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Neo Media

Kanji name: ネオメディア
Foundation date: 1969
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
Air (movie) : Production Cooperation

Alice in Wonderland (TV) : Animation

Ane Haramix (OAV) : Key Animation

Angel Heart (TV) : Digital Paint
, In-Between Animation (4 episodes

eps 29, 37, 42, 49
), Key Animation (eps 29, 37, 49)
Anime-Gataris (TV) : Key Animation (ep 5)

Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon (TV) : Key Animation (ep 12)

Appleseed (OAV) : Animation

Armored Trooper Votoms: Big Battle (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Bartender (TV) : Key Animation

Battle Spirits Burning Soul (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 28)

Bloodivores (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Brave Witches (TV) : Key Animation (ep 13)

Call Me Tonight (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Canvas 2 - Niji Iro no Sketch (TV) : Key Animation (eps 13, 15, 21)

Capeta (TV) : In-Between Animation

Captain Tsubasa (TV) : In-Between Animation
, Key Animation
Captain Tsubasa: Asu ni Mukatte Hashire! (movie 3) : Key Animation

Captain Tsubasa: Sekai Daikessen!! Jr. World Cup (movie 4) : In-Between Animation

Cardfight!! Vanguard G (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Comet Lucifer (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Cooking Papa (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6)

Dash! Yonkurō (TV) : Key Animation (eps 2, 7)

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (TV) : Key Animation (ep 20)

Dogtanian and The Three Muskehounds (TV) : Key Animation (ep 22)

Doraemon the Movie: Nobita in the Haunts of Evil (movie 1-03) : Production Cooperation

Doraemon the Movie: The Record of Nobita's Spaceblazer (movie 1-02) : Production Cooperation

Doraemon: What Am I for Momotaro (movie) : Production Cooperation

Eiga Dokidoki! Precure Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibō no Dress (movie) : Production Assistance

Fang of the Sun Dougram (TV) : In-Between Animation

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 8)

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! (OAV) : 2nd Key Animation

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! (OAV 2) : 2nd Key Animation (eps 2, 5)

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (eps 8-10)

Fight! Iczer-One (OAV) : In-Between Assistance

Flip Flappers (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

(The) Fruit of Grisaia (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 1)

Gall Force - Eternal Story (movie) : In-Between Animation

Game Center Arashi (TV) : In-Between Animation (6 episodes
eps 3-4, 6, 11, 15, 24
, Key Animation (eps 2, 6)
Girl Friend BETA (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (eps 1, 3, 9, 11)

God Mars: Untold Legend (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Gokujō!! Mecha Mote Iinchō (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 18)

Golden Kamuy (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Golgo 13: The Professional (movie) : Animation Assistance

Green Green (TV) : 原画 (ep 10)

Gundam Reconguista in G (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Hades Project Zeorymer (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Heavy Metal L-Gaim (TV) : In-Between Animation (eps 40-52 even)

(The) Heroic Legend of Arslan (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Himōto! Umaru-chan R (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

(The) irregular at magic high school The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars : 2nd Key Animation

ISLAND (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 6)

Judo Sanka (TV) : Animation (eps 12, 20, 27)

Kaibutsu-kun (TV 2) : Animation (eps 7, 10)

Kamiwaza Wanda (TV) : Key Animation (ep 1)

Karura Mau (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Kiko Senki Dragonar (TV) : Key Animation (eps 1, 4, 10)

KONOSUBA - God's blessing on this wonderful world! 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Kōya no Shōnen Isamu (TV) : Animation (uncredited)

Laid-Back Camp (TV) : Key Animation (ep 4)

Laidbackers (movie) : Key Animation

Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6)

A Little Princess Sara (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 2)

Locke the Superman (movie) : Animation

Locke the Superman: Lord Leon (OAV) : In-Between Animation (ep 1)

Luna Varga (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Lupin III: Part IV (TV 2015) : 2nd Key Animation

Lupin III: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon (movie) : In-Between Animation

Lupin the 3rd (TV) : Key Animation (uncredited)

Machine Robo: Battle Hackers (TV) : In-Between Animation

Madō King Granzort (TV) : In-Between Animation

Majokko Club Yoningumi - A Kuukan Kara no Alien X (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Mister Ajikko (TV) : Animation (eps 28, 33, 37)

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 16)
, Key Animation (ep 35)
Mr. Osomatsu (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Ms. Koizumi loves ramen noodles (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Naruto Shippūden (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Nekopara (OAV) : Key Animation

Panzer World Galient (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Planet With (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6)

Plastic Memories (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Pokémon Sun & Moon (TV) : Key Animation (ep 22)

Prefectural Earth Defense Force (OAV) : In-Between Animation

Punch Line (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Raccoon Rascal (TV) : Key Animation (11 episodes
eps 1-5, 7, 17, 21-22, 28-29

Revue Starlight (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

(The) Rising of The Shield Hero (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 3)

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (TV) : Key Animation (ep 10)

Schwarzes Marken (TV) : Key Animation (ep 10)

Sengoku Basara: End of Judgement (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Shin ATASHIn'CHI (TV) : In-Between Animation

Sonic Soldier Borgman (TV) : In-Between Animation
, Key Animation
Space Adventure Cobra - The Movie : Animation Cooperation

Spirit Warrior (OAV) : In-Between Animation (ep 1)

(The) Story of Fifteen Boys (special) : Key Animation

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 2)

Sword Gai: The Animation (ONA) : 2nd Key Animation
, Key Animation (ep 11)
Sword Gai: The Animation Part II (ONA) : 2nd Key Animation

Tensai Bakabon (TV) : Animation

Teppei (TV) : Production Cooperation (ep 22)

Tokyo ESP (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (eps 6, 10)

Topo Gigio (TV) : In-Between Animation

Triage X (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

UFO Senshi Daiapolon (TV) : Backgrounds
, Finish Animation, In-Between Animation, Key Animation
Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 1)

Urusei Yatsura: Lum The Forever (movie 4) : Production Assistance

Watashi to Watashi: Futari no Lotte (TV) : Key Animation (4 episodes
eps 3, 9, 13, 17

Welcome to Irabu's Office (TV) : Key Animation

Xabungle (TV) : Key Animation (ep 4)

Yoshimune (TV) : Key Animation

Yotsuiro Biyori (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (TV) : 2nd Key Animation

Yumemiru Topo Gigio (TV) : In-Between Animation
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