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Metrocon Guest Announcement: Third Wave

Guest Announcement: Third Wave

METROCON 4: Florida's Largest Anime Convention

June 2-4, 2006

TAMPA BAY, FL, May 5, 2006 – METROCON has the honor and privilege to announce that Lupin III creator Monkey Punch (Kazuhiko Kato), voice actors Scott McNeil, Greg Ayres, and Marc Matney, ADV producer/director David Williams, and eclectic synth-rock band PLID have been added to the guest roster for this year's convention. While Greg Ayres and David Williams have been guests at METROCON in the past (this will be Greg's fourth appearance and David's third), this will mark the first appearances for Monkey Punch, Marc Matney, Scott McNeil, and PLID (featuring Christopher Patton).

Voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch, Luci Christian, Christopher Patton, Doug Smith, Cynthia Martinez, John Swasey, Lauren Goodnight, Steve Bennett, and Chris Sabat; ex-Psycho le Cemu members seek and YURAsama; and the alternative rock group Eyeshine have previously been announced as guests at METROCON 2006.


Born in Hokkaido in 1937, Monkey Punch started contributing his manga works for local newspapers from his childhood. Influenced by the American comic book "MAD," he made his debut by Playboy Nyumon (Playboy School) with his original drawing style. 1967 was the year that his series work, "Lupin the 3rd" was published, and he, along with the work, came to fame. He also won the INKPOT prize at San Diego Comic Convention in 1981.

Monkey Punch got his interest in digital manga creation and in its potential about 20 years ago. He is now creating many of his works digitally. His other works are as follows: Isshuku Ippan (Bed & Breakfast), Gyaku Isoppu Monogatari (Reverse Aesop's Fables), Lupin Kozou (Lupin, the Kid), Shamu-neko (Siamese Cat).

Monkey Punch is also Chairman of the Digital Manga Association (http://www.dma-j.net/dma_page/index.html). The goal of the organization is the sharing wisdom and knowledge about the technology necessary for creating cartoons based on digital _expression; pursuing the methods of research and study to obtain more effective means of _expression; and looking into copyright issues that will develop from digitization.


Easily one of the busiest voice actors in the world, millions of fans know him as the voice of Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing and Gundam: Battle Assault 2 as well as Koga from the hit series Inuyasha. Older fans may be familiar with his work as Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z and/or his work as Deadeye Duck in Bucky O'Hare and The Toad Wars.

Fans of Transformers know Scott well, as his voice talents have brought countless memorable characters to life, including Dinobot, Waspinator, Rattrap, Silverbolt and Dinobot II in Beast Wars/Beast Machines; Jetfire in Armada; and Jetfire and Strongarm in Energon. He can also currently be heard as Snarl and Backstop in Transformers: Cybertron, now airing on Cartoon Network.

Scott's voice work has earned him the adoration of fans worldwide. Fans find Scott's work everywhere, both in anime and domestic animation, including lending his vocal talents to Ace – The Bathound and Ignatius in Krypto: The Superdog; Destro and Gung Ho in G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom / Spy Trooops; Beast Man, Clawful, Mer-Man, Ram Man, Stratos, and Kobra Khan in He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe; Senor Hasbeena, Francisco of the Forest, Mino-Toro, El Perrito, and Heavy Traffic in ¡Mucha Lucha!; Vulture, Electro and Lester in Spider-Man Unlimited; and Wolverine/Logan in X-Men: Evolution.

Other notable voice work in anime includes King Aston and Jajuka in The Vision of Escaflowne; Jajuka in Escaflowne: The Movie; Zoids Battle Announcer, Deed #1, Rastani Sr., and Serge in Zoids: Fuzors; and Harlock in Galaxy Express 999/Adieu, Galaxy Express 999. His work can also be heard in series and movies such as Johnny Test, Bionicle, Scary Godmother, Barbie: Fairytopia, Barbie Of Swan Lake, Candyland: Great Lollipop Adventure, Dragon Booster, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Under The Skin, Master Keaton, Ben Hur, Yakkity Yak, The Christmas Orange, Frogger Beyond, Reboot, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer & The Island Of Misfit Toys, Nascar Racers, Casper's Haunted Christmas, Weird-Ohs, Shadowraiders/War Planets, Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Warriors Of Virtue, The Wacky World Of Tex Avery, Ranma ½, Hamtaro, and many more too numerous to list!

Aside from his voice work, Scott is also an accomplished live-action actor, whose credits include The Green Chain, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Stargate Sg-1, Strange Frequency, The Outer Limits, Ladies And The Champ, Viper, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Extreme Dinosaurs, Highlander, Hawkeye, Final Fight, Someone Else's Child, Seasons Of The Heart, Crackerjack, and Sleeping With Strangers.


