others:8
3 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 czech dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Good: 132 votes (dub:87, sub:37, raw:1, edit.dub:1, others:6
2 German dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Decent: 70 votes (dub:41, sub:26, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
 So-so: 29 votes (dub:15, sub:12, raw:1, others:1
1 Dutch subtitled
 Not really good: 11 votes (dub:6, sub:4, others:1
1 French dubbed
 Weak: 9 votes (dub:8, sub:1)
 Bad: 7 votes (dub:4, sub:3)
 Awful: 2 votes (dub:1, others:1
1 German dubbed
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 907 users, rank: #1316 (of 9024)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.017 (Good), std. dev.: 1.6725, rank: #3317 (of 9130)
Weighted mean: 6.911 (Good), rank: #3765 (of 9130) (seen all: 6.94 / seen some: 3.81 / won't finish: 2.00)
Bayesian estimate: 6.928 (Good), rank: #3364 (of 6870)
Running time: 97 minutes
Vintage: 2008-10-17
Premiere date:
2008-10-18 (Japan)
Release dates: We have 13
Ending Theme:
"GUILTY" by Anna Tsuchiya
Trivia: We have 1
News: Show:
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Resident Evil - 3 CG Movie Collection: Vendetta / Damnation / Degeneration (Dub.Blu-ray) 2017-10-17 (from $19.99)
    Resident Evil - 3 CG Movie Collection: Vendetta / Damnation / Degeneration [CA] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2017-10-17
    Resident Evil: Degeneration (Dub.Blu-ray) 2008-12-27 (from $9.49)
    Resident Evil: Degeneration [SteelBook + Bonus Disc] [Futureshop Exclusive] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2010-08-27
    Resident Evil: Degeneration [SteelBook + Bonus Disc] [Walmart Exclusive] (Dub.Blu-ray) 2010-08-31 (from $38.02)
DVD (Region 1)
    Resident Evil: Degeneration (Dub.DVD) 2008-12-27 (from $9.99)
    Resident Evil: Degeneration - Exclusive DVD & T-Shirt Gift Set (Dub.DVD) 2008-12-27

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Makoto Kamiya
Screenplay: Shōtarō Suga
Original creator:
Hideki Kamiya (Claire Redfield & Leon S. Kennedy)
Noboru Sugimura (Claire Redfield & Leon S. Kennedy)
Character Design: Naoyuki Onda
Mechanical design: Takeshi Takakura
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
Cgi Director: Atsushi Doi
Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Seiji Iseda (Saruchin Company)
Taro Morishima

