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LimeLover J-2-X's Anime

Seen some Rating Comment
(The) Adventures of Mini-Goddess (TV) Good
Arjuna (TV) Good
Berserk (TV) Decent
Bleach (TV) Decent
(La) Blue Girl (OAV) Decent
Cardcaptor Sakura (TV) Weak
Case Closed (TV) Decent
Comic Party (TV) Decent
Descendants of Darkness (TV) So-so
Digimon Adventure (TV) Decent
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (TV) So-so
E's Otherwise (TV) So-so
Full Metal Panic! (TV) Good
Full Moon o Sagashite (TV) Good
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) Good
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) Very good
Gravitation (TV) Very good
Gungrave (TV) Weak
.hack//Liminality (OAV) So-so
.hack//SIGN (TV) Decent
Hand Maid May (TV) Decent
Inuyasha (TV) Decent
Kaleido Star (TV) Very good
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (TV) So-so
Magic Knight Rayearth 2 (TV 2) Not really good
MegaMan NT Warrior (TV) So-so
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (OAV) Not really good
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (TV) Good
Monster Rancher (TV) So-so
New Angel (OAV) Not really good
New Cutey Honey (OAV) Good
Noir (TV) Decent At first I thought Noir was going to deliver the goods in not only the insanely cool action aspect, but also in the intelligent story department too. How wrong was I. This show has really original action oozing with style and flavor, but the plot leaves much to be desired.....it builds up, and builds up, and builds up....and then....nothing.......except for mundane plot elements trying to be more interesting than they really are. I was expecting so much more from this series.
Pokémon (TV) So-so
Ranma ½ (TV) Good
Rurouni Kenshin (TV) Excellent
S-CRY-ed (TV) Very good
Samurai Champloo (TV) Good
Scrapped Princess (TV) Good
Sonic X (TV) So-so
Space Pirate Captain Herlock The Endless Odyssey (OAV) Good
Steel Angel Kurumi (TV) Decent
Stellvia (TV) Good
Super GALS! (TV) Good
(The) Super Milk-chan Show (TV) So-so
Texhnolyze (TV) Decent
Wandaba Style (TV) So-so
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files (TV) Not really good
Yu-Gi-Oh! (TV 1/1998) Awful
Zoids (TV) So-so

Seen all Rating Comment
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie Good
Akira (movie) Decent Overall it is one of the classics of old school anime, but by no means a staple in everyone's collection. Maybe a bit too much hype behind this movie but at the core it is a really decent film.
Angel Links (TV) Good I could NOT get past the first couple of episodes for oh....about 3 months until I finally gave it another shot. It turned out much better than I thought it would and although I wouldn't consider it extremely good, it is a worthy follow up to Outlaw Star (if not a remote one).
Angel Sanctuary (OAV) Bad Bad! Bad! Bad!......disgusting incest anime drooled upon by pretty boy and yaoi loving fangirls. Oh, did I forget to mention the tired and over used psuedo christian themes behind it?......well it's there all right. Yuck....i'll pass.
Angel's Egg (movie) Very good
(The) Animatrix (OAV) Good
Appleseed (OAV) Not really good I'm not very impressed with Shirow's work as a whole, excluding probably GITS, but NOT excluding this OAV/movie/whatever the hell it is.
Appleseed (movie) So-so
Azumanga Daioh (TV) Masterpiece Wow....just.....wow. Once upon a time I thought that an anime *MUST* have a significant meaning or a fairly sturdy plot to even be considered something good in my book.....that is, until Azumanga Daioh proved me very *VERY* wrong. Such a care free attitude represented throughout the whole show all in the name of wholesome fun that actually entertains. I love this show with all my heart.
Azumanga Daioh - The Very Short Movie Decent For fans of Azumanga, this is just a short 5 minute clip composed of a few funny scenes rehashed from the TV show, but presented in a slighty different manner with slightly different character designs. Watch it just to say you've watched it :)
Bastard!! (OAV) So-so Not all that great, but I do enjoy the many references to 80s metal bands scattered all throughout the show in the names of towns and castles and such.
Bible Black (OAV) Not really good Ehh....probably one of the best hentai anime I have seen, but still....it's just hentai....which I myself am not that entertained by on the average.
(The) Big O (TV) Very good
Blood: The Last Vampire (movie) Good I think the plot could have used some work and it should have been a bit longer, but this is one of those *RARE* cases that the eye candy actually made up for it......at least in my opinion anyway.