Bridging the gap between the music they loved in the 80s and the synth sounds of the new millennium, PLID seeks to offer a retreat from the mindless pop that permeates the radio waves. By blending the strengths of what originally made 80s electro-pop edgy with today's modern electronic sensibilities, PLID has managed to form a sound that is all their own.

PLID consists of Chris Patton (vox, words), Frank Ortiz (melody, synths, programming, vox, words), and Eric Dano (vox, viz, words, moves, melody).

Check them out: www.myspace.com/plid

SoundClick: http://www.soundclick.com/pro/view/01/default.cfm?bandid=380075&content=main&songid=


Greg Ayres is not your average voice actor. The once "Fanboy" turned VA started working for ADV Films just a few years ago, and in that short time managed to snag two of his favorite roles in anime. He was thrilled to voice the role of his favorite character Son Goku in Saiyuki, then just one year later Kaworu Nagisa in the Director's Cut of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Other roles include Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Negi Springfield in Negima, Heihachi in Samurai 7, Satoshi Hiwatari in D.N.Angel, Pope Alessandro XVIII in Trinity Blood, Tsuyoshi in Kodocha, Leo in Ghost Stories, Tsujido in Speed Grapher, and Gau Ban in Shadow Skill.He can also be heard in other anime titles such as Super GALS!, Spiral, Macross, Mythical Detective Loki, Burst Angel, Gravion, Godanner, Prétear, Full Metal Panic!, E’s Otherwise and a whole lot more.

When he's not in a booth with headphones on, you can usually find him sporting headphones of another variety behind "the decks". A veteran nightclub DJ of many years, Greg has really enjoyed the opportunity of doing something else that he truly loves. From packed rooms at anime conventions, to the legendary stage of The Knitting Factory (NYC), Greg never misses an opportunity to share his love of music with anyone who will listen.


David Williams is an ADR Director and DVD Producer for Houston-based ADV Films. A long-time fan who has been with the company since his living room was used as the production facility for its first show (Devil Hunter Yohko), he has directed a variety of projects including Angelic Layer, Prétear, Najica, the original Nuku Nuku OAVs, Dirty Pair and Aquarian Age.


Marc Matney has dubbed an amazing array of anime in Wilmington in the past 10 years. He did some small roles in Bubblegum Crisis and Those Obnoxious Aliens before landing his first big role as Inspector Zenigata in Rupan III: The Fuma Conspiracy. He did other roles in Kite, BAOH, Crusher Joe: The Movie and Virtua Fighter before landing his biggest role to date- Ken Nakajima in You're Under Arrest! The Series, The Mini-Specials and the Movie. As an added fun bonus, he also provided the voice of Ken's dad, Daimaru in the series. He spends his days attempting to teach high school students about film and video (and of course anime!) and his nights playing guitar and keyboard in a garage band.


Johnny Yong Bosch made his debut as Adam, the Black Ranger on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. He appeared in over 200 episodes and both big screen versions of the series. He is also known for his voice acting work as Vash in Trigun, Kaneda in Akira, Reiji in Gate Keepers, Claus in Last Exile, Clair in Heat Guy J, Sakaki in Witch Hunter Robin, Mike in Please Twins, and Kiba in Wolf's Rain. Johnny has recently completed his directorial debut on a love action horror film called Devon's Ghost with Artist View Entertainment. Johnny is also a part of the rock band Eyeshine.


Luci Christian is a relative newcomer to anime but her professional background is extensive and includes a Master's in Acting and appearances at the John F. Kennedy Center and Houston's Alley Theater, as well as work in television, film and radio. These experiences have prepared her for voice roles as diverse as Kaname Chidori in Full Metal Panic!, Ran Kotobuki in Super GALS!, Yukari Tanizaki in Azumanga Daioh, Sasshi in Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Himeno in Prétear, Luna in Gravion, Dejiko in Di Gi Charat and Sarah in Kaleido Star.

Luci has attended METROCON four years in a row!


Chris is a voice actor for both ADV Films and Funimation Productions, and has voiced over sixty titles, including Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic!: Fumoffu (Sousuke), Gravion (Eiji), RahXephon (Ayato), Prétear (Sasame), Princess Tutu (Fakir), Chrono Crusade (Joshua), Aquarian Age (Kyouta), Hello Kitty's Animation Theater (Dear Daniel), E’s Otherwise (Kai), Angelic Layer (Ohjiro), Super GALS! (Rei Otohata), A Tree of Palme (Shatta), and Gantz (Nishi). Chris is also currently voicing a role he can't name just yet in Fullmetal Alchemist, and has voiced characters for Case Closed, the latest Lupin 3rd movie, Princess Nine, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Excel Saga, Kekko Kamen, and many more.