2D Motion Graphics: Kanwa Nagafuji
Action Part Casting Producer: Hiroyuki Yoshida (U'Den Flame Works)
Airport Layout Design: Nobuhito Sue (Kusanagi)
Animation Supervisor: Yukinobu Fujimatsu
Art Supervising Director: Shui Wen Tsai (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Assistant Post-Production Editor: Mami Yamazaki
Assistant Post-Production Sound Mixer: Tomohiro Murakami
Assistant recording Engineer: Noriko Katō
Assistant Voice Over Producer: Kanae Seki (ZRO Limit)
CG Animation:
Akira Sugimoto (Spice Inc.)
Akiyuki Yawata (Spice Inc.)
Hideo Isoda (Saruchin Company)
Hong Tao Ni (CGCG Xiamen)
Ju Yang Gao (CGCG Xiamen)
Jun Hou (CGCG Xiamen)
Kakeru Yamada (Spice Inc.)
Kazuyuki Kitahara (Saruchin Company)
Kuo Wang (CGCG Xiamen)
Miho Itō (Saruchin Company)
Takashi Suzuki (Saruchin Company)
Takuya Iida (Saruchin Company)
Tao Tan (CGCG Xiamen)
Yan Zhou (CGCG Xiamen)
Yue Chen (CGCG Xiamen)
Yue Wang (CGCG Xiamen)
CG Animation Lead: Yasuhiro Kawada (Spice Inc.)
CG Line Producer: Nobuhiro Suzuki
CG Producer: Yuusaku Toyoshima
CGI Programmer: Mosquito Pan (CGCG Xiamen)
Character Face Modeller: Jamisin Matthews (Leon S. Kennedy)
Character Rigging Lead: Kiyoshi Nakayama
Character Rigging Supervisor: Keiichi Suda
Character Sequence Lead:
Joe Yamaya
Koji Uchino
Tsubasa Nakamura
Character Sequence Supervisor: Sachiko Okada
Character Supervisor: Tetsuya Nozawa
Co-executive producer: Toshihiro Tokumaru
Co-Producer: Hidenori Ueki
Compositing Supervisor: Yohei Shimozawa
Costume: Kuniko Hojo
Design: Tomo Hyakutake (G-Curtis)
Development: Hiraku Fukuda
Development Manager: Tonny Fang (CGCG Xiamen)
Dialogue Supervisor: Shinsaku Ohara
Drama Part Casting Producer:
Michelle Ladd (Broad Motion Entertainment)
Thom Williams (Broad Motion Entertainment)
Editing: Ryuji Miyajima
Editing Assistant: Narihiko Kohno
Editorial Coordination: Takaharu Kondo
Effects Lead: Yoshiharu Komiya
Effects Supervisor: Kouji Motoike
Effects Technical Director: Ken Otani
Facial Animation Supervisor: Kensaku Ishiyama
Guitar: Shogo Onishi
Bei Zhang (CGCG Xiamen)
Chao Peng (CGCG Xiamen)
De Xin Liu (CGCG Xiamen)
Hong Kun Zhang (CGCG Xiamen)
Jia Hua Liang (CGCG Xiamen)
Jin Huang (CGCG Xiamen)
Jing Wu (CGCG Xiamen)
Le Gao (CGCG Xiamen)
Ming Chen (CGCG Xiamen)
Shuai Wang (CGCG Xiamen)
Su Wei Ye (CGCG Xiamen)
Wei Wang (CGCG Xiamen)
Xin Qiu (CGCG Xiamen)
Xu Chen (CGCG Xiamen)
Yi Fang He (CGCG Xiamen)
Ying Hu (CGCG Xiamen)
Ying Zhou (CGCG Xiamen)
Yu Ji (CGCG Xiamen)
Ze Xin Song (CGCG Xiamen)
Zhen Liu (CGCG Xiamen)
Zhen Hua Yao (CGCG Xiamen)
Military Supervisor: Motosada Mori
Model Associate Director: Marty Wu (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Chaucer Chiu (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Frogsleep Shi (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Hsin Che Chen (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Jay Jian (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Kai Cheng Lin (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Mash Wang (CGCG Studio Inc.)
So Young Cheng (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Stacy Chang (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Modeling Supervisor: Yoshiaki Hirabayashi (Leon; Claire)
Motion Actor:
Aliyah Aska Irby (Rani Chawla)
Christy Hall (Angela Miller)
Derek Mears (Greg Glenn; G-Curtis)
Kazuki Muramatsu
Lori Rom (Claire Redfield)
Mayu Hiratsuka
Mike Mahaffey (Senator Ron Davis)
RC Ormond (Leon S. Kennedy; Curtis)
Rick Marcus (Frederic Downing)
Shingo Gotsuji
Motion Capture 1st Assistant Director: Gaku Nagao
Motion Capture 2nd Assistant Director: Kentaro Fujisawa
Motion Capture Action Coordinator: Kensuke Sonomura
Motion Capture Action Director: Hiroyuki Yoshida
Motion Capture Coordinator: Thom Williams
Motion Capture Production Assistant: Takashi Yoshida
Motion Capture Supervisor: Kouki Koshita
Motion Capture System Operator: Masashi Tsuchiya
Motion Capture System Technician: Hitoshi Araki
Music Co-Arrangement:
Naoya Kurosawa
Shogo Onishi
Pipeline Engineer: Woo Sung Jung
Post-Production Editor: Takeshi Yamazaki
Post-Production Producer: Yūki Hashimoto
Post-Production Sound Mixer: Kei Hirata
Production Coordination:
Chen Ju Chi (CGCG Xiamen)
Qiao Li Liu (CGCG Xiamen)
Sake Li (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Zhou Hong Wu (CGCG Xiamen)
Production Design: Shiho Tamura
Production Desk: Kanami Hara
Production manager:
Alen Fang (CGCG Xiamen)
Kumiko Oguri (Saruchin Company)
Sareana Sun (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Prop Design: Takumi Sakura
Recording engineer: Yasushi Nagura
Recording Production Manager: Yoshimi Sugiyama (Rakuonsha)
Research: Hiraku Fukuda
Research Manager: Tonny Fang (CGCG Xiamen)
Set Up Supervisor: Kensaku Ishiyama
Sets Art Supervisor: Keigo Takaya
Sound Design: Koji Kasamatsu
Sound Editor: Yoshiki Matsunaga
Sound Post Facility Coordinator: Takaharu Kondo
Special Thanks To:
Genichi Honma (Character Unit)
Hideaki Maegawa (Compositing Unit)
Ryo Horibe (Compositing Unit)
Yasuhiro Ohtsuka (Compositing Unit)
Yasushi Kawamura (Compositing Unit)
Yōichi Mōri (Compositing Unit)
Yoichiro Tajiri (Facial Animation & Set Up Unit)
Yoshiteru Tomita (Character Unit)
Chin Hsin Hsu (CGCG Xiamen)
Jun Niu (CGCG Xiamen)
King Tzu Lin (CGCG Xiamen)
Surround Mix Engineer: Akihiko Oono
System: Nai Fa Wang (CGCG Xiamen)
Teaser Sequence Supervisor: Atsushi Doi
Chaucer Chiu (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Frogsleep Shi (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Hsin Che Chen (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Jay Jian (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Kai Cheng Lin (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Mash Wang (CGCG Studio Inc.)
So Young Cheng (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Stacy Chang (CGCG Studio Inc.)
Theme Song Arrangement: CHOKUbich
Theme Song Composition: LUCA
Theme Song Lyrics: Michiko Motohashi
Theme Song Performance: Anna Tsuchiya
Bin Wu (CGCG Xiamen)
Hui Bin Fu (CGCG Xiamen)
Liang Chen (CGCG Xiamen)
Shuai Wang (CGCG Xiamen)
Voice Over Producer:
Haruyo Kanesaku (ZRO Limit)
Yutaka Maseba (ZRO Limit)
Zombie Design: Yuichi Matsui
Japanese companies
Action Part Casting Production: U'Den Flame Works
Airport Layout Design: Kusanagi
Animation Production: Digital Frontier
Casting Associate: Yoshikawa Casting Office
Drama Part Casting Production: Broad Motion Entertainment
Motion Capture Cooperation: Crescent, Inc.
Motion Capture Studio: OPAKIS
Music Collaboration: Mad Pray Records
Original Creator: CAPCOM
Post-Production Studio: P's Studio
Publicity: K-Press
Recording Production: Rakuonsha
Recording Studio:
Studio Gong
Studio T&T
Software Cooperation: Autodesk, Inc.
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
ADR Script: Mary Claypool
ADR Recording: Eddie J. Correa (Movie)
Dialogue Editing: Les Claypool III
Digital ADR Engineer: Eddie J. Correa
Production Assistant: Kanae Saki
English companies
ADR Production: ZRO Limit Productions
Internet Streaming:
Crackle (Expired)
CTV (Canada)
Recording Facility: Magnitude 8 Post
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Lourdes López (Spain dub)
Translation: Glòria Drudis (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Glòria Drudis (Spain dub)
Alicia Laorden as Claire Redfield (Spain dub)
Jorge Roig Jr as Leon S. Kennedy
Liliana Barba as Claire
Oriol Rafel as Leon S. Kennedy (Spain dub)