Blue Gender (TV) Not really good Blue Gender was the first series I entirely COMPLETED, and while I think the series is total trash, it somehow manages to hold a special place in my heart since it was my first. Why does crap have to be special to me?...lol.
Blue Seed (TV) Excellent I hate using the word "classic" when referring to anything in general since there is no basis of what a classic is or what a classic isn't, but unfortunately the only word I can think of when I think about Blue Seed is "classic". Very likeable characters and something really catchy about it that I can't quite put my finger on.
Blue Seed Beyond (OAV) Decent I advise anyone who has NOT seen the series to avoid this OAV, as this is strictly for the diehard fans of Blue Seed. Very rewarding to fans of the original series in terms of character growth and getting to see your favorite characters again, but disappointing in the fact that too much fan service was included and it had a fairly lackluster plot.
Boogiepop Phantom (TV) Very good Wow....a mind-boggling series that follows up with it's head games in terms of plot and continuity. This one still confuses me, but obviously there is something very original and commendable in this series in the fact that it makes you *THINK* about the intricately woven story it has presented in front of you. Only watch if you're willing to *THINK* about your anime, or else you'll probably just dismiss this as trash.
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (TV) So-so This series was really good only about half of the time......for every good episode that hooked me in and grabbed my attention, there was an equal number of complete filler episodes that bored me to death. I got quite annoyed with the whole thing as I was barely able to finish it at times because the filler made the story so mundane. In the end, I personally don't think they should have tried making a 26 episode remake of an 8 OAV series.....there is bound to be filler of epic proportions when you try to stretch it out like that.
(The) Cat Returns (movie) Excellent
Cat Soup (OAV) Very good
Ceres, Celestial Legend (TV) Excellent This series is, and always will be, one of my guilty pleasures. I normally don't dig storys like this one, but for some reason it managed to hook me in like a fanboy.....I normally don't get fanboyish over *ANY* shows, but this show brought it out of me in mysterious ways. One of the major reasons why I think this show was so entertaining to me was that it was a decidedly shoujo series, but it also had a brutal shounen execution at times. Shoujo with a bit of shounen thrown in.....exactly how I like it :)
Chrono Crusade (TV) Very good
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Masterpiece What can I say about Bebop that already hasn't been said?.....NOTHING! If you haven't seen this series by now, go do yourself a favor and watch the show in it's entirety....you won't be disappointed.
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Excellent ^^^^^^^Refer to the comment above^^^^^^^ A *VERY* worthy follow up to the TV series....complete with infectiously catchy opening and ending songs.
Dragon Half (OAV) Good (dub), Very good (sub) AHHH!!! I love the ending song! This is old school comedy genre at its finest. I truly think this series stands the test of time in terms of comedy and entertainment.
Early Reins (OAV) So-so
Elf Princess Rane (OAV) So-so Not so bad.....a few funny moments sprinkled with a bit of parody makes this a decent comedy.
Escaflowne: The Movie Good Now here's the thing....most people seem to think that the Escaflowne movie is trash compared to the TV series, claiming it is nothing like the original and while I can agree with the fact that it isn't the same, I can't possibly say this is any worse than the show. I thought it was actually refreshing to see an original take on the series instead of the same old same old. Seeing a darker side of Escaflowne was really well complemented with the mostly sunny attitude of the TV show.
Excel Saga (TV) Very good It took me a while after watching the series to actually realize that I was thinking of random qoutes from the show, and while originally watching the show didn't yield too many laughs, thinking back on the moments made me chuckle. It's weird, but I think it might just be a perfect example of memories always being fonder than you remember them.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie) Excellent
FLCL (OAV) Excellent (dub & sub) Oh god.....maybe a bit TOO overrated, but I still love the insanity, either that, or i'm just a HUGE Gainax fanboy/whore.
Fruits Basket (TV) Excellent Great characters complemented with many slice-o-life moments make this one of the greats among greats.....every character is unique and each get their own time in the sun to explain their story and further deepen their characters and the environment around them.
Galerians: Rion (OAV) Worst ever
Ghost in the Shell (movie) Good This was pretty good.....maybe a bit too many dramatic "Who am I, and what am I here for" moments, but who knows.....a lot of people are into that....including myself, but this just didn't connect with me I guess.