Cynthia was first introduced to anime when ADV cast her in her first acting/voice acting role ever as the dragon slayer sorceress Lina Inverse in Slayers. Since then she has voiced a variety of roles such as Sora in Kaleido Star, Hermes in Kino's Journey, Poemy in Puni Puni Poemy, Hiroko in RahXephon, Mikako in Voices of a Distant Star, Yuna in Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, Hikaru in Princess Nine, Hikaru Amano in Nadesico, Harue in Super GALS!, Mint in BASToF Syndrome, Meek in Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, Pike in Princess Tutu, and Kaho in Sister Princess. Other titles include Gravion, Aura Battler Dunbine, All-Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku, Azumanga Daioh, Excel Saga, Najica Blitz Tactics, Neo Ranga, Noir, Nurse Witch Komugi, and Those Who Hunt Elves.


A native of Houston, TX John has been cutting his acting chops since the late 80's. He started out as an improv actor working at the famous (or infamous) Comedy Workshop in Houston. This is where he started honing his vocal skills with different voices and character types. From there he went on to work for several theater companies and formed a couple of improv groups. It was during this time that he ran into a friend who suggested he try his hand at voice acting some anime. In 1997, he landed his first role with a company called A.D. Vision. Since then, John has gone on to voice numerous shows and characters. Not really the leading man type has actually given John the freedom to voice everything from Vulcan in Orphen to Ken in Kaleido Star. Other favorite roles include Ban Bunnings in Aura Battler Dunbine as well as lead roles in the live action films 2009 Lost Memories, Conduct Zero, Yesterday, and the soon to be released Jungle Juice. In 2004, John jumped to the other side of the “mic” to direct. His first effort was Wandaba Style. This followed with St. Seiya and Shinobi (live action). Both at home in front of and behind the mic, John loves working in the world of anime and with ADV Films! In addition to anime, John has voiced thousands of radio and tv commercials, not to mention some film work such as RAY and DAZED AND CONSUED. There are too many folks to thank for all the success John has realized, so he will just thank two: mom and dad!


Lauren Goodnight, a voice actress for ADV Films, has appeared in Aquarian Age - Sign for Evolution (Sarashina, Arayashiki West), Prétear (Natsue Awayuki), Angelic Layer (Narrator), Super GALS! (Sanae), Sorcerer Hunters: Chocolate, Springs, and Other Hot Things (Shiorina), Evangelion: Director's Cut, Noir, D.N.Angel, and RahXephon.

Anime has always been a part of her life, from watching Voltron and Speed Racer as a child through her Bachelor's Degree thesis on fandom (especially anime fandom)...showing how the love of something central can bind people together. In between all of the anime, she dances, sings for the bands "mit Reißzahnen" and "Hourglass System", draws the webcomic Status Report: FaerieTale, and writes a regular column for AnimeOnDVD.com as their Staff Music Reviewer.


Doug Smith is a Texas-based actor and artist who has been voicing titles at ADV Films for several years, most recently at their Austin-based Monster Island studios. In addition to his well-known portrayal of Kintaro Oe in Golden Boy, Smith can be heard as Doria and Pasta in Steam Detectives, the title character in Dragon Knight, Roger in Plastic Little, Kijima in Blue Seed, and as various characters in series such as Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Sorcerer Hunters, Those Who Hunt Elves and more.


Stephen Robert Bennett IV was born *&#@?! years ago at Tachikawa Air Force Base in Tokyo Japan. Being an Army brat, Steve moved all over the place in his younger days with his parents and four brothers, He spent his early years in Alaska and Colorado, and lived for almost eight years in Germany during elementary and junior high. The family moved back to Japan when Steve was in his teens, and while he was there he was lucky enough to land a job with Studio Aoehyma, and work under the great Japanese animator, Noboru Furusei (New Dominion Tank Police, Lupin III, etc.) During his time at Studio Aoehyma, Steve learned quite a bit about anime, and worked on such titles as Cat's Eye, the Urusei Yatsura TV Series and Only You, as well as many others for televison and Movies.

But finally, the family moved back to the States and settled in Virginia. Steve finished up high school, took some college courses, and ended up working at a bunch of different jobs. He worked at King's Dominion amusement park (where he met his future wife Nikki), and he also worked in a Japanese restaurant, a video store, and ended up working in construction.

Steve's Interest in Military! history lead him to take part in such movies as "Gettysburg" and various History Channel shows. Just look for him in the feathered gray slouch hat next to the soldiers in grey kepis!