Gerardo Vazquez as Curtis Miler
Joan Massotkleiner as Senator Ron Davis (Spain dub)
Juan Carlos Gustems as Greg Glenn (Spain dub)
Manolo García as Frederic Downing (Spain dub)
Maria del Mar Tamarit as Angela Miller (Spain dub)
Marta Ullod as Rani Chawla (Spain dub)
Rafael Parra as Curtis Miller (Spain dub)

Carlos Iñigo as Greg
Diana Perez as Ingrid Hunnigan
Lourdes López as Rani's Aunt (Spain dub)
Octavio Rojas as Frederick Downing
Pilar Gefaell as Ingrid Hunnigan (Spain dub)
Susana Macías as Flight Attendant (Spain dub)

Miguel Calvo (Spain dub)
Pilar Gefaell (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
FX (Latin America)
HBO Latin America
MTV LA (Latin America)
Distributor: Sony Pictures Mexico
Dubbing Studio: 103 Todd-Ao Estudios (Spain dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Fabrizio Manfredi
Riccardo Rossi as Leon s. Kennedy
Rossella Acerbo as Claire Redfield

Eleonora De Angelis as Angela Miller
Simone Mori as Greg Glenn
Italian companies
Dubbing: SEFIT-CDC
German staff
German cast
Julia Haacke as Claire Redfield
Oliver Mink as Leon S. Kennedy

Geraldine Haacke as Rani Chawla
Johannes Raspe as Frederic Downing
Kathrin Gaube as Angela Miller
Ole Pfennig as Curtis Miller
Thomas Albus as Senator Ron Davis
Tobias Lelle as Greg Glenn
Veronika Neugebauer as Ingrid Hunnigan

German companies
Russian staff
Russian companies
Broadcaster: FAN TV
Distributor: Columbia/Sony Russia (2009)
Dubbing: SV-Double (for FAN TV)
Russian cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Lúcia Helena
Translation: Rachel Gardim Vieira

Screen: Sérgio Marques (Voice-over/locution)
Portuguese companies
Dubbing: Dublavídeo
Internet Streaming:
Google Play

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