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (movie) Excellent I liked this WAY more than I liked the original movie....I thought the banter between Batou and Togusa is what made this movie so good, as well as some very good animation and excellently choreographed action.
Golden Boy (OAV) Good (dub & sub) Ecchi isn't usually my forte, but I ended up enjoying this more than I thought I would. Hilarious at times, and it's only fault probably being a kind of corny story line IMO, but then again, how great of a story line can you get in a comedy?
Grave of the Fireflies (movie) Good
Gunbuster (OAV) Masterpiece This is truly a masterpiece. My personal favorite OAV. This OAV is one of the reasons I love Gainax so much.
Haibane Renmei (TV) Masterpiece IMHO this is the absolute best anime ever! I absolutely love this series and everything involved with it. AMAZING character art, AMAZING characters, AMAZING setting, AMAZING premise, AMAZING depth. I can't say enough about this series to justify what I feel and think about it. So simple, yet so breathtaking.
Hellsing (TV) Very good Vampires!....I love vampires...and this is probably the best vampire anime. Amazingly good action and animation put this at the top of the list with the only thing bringing it down being the somewhat mundane and fairly unexplained plot.
His and Her Circumstances (TV) Masterpiece Ahhh.....a true Gainax masterpiece. I absolutely adore this series for the simple fact that this anime has some of the most believeable and likeable characters i've *EVER* seen. There may be some flaws here and there, but the character-driven story succeeds greatly in giving us just that....a *WONDERFUL* character-driven story.
INTERSTELLA 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (movie) Very good Wow....I never thought I could care so much about characters who don't say a single word throughout the entire movie...but it happened. I could feel what the characters were feeling and I easily understood what the movie was trying to present even though a single word wasn't spoken throughtout the film (except for the couple of Daft Punk songs that had lyrics in them). The only thing holding this movie back is it requires you to at least somewhat enjoy Daft Punk's music, and while I like their music quite a bit, others may not, thus making the movie less enjoyable. Whether or not you enjoy this movie, you at least have to commend it for trying such a unique idea as to combine French music with Japanese animation.
InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass Decent And after the ass kissing that I gave the first Inuyasha movie, I was so pumped to see the second one........and yet, it failed to meet my expectations set by the first movie. Now, this movie isn't bad by any standards, but I just didn't get the same vibe like I did with the first one.......I felt like the really great pacing that happened in the first movie had all but disappeared and was yet again replaced with the sluggish pacing that the TV series uses. Looking at this movie alone.....it was good....decent action.....less than stellar plot....kinda like a regular Inuyasha episode. I didn't feel like I was watching a movie....I felt like I was watching a *REALLY* drawn out Inuyasha episode. Ehhh....still good though.
InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time Excellent I went into this movie not expecting much given that it is part of the whole Inuyasha fandom, but I decided to give it a shot. Wow, was I surprised at what a little gem this movie is. I actually am not that big a fan of the show, but this movie just blew me away and far surpassed *ANY* of the 70+ episodes of Inuyasha I had ever seen. For everything that you don't like about the show, the movie ends up either getting rid of said aspect completely or making it actually interesting. The Kagome/Inuyasha love affair thing was ACTUALLY ENJOYABLE.....that's saying a lot coming from a guy who hates that whole aspect of the TV show.....the movie had a very well put together plot that sets up and executes at least by the movie's end, quite unlike the TV show which drags it's ass any chance it gets. I really consider this to be one of my favorite anime movies....great action, decent enough plot, and a bit of well placed romance mixed in makes this movie excel further than the series ever did.
Kite (OAV) Decent (I am basing this comment on the completely uncut version) Were the sex scenes necessary? Probably not. This OAV could have been so much more had it been told over a 6 episode span......2 episodes just made the showing feel really rushed. It was this feeling of me *ALMOST* caring about these characters and then returning to not really caring when something happens to the characters, because, you know what? I just met you like 25 minutes ago and you've only had maybe 10 minutes of onscreen time....sooo....I just don't care about you. It had it's moments of interest, but for the most part it was unorganized and uninteresting.
Kurogane Communication (TV) Very good
Last Exile (TV) Excellent GONZO!!!!!....what are we gonna do with that damn GONZO and their digimation?.....drool....that's what we'll do. GONZO is really getting this animation thing down, especially with the CG. I have to say though, this time GONZO not only struck gold with it's masterful eye candy, but they also struck 24K gold in the plot department. This is the first GONZO production that I have seen with this solid of a plot, in my opinion this is GONZO's greatest work to date.
