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Alternative title:
Zero Zero Nine One
ゼロゼロナインワン (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Significant
Copyright notice:
© Ishimori Entertainment Inc / Project 009-1
©Ishimori Entertainment / Aniplex
Plot Summary: In an alternate world, the Cold War has continued to persist for 140 years. As a result, the world was divided into two factions: the West Block, and the East Block. As the Cold War drags on, the tension between the two factions, as well as the amount of nuclear weapons they have, rise. Mylene Hoffman is a female cyborg who is a spy for the West Block. Together with three other agents, Mylene partakes in various missions issued by her superiors.
User Ratings: 317 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 7 votes (sub:5, dub:2)
 Excellent: 19 votes (dub:11, sub:8)
 Very good: 36 votes (dub:21, sub:14, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Good: 108 votes (sub:54, dub:48, edit.dub:1, others:5
3 Spanish dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
 Decent: 67 votes (dub:38, sub:28, ?:1)
 So-so: 34 votes (dub:18, sub:16)
 Not really good: 12 votes (dub:8, sub:4)
 Weak: 17 votes (dub:9, sub:6, ?:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Bad: 10 votes (sub:5, dub:4, ?:1)
 Awful: 5 votes (sub:3, dub:2)
 Worst ever: 2 votes (sub:1, dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 736 users, rank: #1343 (of 6068)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.249 (Decent+), std. dev.: 1.869, rank: #4016 (of 6062)
Weighted mean: 6.275 (Decent+), rank: #3932 (of 6062) (seen all: 6.71 / seen some: 5.76 / won't finish: 4.10)
Bayesian estimate: 6.321 (Decent+), rank: #3539 (of 4613)
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 13
Episode titles: We have 13
2006-10-05 to 2006-12-21
2008-11-06 (Animax Latin America)
Opening Theme:
"Destiny girl" by Minato
Ending Theme:
"Theme Song of 009-1 (Closing Mix)" by Taku Iwasaki
Trivia: We have 5
009-1 DVD 3 (Nov 24, 2007)
009-1 DVD 1 (Jun 7, 2007)
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DVD (Region 1)
    009-1 - Complete Series (DVD) 2009-09-15
    009-1 - Complete Collection [S.A.V.E] (DVD) 2010-07-13
    009-1 (DVD 1) 2007-06-19
    009-1 (DVD 2) 2007-08-21 (from $18.32)
    009-1 (DVD 3) 2007-10-16
    009-1 - Box Set (DVD 1-3) 2009-01-20
    009-1 + Art (DVD 2) 2007-08-21 (from $31.98)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Naoyuki Konno
Series Composition: Shinsuke Onishi
Hidetoshi Oomori (eps 3, 6-7, 9)
Naoyuki Konno (6 episodes
eps 1-2, 4, 8, 11-12

Toru Yoshida (eps 5, 10)
Episode Director: Naoyuki Konno (eps 1, 8, 12)
Music: Taku Iwasaki
Original creator: Shotaro Ishinomori
Character Design:
Fujio Suzuki
Naoyuki Konno
Art Director: Yusuke Takeda
Chief Animation Director: Naoyuki Konno
Animation Director:
Fujio Suzuki (eps 3-4)
Hidetoshi Oomori (ep 10 assist.; 5 episodes
eps 4, 6-7, 9, 11

Naoyuki Konno (eps 1, 8, 12)
Toshimitsu Kobayashi (ep 10 assist.; eps 2, 6, 9)
Yuichi Nakazawa (eps 5, 7, 10)
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Director of Photography: Yoshihiro Tomita

3D CG:
Shin'ichirō Endō (Studio Galapagos; eps 1-2, 8)
Shingo Kobayashi (Studio Galapagos; eps 1-2, 8)
3DCG Cooperation:
Kanae Murakami (eps 1-2, 8)
Miki Yoshida (eps 1-2, 8)
Naosuke Hori (eps 1-2, 8)
Takashi Suzuki (ep 1)
Animation: Naoyuki Konno (OP, ED)
Color design: Sachiko Harada
Editing: Seiji Morita
Key Animation:
Fujio Suzuki (10 episodes
eps 1-4, 6-7, 9-12

Haruko Iizuka (ep 2)
Hideki Furukawa (eps 3, 9-12)
Hidetoshi Oomori (9 episodes
eps 1-4, 6, 8-9, 11-12

Hiroki Yamamura (6 episodes
eps 1-2, 4-10 even

Hiroyuki Negishi (4 episodes
eps 5, 7, 10, 12

Hiroyuki Ohkaji (ep 3)
Kahoru Akaogi (eps 6-7, 9-12)
Kazunori Ozawa (eps 10-12)
Kei Oohashi (ep 5)
Keita Shimizu (eps 3, 8)
Kenichirou Yamamoto (ep 5)
Kiyoshi Matsushita (ep 6)
Makoto Matsuo (ep 1)
Makoto Yamada (ep 1)
Masahiko Itoshima (eps 1-9, 12)
Masahiko Matsuo (ep 5)
Masami Yoshioka (eps 9-12)
Masanori Yamagata (eps 9-10)
Naoko Yamamoto (ep 1)
Naoto Yoshida (ep 5)
Naoyuki Konno (ep 12)
Noboru Furuse (ep 4)
Nobutaka Masuda (ep 5)
Satomi Kurita (eps 2, 10-11)
Shuuji Miyazaki (eps 6-7, 9-12)
Takeshi Morita (eps 3, 5)
Tatsuyuki Maeda (eps 9-12)
Toru Yoshida (6 episodes
eps 3, 5, 7, 10-12