About the time Steve and Nikki tied the knot (1994), Steve attended his first anime convention as a guest --Katsucon 1-- and finally remembered his true calling. He started up Studio Ironcat, a Japanese manga publisher, in 1997 and quit his construction job. Ironcat ran until 2004. Although Steve enjoyed his time with Ironcat, the job kept him too busy to focus on his own art. With the close of Ironcat, Steve was finally free to create his own comics, and get back into the artistic side of the industry. Today, Steve is busier than ever at conventions, has two new webcomics on-line at http://www.stevebennettart.com ("Shakespeare Rodeo" and "Life With Steve") and is finally letting his creative juices flow!

(And Koala's are running rampant at Koala Klub too!)

Steve has been to numerous anime conventions over the years (too many to mention here!) and has also lent his talents to other venues, such as the American Movie Association, Loyola University in Louisiana, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Iowa Gallery of Art.Steve also won the 1996 Osamu Tezuka Award for outstanding American Anime/Manga artist, and has taught animation/cel painting instructional classes at Comic Anime and Anime Pavillion. Steve's many appearances and personal approach to teaching and talking with anime fans about anime/manga over the years and his involvement with charities American Cancer Society, The Lupus Foundation, and Make A Wish Foundation have earned him the sobriquets of "Anime's Goodwill Ambassador"

Steve's friendly nature will entertain and inform all folks big and small so wherever he appears next, just pull up a chair, sit back, shoot the breeze with him and enjoy the ride!


Christopher Sabat has worked in voiceover and Audio Production for over 10 years. Starting as a DJ, his voice has been heard on countless radio stations, TV and radio commercials, phone systems, toys, voice-guided safety equipment, and as a narrator on industrial and feature films. His experience in anime voice acting career began in 1998 when he was cast as Yamcha and Igor on the Dragon Ball movie, “Sleeping Princess In Devil's Castle”. Soon afterwards, he was asked to join the anime giant FUNimation Productions to direct the Dragon Ball Z series. Since then, he has directed over 600 episodes of various anime, cartoons and videogames and has voiced some of the world's most popular anime characters including the Vegeta and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z, Kuwabara, Gama and Rizen in Yū Yū Hakusho, Jigen in Lupin III, AYAME in Fruits Basket, Alex Luis Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist, Principal Naru Naru and Kurosaki in Kodocha, Kikuchio in Samurai 7 and others. Recently, he was cast as both Saiga in the dark Gonzo title, Speed Grapher and Tres in Trinity Blood. He has also appeared in a variety videogame titles such as Deus Ex: Invisible War, Budokai, BloodRayne, SpikeOut, Blowout, Time Crisis 4, Eon Flux, and Roadkill.

Currently, Chris lives in Dallas, Texas and owns an interactive Audio Production company called OkraTron 5000, Inc where he lends his production talents to movies, television and interactive media as a producer, voice director, sound designer and an audio editor. He is represented by the Mary Collins Agency, for acting and voiceover work.

This will be Chris's first appearance at METROCON.


They're back! The Southern California based alternative rock group Eyeshine, have managed to “compile a great mix of ninja action melodies with karate explosive lyrics, well that is how they describe it.” Eyeshine's rock n roll ninjas are: Johnny Yong Bosch (vocals, guitar), Maurice Salmin (vocals, drums). and Alex Orantes (vocals, bass).

seek and YURAsama

These former members of the immensely popular Japanese J-rock band Pyscho le Cemu will be making special guest appearances at this year's convention. The bassist (seek) and percussionist (Yurasama) will be performing and signing autographs during the weekend.

METROCON is a weekend-long celebration of the numerous facets of Japanese popular entertainment – from anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comics), J-pop and J-rock (Japanese pop and rock music, performed by “idols”) to cosplay (costume design and performance) and video games.

Events at METROCON this year include: - The “Anime Human Chess Match” - Year 3, The Anime Fan Film Festival, “Anime Idol” J-Pop/J-Rock Competition, a concert featuring the alternative rock band Eyeshine, a formal ballroom dance, - Artists' Alley; - A “gong show style” cosplay competition; costume contest; dealers'/exhibition room, “DDR Extreme” Tournaments, - An Anime Music Video contest (AMVs), - Official convention screenings of new North American releases, - Panels with North American anime industry guests, - Live Celebrity Commentaries with the industry guests, - Dances and karaoke, - The METROCADE video game room and finally, continuous hours of Japanese anime and related programming.

METROCON takes place at the Tampa Convention Center located in downtown Tampa, Florida.

METROCON is presented by AnimeMetro.com

Visit www.metroconventions.com for more information.

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