Legend of Lemnear (OAV) Awful
Little Nemo - Adventures in Slumberland (movie) Awful Hey....wasn't this made by Disney?....No? Well you sure could have fooled me seeing as how the animation looks identical to the animation style of...oh say, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. This movie was pretty damn bad.....made in Japan by people who wanted to make a Disney movie. If you are looking for a more traditional anime, like stuff that doesn't look like or have a plot like a Disney movie, then I advise you to not watch this movie.
Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (movie) Masterpiece Now I didn't think that the Lupin TV series was that good, but like the old saying goes, "Anything that Miyazaki guy touches turns to gold"......okay, maybe nobody said that, but it really is true with this movie. This movie far surpasses the original TV series....I absolutely love it.
Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure (special) So-so Such an average Lupin production.....while it was still watchable and sometimes enjoyable, it gets nowhere near enthralling or amazing. Not really bad and not really good.....just exactly average.
Lupin the 3rd (TV) Decent Meh...a decent series. Funny here and there, but nothing too special.....it's good if you can see it for free though.
Magic Knight Rayearth (TV) So-so
Magic User's Club! (OAV) Good
Martian Successor Nadesico (TV) Very good I personally consider this show the basis for which I judge all other crew-on-a-spaceship anime series'. This was one of the very first series I saw from front to back and I loved every second of it....even down to the very cheesy Gekigenger moments :)
Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture - Prince of Darkness Decent I have a saying that goes something like "Even if the *put anime title here* movie/OAV sucks, i'd rather have a movie/OAV, then not have one at all". This saying pretty much goes great with Nadesico: POD....although I enjoyed seeing my lovable Nadesico crew again, and the character development breathed a bit of new life into the characters personalities, I generally found the movie quite unorganized/confusing with lots of questions unanswered by the movies end. I liked the movie well enough, but it was obvious to me that it was still lacking smoothness in the plot department. I'm glad they made such a movie, but I think it could have been executed just a bit better.
Memories (movie) Good
Metropolis (movie) Weak Osamu Tezuka.....so called "God of Manga".....my ass. I have never been impressed with any of Tezuka's work. What he is god of, I have no clue, because he certainly isn't the god of manga and an even lesser god of anime. I dislike his animation styles and I dislike his stories. Although I did have a good laugh at the somewhat hidden "F**K Robots!!" graffitied on the wall in Metropolis.
Millennium Actress (movie) Very good
Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) Very good I am completely torn on the subject of Eva. On the one hand I can understand why people say Eva is the best anime of all time.....it's just this feeling I get when I watch it (maybe that's just because I have an unhealthy homosexual love affair with Gainax.....). It certainly is unique and I can't ignore that aspect of it. On the other hand though, I could sit and watch Eva and point out flaws in every single episode.....I could pick apart and debate why the characters aren't really as deep as people claim they are.....I can comment on the ridiculousness of the plot 'til the 2 idiots wash up on the beach and look at a mangled head of Rei taking a relaxing dip out in the ocean of LCL fluid AKA our primordial soup AKA a bunch-o-people stew. I have completely mixed feelings about this show, but I have long since abandoned trying to understand how I feel about it.....but I do love Asuka *VERY* much.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth (movie) Weak Gah.......just buy the TV series and "The End of Evangelion", because this movie is just an insufficient 60 minute recap of the whole Evangelion TV series, and then the first 30 minutes of "The End of Evangelion" as a teaser.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (movie) Masterpiece (dub & sub) I love this movie very much. Usually, I am a fan of organised and coherent anime, but for some reason this movie has me raving. The whole concept and plot of the movie is so muddled and confusing that even the most hardcore otaku would need therapy afterwards to explain to them what just happened. So why in the hell am I such a fan of this movie?....no clue. Maybe it's because I got to see Asuka participate in the most amazing Eva combat scene ever....probably not, but a good selling point for me :)
Ninja Scroll (movie) Good (dub), Very good (sub) Ninja Scroll......A great action movie mixed with a bit of romance towards the end. That's all I can really think of when it comes to this movie (except maybe being buried alive in liquified gold).....although not the greatest, there is a reason why this movie is one of the most praised anime of all time.
Outlaw Star (TV) Very good This series is like Cowboy Bebop sans the originality and coolness factor. Don't get me wrong, I actually really like this series.....I was just drawing parallels to a similar show. Think of this series as the older, but less mature, brother of Cowboy Bebop....oh...and add a little magic too.