Toshifumi Kusunose (ep 6)
Yuichi Nakazawa (eps 3, 5, 7-12)
Yuko Okamoto (eps 9-12)
Yuta Tsuchiya (eps 2, 6, 10-12)
Yuuta Ootaka (ep 8)
Music Performance: Masanori Hirohara (Trombone)
Special Effects: Nobutaka Murakami (Asahi Production)
Theme Song Performance: Minato (OP)
Yumiko Shaku as Mylene "009-1" Hoffman

Akeno Watanabe as Berta "009-4" Kastner
Houchu Ohtsuka as "Number Zero"
Marina Inoue as Mia "009-7" Connery
Satsuki Yukino as Vanessa "009-3" Ibert

Akihiko Ishizumi as S(ep 9)
Akihiro Nemoto as Spy(ep 6)
Akimitsu Takase as Mylene's father(ep 8)
Atsuko Yuya as Kei(ep 9)
Atsushi Imaruoka as
Apollo(ep 4)
Management(ep 8)
Banjou Ginga as Phantom(ep 4)
Chie Matsuura as Mylene(young)
Chiwa Saito as Freya(ep 4)
Daiki Matsubayashi as
Staff(ep 11)
Surveillance staff(ep 10)
Daisuke Matsuoka as
Boy(ep 3)
Speaker(ep 11)
Staff(ep 10)
Eriko Kawasaki as Mary(ep 7)
Eriko Kigawa as Mylene's mother(ep 8)
Fumitoshi Miyajima as Bodyguard A(ep 4)
Hiroshi Yanaka as Nelson(ep 8)
Jin Yamanoi as Ivan Godunov(ep 1)
Junichi Endou as Zond Soyuz(ep 1)
Katsumi Chou as Iron Heart(ep 6)
Keiichi Noda as Mars(ep 4)
Keiji Fujiwara as Egg(ep 3)
Keikou Sakai as Cameraman(ep 5)
Kensuke Tamura as Suri(ep 5)
Kiyotaka Furushima as Driver(ep 6)
Kouhei Fukuhara as Staff(ep 10)
Kousuke Toriumi as Borzov(ep 5)
Kunihiro Kawamoto as
Agent(ep 3)
Man(ep 9)
Management(ep 8)
Masami Iwasaki as
Aide(eps 10-11)
Man(ep 1)
Masashi Hirose as Secretary(ep 10)
Masataka Sawada as Disposal group member(ep 2)
Megumi Kubota as
Announcer(ep 12)
Victor(eps 10-11)
Megumi Matsumoto as Tony(ep 9)
Michiru Yamazaki as Mutant girl(ep 2)
Misa Kobayashi as Rider(ep 9)
Naomi Kusumi as Double Gomez(ep 2)
Natsuki Mori as
Head nurse(ep 10)
Landlady(ep 1)
Nobutoshi Canna as Norman(ep 9)
Nobuyuki Kobushi as Doctor(ep 8)
Norio Wakamoto as
Chief(ep 6)
Officer(ep 11)
Ryoko Ono as Bess(ep 8)
Ryusaku Chijiwa as
Bodyguard B(ep 4)
Soldier A(ep 12)
Spy(ep 11)
Shigeo Kiyama as Minister's secretary(ep 10)
Shinya Fukumatsu as Soldier B(ep 12)
Takashi Nagasako as Official(ep 11)
Takashi Oohara as Rider(ep 9)
Takayuki Nezu as Spy(ep 6)
Takeshi Mori as
Management(ep 10)
Staff(ep 11)
Tamio Ohki as Bart(ep 7)
Tetsuharu Ohta as Guard(ep 2)
Tohru Furusawa as President(eps 10-11)
Tomoko Miyadera as Ludmila Tundra(ep 1)
Tsuguo Mogami as Disposal group member(ep 2)
Youji Ueda as Dark Green
Yousuke Akimoto as Man(ep 5)
Yuki Kaida as Billy(ep 7)
Yuuichi Ishigami as
Ivan(ep 8)
Mike(ep 3)
Yuusaku Yara as Odin(ep 4)
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Ishimori Entertainment Inc.
Animation Production Assistance: Ishimori Productions
Digital Paint:
Hayashi KK
Studio Elle
Key Animation:
Frontline (eps 4-5)
Hayashi KK (eps 1-2, 4-5)
Studio Pastoral (eps 1-2, 4-8)
Music Production: Aniplex
Asahi Production
Azuhata Production (OP; ep 8)
ufotable (eps 8-12)
Production: TBS
special effects: Asahi Production
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Charles Campbell
Translation: Amy Forsyth
ADR Script: George Manley
Executive producer:
Joey Goubeaud
John Ledford
Producer: Scott McClennen