Patlabor 2: The Movie Not really good
Perfect Blue (movie) Excellent (dub), Masterpiece (sub) This has to be my favorite anime movie of all time. This movie had me literally on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the screen and a confused/creeped-out look on my face. This movie genuinely disturbed me. I remember thinking about this movie a lot for the next week...it was always on my mind.....and I couldn't stop thinking of certain scenes throughout the day. This movie is so simple yet it managed to creep me out, and soon I realized who my new favorite Japanese director was.....Satoshi Kon :)
Pikachu and Pichu (movie) So-so Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
Pikachu's Summer Vacation (movie) So-so Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
(The) Place Promised in Our Early Days (movie) Excellent
Please Teacher! (TV) Excellent I've heard some people say that Please Teacher is fanservice trash.....and while there is some fanservice.....this series is far from garbage. This show has some of the realest relationships i've ever seen in an anime, and the two main characters are some of the most memorable i've come across in quite a while. They don't follow stereotypes and they make an impression on you within the first couple of episodes. It's definitely worth the time to sit down and watch.
Please Teacher! (OAV) Good Ehh.....so just because it's an OAV they feel like the should make childish and unneccesary inuendo? Apparently the formula for making OAVs these days is to inject the raciest and most unfunny material into your beloved series and try to pass it off as the same stuff. Decent in it's own right, but so much stuff shouldn't have been in there.
Please Twins! (TV) Good
Please Twins! (OAV) Good
Pokémon - Pikachu's PikaBoo (movie) Decent Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
Pokémon 2000 - The Movie So-so Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
Pokémon 3 - The Movie Decent Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker (movie 6) Weak Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns (special) Decent Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
Pokémon: The First Movie Not really good Pokemon stuff.....I don't really feel like writing a comment as there isn't much to be said about pokemon.
Porco Rosso (movie) Decent
(Le) Portrait de Petite Cossette (OAV) Good
Prétear (TV) Good I never thought a variation of the "classic" Snow White could ever be interesting to me, but since this anime is *VERY* loosely based on the old story, I was able to enjoy it very much. I shed a little tear watching this....but keep that on the d/l :)
Princess Mononoke (movie) Excellent My personal favorite Miyazaki movie.
Puni Puni Poemy (OAV) Very good (sub), Excellent (dub) Wow. What a crazy ass trip this was. I laughed my ass off multiple times viewing this. This really could be the single most offensive anime ever created, and i'm loving every second of it.
R.O.D -The TV- Excellent
RahXephon (TV) Masterpiece OWWW!!!!!!.....hey RahXephon! Why do you have to make my brain hurt thinking about you all the time? This show is absolutely amazing, and few shows could ever hope to achieve what it has achieved. So amazingly complex and so tantalizing to watch....this show and Boogiepop Phantom tie for first place in the "Work your brain so hard just trying to figure us out" division. While it cosmetically appears to be a clone of Eva, they are completely and utterly different, and IMHO RahXephon is *FAR* superior to Eva.
RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio (movie) Good
Read or Die (OAV) Very good
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie Bad
Roujin Z (movie) Decent
Rurouni Kenshin: The Motion Picture Good
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal (OAV) Masterpiece
Saber Marionette J (TV) Excellent
Saber Marionette J Again (OAV) Decent
Saber Marionette J to X (TV) Excellent
Samurai XXX (OAV) Weak (dub & sub)
Serial Experiments Lain (TV) Good
Shamanic Princess (OAV) Decent
She and Her Cat (OAV) Very good
She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV) Very good
(The) Slayers (TV) Good
Slayers Excellent (OAV) Good
Spirited Away (movie) Very good
Spriggan (movie) Awful
Tachikomatic Days (OAV) Not really good
Tokyo Godfathers (movie) Excellent
Trigun (TV) Excellent
(The) Twelve Kingdoms (TV) So-so
Vampire Hunter D (OAV) Awful
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (movie) Very good
Vandread (TV) Good
Vandread: The Second Stage (TV) Good
Video Girl Ai (OAV) Excellent
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (TV) Very good
Voices of a Distant Star (OAV) Very good
A Wind Named Amnesia (movie) Very good
Wolf's Rain (TV) Decent
Wolf's Rain (OAV) Very good
X (movie) Not really good
X (TV) Excellent
X OAV So-so