DVD Menu Design: Lauren Paterson
International Coordination: Toru Iwakami
Media Coordinator: Janice Williams
Production manager: Shelly Thomas
Recording engineer: Bobby Gordon
Sound Design: Jacob A. Gragard
Subtitle Script: Dwayne Jones
Subtitle Timing: Dwayne Jones
Translation Proofer: Kaoru Bertrand
Alice Fulks as Mylene Hoffman(009-1)

Celeste Roberts as Vanessa Ibert(009-3)
Grant James as Number Zero
Gray Haddock as Loki
Rebekah Dahl as Mia Connery(009-7)
Serena Varghese as Berta Kastner(009-4)
Steve Fenley as Doctor Green

Aamir Hydari as Management Staff(ep 10)
Andrew Love as
DJ(ep 13)
Eddie(ep 13)
Mars(ep 4)
S(ep 9)
Brando Austin as
Agent Johnny Whispers(ep 5)
Man(ep 1)
Recruiter(ep 8)
Charles Campbell as Secretary General(ep 10)
Christine Auten as Tony(ep 9)
Christopher Loveless as Norman(ep 9)
George Manley as
Apollo(ep 4)
Double Gomez(ep 2)
Glenn Fraser as
Mutant Boy(ep 2)
Mutant Girl(as Glenda Fraser; ep 2)
Jackson Witherspoon as Peter(ep 13)
Jason Douglas as Director(ep 6)
Jay Hickman as The Phantom(ep 4)
Jenny Larson as Mysterious Woman/Golden Cyborg(ep 5)
John Gremillion as Ivan Godunov(ep 1)
John Swasey as
James(ep 13)
Mylene's Father(ep 8)
Presidential Aide(eps 10-11)
Josh Grelle as
Cameraman(ep 5)
Ivan(ep 8)
Scott(ep 13)
Kerry Parish-Campbell as Newswoman(ep 10)
Kim-Ly Nguyen as Mylene Hoffman(Young; ep 8)
Luci Christian as
Beth(ep 8)
Billy(ep 7)
Marty Fleck as
Iron Heart(ep 6)
President(eps 10-11)
Maxwell MacAllister as Executive(ep 8)
Michael Dalmon as Borzov(ep 5)
Nancy Novotny as Freya(ep 4)
Phil Ross as Executive(ep 8)
Rebekah Dahl as Mylene's Mother(ep 8)
Rob Mungle as Odin(ep 4)
Robert Kraft as Nelson(ep 8)
Serena Varghese as Agent 808(ep 1)
Shannon Emerick as Kay(ep 9)
Shelley Calene-Black as Mary(ep 7)
Smokey Delange as Karl(ep 13)
Stephanie Wittels as Victor(eps 10-11)
Strom Cavandish as Executive(ep 8)
Vic Mignogna as
Egg(ep 3)
Priest(ep 1)
Vicki Barosh as Lyudmila Schindler(ep 1)
Wendel Calvert as Sam(ep 13)
Winston Parish as
Dr. Zond Soyuz(ep 1)
Grandpa Bart(ep 7)
Xero Reynolds as Secretary(ep 10)

English companies
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director: Diana Perez
Circe Luna as Mylene Hoffman(009-1)

Adriana Nuñez as Vanessa Ibert(009-3)
Ana Lucia Ramos as Mia Connery(009-7)
Carlos Enrique Bonilla as Number Zero
Lupita Leal as Berta Kästner(009-4)
Victor Ugarte as Loki

Anabel Mendez as Lyudmila Schindler
Armando Coria as Huevo(ep 3)
Carlo Vázquez as Billy
Daniel Abundis as Billy(ep 9)
Diana Perez as Mutant Girl(ep 2)
Héctor Moreno as Gudunov
Isabel Martiñon as Sakura Yamazaki
Kaihiamal Martínez as Man in Restaurant(ep 3)
Manuel Díaz as Victor
Mariana Ortiz as Freya
Mayra Arellano as Computer Voice(ep 2)
Rafael Rivera as Agent 01
Raul Espinoza as Doctor Son Soyuz
Spanish companies
Broadcaster: Animax Latin America
Dubbing Studio: New Art Dub (Mexican dub)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
César Marchetti as Number Zero
Letícia Quinto as Mylene Hoffman

Alfredo Rollo as Loki
Angelica Santos as Vanessa Ibert/009-3
Raquel Marinho as Berta Kastner/009-4
Tatiane Keplermaier as Mia Connery/009-7

Cassius Romero as Apolo
Fadu Costha as Ivan Godunov
Gileno Santoro as Dr. Zond Soyuz
Luiz Antônio Lobue as Fantasma(Phantom)
Marcelo Pissardini as Marte(Mars)
Mauro Castro as Odin
Zaira Zordan as Ludmila Schindler
Portuguese companies
Broadcaster: Animax
Dubbing Studio: Álamo
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